Spent one of my best days with two of my bestest friends yesterday, Pao and Lorenz. Lorenz had a friend with him, Paz. We ate at Tokyo Tokyo and watched The Perfect Man. Ooooh how I love Carson Kressley! Haha… and to think that I despised Queer Eye prior to my getting-to-know Carson. Here’s one panalo line:
Carson: Ben, You’d have to talk to these girls now. What could be more urgent than the perfect man? Oh, duh! Perfect Shoes.
After the movie we went to Lorenz’s house and that was where the fun began. Sigh… I miss our High School days when we were so carefree and fought at the simplest of things. Now, while looking back at those days, we just laughed at the things we did. And cried, too, regretting some things we wished we didn’t do. During our open session I thought to myself, hey, I was so cruel back then. I didn’t give the barkada a chance to get back to its feet. And now, I’m the one who’s suffering the consequences of letting those happen.
I miss AbImTuMaPaPeDeSy. We were, we are not, but will we always be? I hope. They were my first and last official barkada in High School. I Love them all.
Oh, and Lorenz? Duh… I know Pao is your most favorite. Har har. No offense taken. I know you’re more at ease with him than with me, but it’s okay, at least I’m here for check and balance in case you need reality check. Hehe.
I do hope the next time Pao, Lorenz and me bond, may kape na. Hehehe… ^__^
Lavyah BFFs!

4 Responses to “The answer is no, you’d have to wait”
  1. Paolo says:

    woohoo!! hehe… luv lots too JM!

  2. Lorenz says:

    aba’y loko ka JM!! check mo offline messages mo… wala kasi dito ung.. only you can see na comment hehe.

    hallabyew! XD

  3. Dio says:


  4. ceasar says:

    sigurado ka ba may oras pa? “you’d have to wait”…?

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