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1 last class, 2 papers and (tentatively) one final exam to go. Wuhoooo!!!

When the clock strikes five, simula na ng sembreak ko!!! Sa mga taga-Lasalle at Mapua, malling tayo?! hehehehe…

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State of the Semester Address
A Monologue

It was not but almost four months ago when you set foot in this forsaken land, a hollowed ground of trained intellectuals broading the vast academe. You were vulnerable, as most of your kind, and had to go find your own way to settle into things. Sadly, that has to be the case, because things definitely won’t have to settle into your likeness. Adaptation is your key to survival.

It was just like High School, you thought. Wrong. It was more than High School, it was College. Your first semester in the university may not in its entirery embody what other people define as ‘College’, but still you had many obstacles to get over with. It was not easy, as you were used to the carefree environment of High School. In college, you were all alone. Everything you do is your responsibility.

Natural Science 1
You were a bit ignorant as to what courses to take, so you clicked this cute name on CRS because it was a bit pleasing to the ear (fallacious). You had no idea what you were getting yourself into, but still you pushed through with it. You were dead wrong when you chose this subject. Physics and Chemistry have never been this hard to you. This was the subject where you received your first ever failing grade in a Long Examination. This may also be the only subject wherein you would have to take a Final Exam. Shit. This subject is shit. You should’ve dropped it had you known.

Mathematics 2
Your first impression of your teacher was a pleasing one. How it could not be? She dismissed you 10 minutes after introducing herself due to the fact that most students are still enrolling and the final list of students were not in yet.
Apparently, that didn’t last. She was your crappiest teacher ever. She’d jump topic per topic without even introductions or even conclusions. Nothing was there to get you in the mood to study or cap the lesson off. It was as if instead of saying “I am JM, a student of UP Diliman, period.”, you’d have to make do with “a student of UP Diliman”. All loose ends weren’t tied up. You had the hardest of times.
Gladly you had companions in the sixth row of one of the few airconditioned rooms in the Math Building. Camille, Annalee and Ate Gracielle were there to help you with homeworks, exchange jokes or just plain babble when you don’t understand the lesson anymore.
And still on the positive note, this subject is “Uno-able”.

Physical Education 2 Walking for Fitness
It was one of your hardest subjects, although you loved walking. All the exercises were hard and very strenuous, but still you were able to wiggle your way through. It is not exactly a hard course, but unfortunately for you your legs weren’t helping at all. Still, you passed.

Creative Writing 10
You had the best professor one can ever have. A Palanca Awardee for his book “Jolography”, he really knows what he’s doing. Though you loved to write you didn’t want to get into the details of how to write. You had a pretty much hard time because even though your professor cracks jokes once in a while it was hard to catch up. Add to that your oblivion to his grading system, that’s why you don’t know how you are to be graded.
Still, you capped off the semester with a very enjoyable activity. You’d never forget this class of yours.

Philosophy 11
You were destined to be a Logician. One of your best subjects so far, and you even got the highest in the first long exam. Logic was very hard to understand, but it must have been running in your system since you were a child. Your professor had her way of explaining things, sometimes not comprehensible by ordinary mind, but still you managed to end with flying colors.

Kasaysayan 1
This would have to be your favorite class. Not because you liked history, but because you loved the people belonging in this class. The professor was very generous and very understanding and very open minded and very good at teaching. All your classmates were funny, alive and very energetic. All could’ve gone the way you wanted it to be if not for one person.
Annoyances aside, you’ll definitely going to miss all the people in this class.

More important than these subjects, you are thankful for all the people who helped you get through College for the first time. A great deal of gratitude goes to Mico, your buddy, for being your companion all throughout the semester. Now you wonder if next semester, things will still be the same. You also are thankful for all the mumbaylan_tfy1 people, for they provided enough reason for you to go to class even before a 4 and a half hour break. You would also like to thank all your blockmates, since they were your first friends in the university. You would also like to thank all the new friends you made.

The first semester marked new beginnings for you. What do you think will happen next semester? Only you know now.

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Recursive memo to self:

NEVER open the archives.

(Waaaahhh… I miss my High School Days! *sob sob*)

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Shhheeeettt… I feel so guilty! Ako lang ang kulang sa bday celebration ni Lorenz kaya ayun! Sinira ko ang studio pic nila… sheeet guilty na guilty ako…



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Define Love:

“Love is an illusion that leads to reproduction.”

Nice one Mico… ^_^

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Kwento sa Bahay
  • Yay! Binili na rin ako ni Mommy ng Computer Table! After much pangungulit na may binebenta nga sa PC Express Shaw na Computer Table, ayun! Go agad kami, at nakabili kami ng isang Beech Delta T222 Model na Computer Table for a super incredible value of only nine hundred and fifty pesos! But wait! There’s more!!! Ay wala na pala…
  • Nag-ipon ako for two weeks para makabili ng headset. Pano kasi ina-annoy ako ng aking evil lil sis tuwing nagpapatugtog sya sa PC, kaya bumili ako ng Headset para walang away. Biruin mo, inabot ako ng 2 weeks para makaipon ng 300 pesos?! Grabe noh! Ganyan ako kahirap ngayon. Kailangan pang hindi kumain ng lunch makaipon lang.
  • Grabe ang rain rain go away this week. Madalas, tumutulo mula sa 3rd floor, pano kasi plywood lang ang takip dun sa butas! Asar nga eh, at alam nyo ba, dahil may tumutulo galing sa third floor, nabasa yung kahoy naming hagdan. Ang siste, naglalakad ako pababa galing sa 2nd floor habang kumakanta ng “Hanggang Kailan” nang madulas ako sa lecheng tubig na yan! Dumire-diretso ako hanggang first floor, although mga 5 steps lang naman ang nilaglag ko. Ang masakit diyan eh ang last three steps ng aming stairs ay SEMENTO at hindi pa napapalitadahan! Kaya eto ako ngayon, parang batang nadapa sa lansangan may sugat sa tuhod! Huhuhuhuhu!
  • Puro silog na lang ang kinakain namin! Waaahh kelan ba ako makakain uli ng home-cooked meal ni mommy?!
  • Kagabi, ang aking evil lil sis ay nagpunta ng Malabon mag-isa! Isipin nyo yun! Nagngingitngit ako sa galit nung sinabi ni mommy, pero wala naman ako magawa. Nagpapasundo siya kasi mga 12am na nun at hindi siya makauwi. Gago talaga yung boyfriend nun! At gago rin yang kapatid ko na yan eh! Awang awa na nga ako kay Mommy, umiiyak na siya kagabi sa sobrang pag-aalala. Grabe. Trese anyos lang yung kapatid ko ah! Leche siya… hindi niya ayusin buhay niya!

Kwento sa Iskul

  • Alam nyo ba? Si Tess uno sa Philo11! Wahehehe… astig yung quiz kanina, ang dali!
  • Bagsak ako sa NatSci1 Chem Part Long Exam 1! Huhuhuhu! Sana yung extra points sa seatwork mapunta sa long exams para pasado naman ako! Maka-tres lang ako masaya na ko!
  • Isang linggo na akong walang CW10. Isang linggo na rin akong hindi nag-PE. Bad bad bad… dis is bad!
  • Bad trip na Kas yan o!!! Reporting na namin next week! Wuhoo! At wala pang nagagawa ang aming group! Yeah! Dat’s da spiriiit!
  • Goodluck sa UP bukas sa Cheerdance Competition!
  • Exam na naman sa Math bukas! Linsyak yan o!

Yun lang. Update ko kayo pag masipag na uli ako mag-type.

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Studying in the premier state university of the country can be an ass sometimes.

We may have many buildings but inadequate classrooms.
We may have classrooms but inadequate studying materials/equipments.
We may have studying equipments but most are rusty and nonfunctional.
We may have many books in the library but most are obsolete and outdated.
We may have subsidy in tuition but every move you make here needs payment.
We may have the best minds to instruct us but some of them doesn’t have the best teaching methods.

And the worst part of UP life? You have to be/beat the best among the best among the rest.

Sometimes it’s just worth surrendering to the fact that inside UP, I’m not intelligent at all.
But outside UP, that’s another story.

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Got this from Markku:

A filipino man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, “What are all those clocks?” St. Peter answered, “Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move.” “Oh,” said the man, “Whose clock is that?” “That’s Mother Teresa’s. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.” “Incredible,” said the man.

“And whose clock is that one?” St. Peter responded, “That’s Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life.”

“Where’s Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s clock?” asked the man. The Philippine President’s’ clock is in Jesus’ office. He’s using it as a ceiling fan.”

I second the motion. He he he.

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Mabuti pa si Dating Pangulong Joseph Estrada, kahit High School lang ang natapos, ay legal na naupo bilang pangulo ng bansa sa bisa ng isang halalan, na kung saan sya lamang, sa tanang kasaysayan ng bansang Pilipinas, ang nakakuha ng biggest margin of votes kumpara sa mga katunggali nya sa halalan, nang onti o walang (arguable) pandarayang nagaganap.
‘Di tulad ng ating kasalukuyang Pangulong Arroyo, na kahit Commerce Graduate na at may M.A. at Ph.D. sa Economics ay kinakailangan pang mag-resort sa pandaraya upang mapanatili ang “pride” sa pagkakaroon ng margin sa susunod na kandidato.

Mabuti pa si Erap, na siyang pinakamataas na tao sa bansa noong kaniyang termino bilang presidente, ay nag-submit sa proseso ng Impeachment, at nagpresenta ng kanyang kaso sa tamang forum.
Di tulad ni GMA, na kung anong sabi nya ay di niya gawa, dahil sabi niya ay willing siyang sumailalim sa proseso ng Impeachment ngunit iniipit nya ang mga Majority Congressman na patayin ang Impeachment Complaints sa House pa lamang. Konklusyon? Ayaw niyang pumailalim sa tamang proseso.

Ang masasabi ko lamang, napakatalinong nilalang ng ating Pangulong GMA dahil naisip niya ang lahat ng teknikalidad at iregularidad na ito upang tuluyang pataying ang Impeachment Complaint laban sa kanya. Ngunit ang katalinuhan niya ay apparently hindi ginamit sa tamang paraan, kundi sa lihis na paraan upang pagtakpan ang kanyang “lapses of judgment”.

Ano na lamang ang implication ng pagpatay ng Impeachment Complaint sa House? Isa lamang yan, at yun ay MAYROON TALAGANG ITINATAGO si PGMA na ayaw niyang i-address sa PROPER FORUM dahil alam niyang sa huli, siya ang talo. Kasi kung innocent ka nga naman talaga, diba’t hahayaan mong mapasailalim ka sa isang proseso o hearing?

Sabi nila, “Innocent ’til proven guilty.” Okay, given na yan. Ngunit paano mo ma-pr-prove na INNOCENT ang isang tao kung hindi siya sasailalim sa isang PROSESO na kung saan mag-pr-prove na siya ay guilty or innocent! Isang word ang naghihiwalay sa INNOCENT at GUILTY sa statement na nabanggit, at iyon ay ang PROVEN! Kaya’t hangga’t hindi nai-pr-prove, we cannot assume that GMA is GUILTY, and LIKEWISE (Caps, bold and all), we cannot assume that GMA is INNOCENT.

So where do we, Filipinos, lie in the process? We lie on the line of speculation because nothing is being done to either acquit or condemn the President.

Ang goal ng Anti-Impeachment Team is to move on for a better Economy of the Philippines. Ang goal naman ng Pro-Impeachment Team is to oust the President, to further purge the government of officials who are so much engaged in Politics and Personal Gain, so that we can attain Political Stability. Granted both parties have a point, what do we, Filipinos, choose?

Or better, should our legislators choose to be anti or pro, or should they choose US, instead, US who put them there, US who really are the reapers of the grave consequences of their actions. Our Solons need to think ahead, to foresee the consequences of what they’ll be doing, whether it will benefit the country for the time being or it will benefit from it for a long time.

They need to set a long-term goal, then they make their decision.

Our Economy suffers because of Political Instability brought about by Partisan Politics. But our Political Instability is most certainly not because of our Economy. It’s because of our Leader. So, change the leader, and we arrive at Political Stability (if ever there is such a thing), then our Economy will improve.

Simple Logic. It seems our “solons” need to take a crash course on it.

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Isasara ko ang libro ko. Itutupi ang diyaryo at ibabalik sa estante. Lalabas ng pinto at aakyat ng hagdanan. Pupunta sa Baggage Counter at kukunin ang bag. Lalabas ng pinto muli at tutungo ng kanan. Dire-diretso, tapos, tatawid ng kalsada. Lalakad sa lilim ng shed hanggang sa maka-kanan sa isang maliit na pasilyo. Dire-diretso muli, tapos ay kakanan papuntang Lobby. Kakaliwa patungong hagdanan. Aakyat ng hagdan hanggang sa ika-apat na palapag. Papasok sa isang silid na hindi ko naman klasrum. Titingin sa paligid. Pagkatapos ay makikita kita, sira na naman ang araw ko.

Minsang kinausap ko ang isang kaibigan, na dahil wala ako sa wisyo noon ay parang katangahan ang nasabi ko. Nagtawa na lang kami ng kaibigan kong iyon, dahil na rin sa katangahan ko. Pero nakisali ka sa usapan, sambit pa ng mga salita mong hindi ko naman hinihingi, at ang tono mong mala-gobernador heneral noong panahong Kolonyal.

Minsang nag-aayos kayo ng proyekto, at nais ko lang namang makita dahil mukha itong maganda. Hindi naman ako mang-aasar, hindi ko naman gawain yon. Pero anong sabi mo? JM, wag ka dito, lalaitin mo lang ang gawa namin! Ang presumptuous mo naman. Sino ka ba para sabihan ako nang ganon? Kilala mo ba ako? In the first place, close ba tayo?

Minsang galing ako ng silid-aklatan. Umakyat ako sa klasrum, ngunit ikaw ang nadatnan ko. Bumalik na lamang ako sa baba at bumili ng makukutkot. Nakita ko ang isa nating kaklase, makaraan ang ilang hakbang ay ikaw naman ang nakita ko. Biniro kitang kausapin tungkol sa resulta ng ating eksamen. Sinabi ko sayo ang nararamdaman ko, na sana’y wag namang magkatotoo. Kinausap kita ng medyo masinsinan. Oo, pinaplastik lang kita, akala mo naman okay na tayo.

Minsan sa klase natin, bigla ka na lang magmumungkahi ng isang sagot o magdadagdag ng isang komento sa sinabi ni Sir. Ang epal mo talaga. Feeling mo ang galing galing mo. Okay, sige, sabihin na nating magaling ka nga. Pero narinig mo na ba ang salitang “humility“? Hay… ewan ba, insecure nga lang ba ako sayo?

Kasama pa ng mala-moderno mong suot, tuwid na buhok at morenong kompleksyon, inis na inis ako sa buong pagkatao mo.

Natagpuan ko na ata ang aking Alter Ego. Shet ka. Hindi naman tayo close.

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