Yesterday, newspaper-like papers are posted in each of the classrooms in CAL. There is going to be a protest, a unified mobilization, today, June 24. The paper (or at least the author of it) asked students to wear red.

I wore Red.

But I have no intention of joining the rally/mobilization. I may have a 4 and a half hour break, but I’m too reserved to join in demonstrations like these. My wearing of a red shirt is enough participation.

5 Responses to “Red Shirt Day”
  1. Lorenz says:

    kami black, kayo red! pero alam ko dapat red din kami eh… hehe.

    parehas tayo. just following what they told you to wear is enough participation. wait.. what is it you guys were protesting about ba? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. JM Tuazon says:

    di pa ba obvious?

    Oust GLORIA.

  3. Anonymous says:

    tamad ako lumabas ng bahay. pero kahit papaano may naisip akong paraan ng pakikisimpatya, at ito yun!!!

    GMA: hello, hello, hello Garci…
    ako, ako, ako ito…si Glory.

    Garcy: yes ma’m?

    GMA: h’wag kang lalabas ha?

    Garci: bakit po ma’m?

    GMA: ofcourse, ipinapapatay ko ang naghuhudas,ok? gayahin mo si Doble…hindi lang sya bumaligtad,doble-doble pa ang sinabi.

    Garci: ma’m maiba ko, nasan na po si Jose Pidal?

    GMA: ofcourse, nagbibilang ng pera kasama ang anak ko, bakit?

    Garci: syempre ma’m kahit nagtatago ako, alam ko kung magkano ang parte ko!!!

  4. Bedlamite says:

    haha… saya! parang ang sayang pumunta sa mga rally pero…

    naisip ko lang, so what kung umalis si GMA? will there be any change at all? i mean, if GMA goes down from her position, there will be a snap election. who then will we vote for when that happens? or rather, would the people of the philippine islands vote for the right person this time or will the so-called torment of poverty continue on as we all know it?

    pero if GMA does go down… there is a tendency that there will be a sort of change in our economy or government for that matter, right? i mean, if she IS the one on tape (which i consider is just a mere mask for them to hide from the ‘jueteng case’ the Arroyo family was facing) then probably the corruption in the government will lessen. but still… i don’t know.

    for the record, i’m against GMA from the beginning of it all. i’m not pro-Erap or pro-Poe. I mean, Erap’s already in house arrest… Poe’s already dead (may his shoul rest in peace). So what’s the point of Erap paying the necessities of his supporters if there wouldn’t be any freedom for him? and… Poe’s already dead for goodness sake. can’t we at least give his soul some decency?

    but then… who am i to tell you these things? and WHY THE HECK AM I PUTTING THEM HERE?! oh well… haha.

    happy valentine’s day JM! (naka-red ka kasi… ala lang… corny) haha…

  5. electronics cigarette says:

    Whoa, Osama Bin Ladden dead?! Holy crap.|R_beccaBlair|

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