Hay grabe antagal ko nang hindi nag-blog! Two weeks na rin ano?! Well wala naman ako masyado pinagkakaabalahan, hindi ko lang talaga feel magblog nang consistent sa Computer Shop, since wala pa rin akong access sa net sa bahay.

School-wise, I’m mighty fine! Ayon sa rumours, CS daw ako. Pero let’s wait until makuha ko ang aking TCG bago tayo mag-celebrate, okay?! CS nga pala is College Scholar, katumbas ng Dean’s List na daw yun, sabi nila. Haha… pero indi ako masyado masaya… NatSci kasi eh! Sana kapag may majors na ko ganyan pa rin lebel ng grades ko!

Personal-wise, I’m confused right now. Uber confused. Sobrang I’m undergoing identity crisis right now. As in hindi lang ‘to yung phony confused teenager na cover-up. Totoo na talaga ‘to, parang every decision I make with regards to my personality will affect my life forever. I’m in a very critical stage right now, and I need to choose which attitudes to keep or not. If I make a wrong move, I’m dead for life. So please excuse if I’m a bit bitchy lately, I’m just not me these days.

Relationship-wise, I’m rekindling old flames. But not what you’re thinking, just with friends. I’m trying to provide myself with a secure bundle of company, just in case I’d be needing them. Unfortunately with my current Identity crisis, it’s hard to keep them all together. I’m all falling apart.

God-wise, Days na naman. And I’ve been waiting for this time to come all semester, kasi… kasi ano… basta! Alam na ni Kuya Jess yun. Sobrang bibo ako ngayong days, medyo maraming responsibilities, Una ulo, tapos pangalawa assistant, tapos pangatlo dancer, tapos pang-apat member. At marami pang susunod sa Days mismo. Hay I just hope I can pull this thing off, medyo mahirap yung role ko as ulo. Hindi ko yata kaya, and they’re going to be sooo disappointed with me kapag hindi ko na-meet yung expectations ng mga taong pumili sa’kin. Hay pressure na naman… Ron, let’s go go go!

Please pray for Ron nga pala… hilingin nyo kay Kuya Jess to finally give him peace of mind. All the things he’s been thinking of has taken its toll on his body. May he be alright from now on. Ron, labsha!

BFFs Pao and Lorenz! Ummm… mishu na! Kape na tayooo daliiiii… I’m doing something pero it’s gonna take a long while bago ko mapakita sa inyo, pero you’re gonna love it! ^__^

Sigh… too bad I’m all too wasted. Damn it. I hope I can pull myself together finally and present to the world a new JM…

Onga pala, as a part of my personality reconstruction, I’ve changed my nickname sa Friendster. You can now search Jompaks and I assure you ako lang ang makikita nyo. 😉

Hasta la vista, baboy! :@)

8 Responses to “O ano na?!”
  1. angelin says:

    wohooooooo cs si jm!!
    yeyy!! yey!!

    =] congrats congrats
    galing galing!

  2. Lorenz says:

    wallpaper n0h? :-/

  3. Paolo says:

    uu wallfeyfer yan. talino naman pala eh. migad.. ako ang hindeh wahh 🙁

  4. gaiL says:

    galing! congratz…

    nku…ano nangyari kay Ron?

  5. ron says:

    mukhang di pa tym maging okey…
    sa bahay ako buong araw ngaun…
    naganxiety attack ulit ako kahapon mejo mild so kaya pa…
    dito muna ako sa bahay…
    kc i feel…
    anytime… bibigay ako…
    salamat sa patuloy na pagdarasal…
    i’ll be fine… pangako yan JM.ü

    magiging busy ulit tau sa days!!!
    magpapalakas lang ako… okey ba un.ü

    [we only rest in heaven…]ü

  6. Lorenz says:

    and you save me in the knick of time..

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