The University of the Philippines resides on thousands of hectares of land that spreads out through the inner circle of Diliman. Geographically speaking, The Diliman Republic (otherwise known as UPD), is bigger than the whole State of Vatican (which is, for a fact, the smallest state/country in the world). But studying in a University as big as UP may have its disadvantages.The University of the Philippines offers a huge roster of different General Education courses that students may choose from. The Revitalized General Education Program of the University is part of its upholding of Academic Freedom. I happened to be enrolled in 5 of these GE subjects, and 1 PE class. I delight in the fact that I go to several classrooms in several buildings for my different classes. But sometimes, this fact may have its disadvantages.

The University of the Philippines offers a beginner’s course in Creative Writing. I happened to be enrolled in such a course. My Professor is Mr. Paolo Manalo and he handles the class very well. He is fluent in English and one can say that he knows what he’s doing. But sometimes, having a great teacher with so much to say may have its disadvantages.

The point: I missed my PE Class.

That’s 2 out of 6 absences for me. Four more absences and I’d be slapped by Professor Julia Arroyo with a painstaking remark that every UP student (or any other schools who follow the UP Grading System) dreads the most:

(Cinco. Five. Lima. 5. V.)
No matter how you say it, it’s still one and the same

I have formally written an email to Prof Manalo regarding this matter. I am hoping that he responds promptly and accordingly.

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