Went to Busko this morning for their first Gym Mass for the year. Too lazy for words. Here are some eye candies:

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It’s also the Feast of the Holy Spirit,
hence the banners of the 7 gifts of the H.S.

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A bongacious entrance rites, as usual
Mam Cylie and Mam Carmen here with Incense

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Mam Irene and Mam Jen with the Candles

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And Mam Ria and Mam Becca with the Flowers

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Opo, adviser ko po iyan nung 4th year.
Opo, twentysomething years old na sya.
Opo, may pagka-isip bata (he he he)
At opo, labs na labs ko yang si Mam Ria! ü
(naks bawing bawi! :p)

How did this year’s opening Gym Mass fair (compared to OURs last year)? Ummm… gotta love your own. He he he. This year’s is more teacher-oriented, though.

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