You know that scenario when you’re typing a very very very very very and not to mention very long essay and then your computer hangs? Yep, that’s what happened a mere fraction of a second ago. Curse curse curse, but I can’t do anything about it, so just delight yourself in some pictures I shot from our Freshie’s Night, okay?!

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Ate Vi was in Masscom for God-knows-what reason
She literally passed by me, and I was stunned, thus the picture

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People crowded up in the Plaridel Parking Area for the
Org Fair and First Night F.U.N.K.

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Ultimate Bonding with my Fellow Blockmates
(Present: Missy, Vienna, Tine, Reg, Matt, JM, Froilyn, Dyan, Grace,
Laurice, Lennen, Emman and Carlos)
(Absent: Coeli, Angel, Eli and JM [tukayo])

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Giniling Festival enticed the crowd with hits like:
“Chong, Boyfriend mo’y Pokpok”, “SilingGiniling” and
“A Letter to Angelina Jolie”

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A member of the Cineastes Society belted it out with
“Ikaw ang Lahat Sa Akin”,
in continuation of the AVP

It rained real hard that’s why the event got postponed momentarily (or at least yun yung naabutan ko), but some of us just had enough and we went home. I met Kuya Jerick and Kuya Bikoy there, too, and I signed up for MCO! Gee I hope the Entrance Rites isn’t that hard. Sayang naman yung ibang AVP ng ibang orgs kung hindi na talaga natuloy because of the rain…


4 Responses to “Iskobentyurs#03: Wet and [still] Wild”
  1. Yoshke says:

    Ate Vi was there kasi sya yung napili ng CMC na tatanggap ng Gawad Plaridel this year…

    Oo nga e. Naawa tuloy ako sa student council kahit hindi nila talaga kasalanan (mahirap kontrolin ang langit). Sayang yung effort ng ibang orgs.

    Yun lang. Sana nag-enjoy ka kanina.

    Good luck sa college life lalo na sa acads.


  2. jerick says:

    sayang. di napakita yun avp ng MCO, di ko pa nakikita. sana nag enjoy ka rin… tuloy ka for MCO. invite your blockmates din… kaya mo yan!

  3. jerick says:

    wrong word choice..instead ng “for” MCO dapat “ng” MCO..haha… journ101.

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