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I got terribly early to school this morning, afraid of getting into the situation I was in last Tuesday when I almost ran late for my NatSci1 class because of heavy traffic in the Ikot route. This morning, however, I arrived at school early. Too early. An hour early, to be more specific. Talk about getting pretty excited for a class I distaste so much!

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The MRT has become such an essential commodity for me lately

Im really not liking NatSci1 so far. First, the topics are quite complicated because they are mostly conceptual. Second, the prof, whose age is way beyond discussion, talks gibberish, and I mean that literally and figuratively! He talks too fast, and not to mention he talks too much! And don’t get me started with what he talks about! All I know is he seems to be the only one who understands his lectures, and his students are better off with the readings. While I abhor this subject so much, someone out there found his own motivation to go to this class (Hi Mico! :p)

Logic is no better. Besides the fact that the prof’s name is hard to pronounce let alone spell (I’ll say supercalifragilistic expialidocious faster than you can spell Payongayong!), she talks much but sits lazily at the table all the time. But I gotta say, this subject intrigues me so much that maybe I should consider liking it whether I like it or not.

Ignoramus naiskolarius
At wag ka! (biglang shift ng language eh noh?! Ü) Hi-tech ang xerox machines sa UP! I had to get a copy of the readings for my CW10 class (which is, by the way, 300++ in pages), and I was impressed with the mechanism that greeted my eye!

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Haha! Inextend ko ang paglalunch ni Ate Jobel by a couple of minutes, 300++ yung pina-photocopy ko and I had to photocopy two readings, the other one for Mico. If not for this handy machine, baka hanggang ngayon nagxexerox pa si Ate. Hehe. Ü

It was my first time to see a xerox machine like this, having been accustomed to the regular xerox machines we had back in Buskô. As you can see, it has this sort-of shelves that automatically goes up and down to sort out the photocopied pages. It also employs a paper feed mechanism, much like what we see in our printers, so that Ate here could just pile up a bunch of pages and feed it to the machine, and it automatically gets photocopied. Cool huh?

Da Chika Radar

No, by ‘chika’ I don’t mean gossips, but instead, girls. I myself can’t believe I’m talking about this, for I’m not really the one to go on girl-huntings like these. Siguro epekto to ng masyado kong pagsama kay Mico? Hehehe peace tayo Mico! :p

Anyways, yesterday, I stalked someone. Yes, you read correctly, STALKED. Followed. Snooped around undetected. The kind of following around that gives you the creeps especially on dark alleyways.

I don’t know what got into me, but the moment I saw this chika while waiting for a ride home yesterday, I just knew I had to be with her ’til she got to her home. Fortunately enough, she got off at Shaw station and went inside Starmall, the same way I traverse to get home. Great. I’ve got more time to stare at her. When we were nearing the stairs where we’re supposed to go down, with me closing in nearby, I was surprised she didn’t take the stairs and headed on to the place where cellphone kiosks abound. Still following her, I looked at some of the things on sale, to alleviate the cloud of suspicion that I was stalking her (though indeed I was).

As I got too engrossed on one headset that was being sold, she slipped away. Slowly. Gently. She left my gaze. Going around like someone lost in one bizaare maze, I gave up. She was gone.

Indeed, the one that got away.

But my chika-radar didn’t stop there. I have a classmate in my Kas1 class who eerily resembles one of my younger cousins. She looks a bit young for her age, a freshie shouting out in the open. The first time I saw her, I immediately had a crush on her. We occasionally exchanged a few stolen glances while in class, but I guess that’s just normal.

This afteroon, however, as I was making my way to the Service Center, I chanced upon her walking the opposite direction. Everyone who knows me well enough know that I’m not really the type who makes the first move. As she was nearly approaching me, she pointed at me and told her two other companions that I was her classmate in Kas1. I didn’t know what to do or say that I just gave her a nod and a faint smile, and went on with my way.

That faint smile never faded. I myself could not believe it. Of all the people in my Kas1 class to remember this (rather cute) face of mine, it was her.

All I can say is… haaaayyy…Ü

The Invasion
As I was trudging the steep walks leading to the SC, somebody texted me. It was Javerri. He asked me until what time my class is, because he wanted to drop by the campus.

He came an hour after he texted, having come from as far as Taft (Jav’s a Benildean). I accompanied him in having lunch at Casaa, with Pao following soon after with a disappointed look on his face, having garnered a whopping “0” in his forte subject, Math, because their prof got mad at them for being “too arrogant and getting way over their heads.” Boy am I glad I don’t and will never have Math 17 in my stay in UP!

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Alien! Alien! May Alien sa UP!!! :p

Anyway, Jav, Pao and I caught up with each other, exchanging few stories about college here and there. I had to let Jav wait an hour and a half before going home, for I still had one last class. He went to Cine Adarna to check the movies while I was in class. When it ended, we accompanied Pao to Melchor because he still has dance practice until 9, then Jav and I took off.

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Ang Melchor, ang wari-mo’y kambal ng Palma Hall (o AS)

It was fun seeing Jav again. Anyways, I gotta go! I want to go to that Fété Music Festival tomorrow, but I don’t think I can.

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  1. Lorenz says:

    OI! one time ikot moko sa UP!! i wanna see i wanna see!!

  2. jav says:

    bastos! gawin ba naman akong green! nyay! hindi ako benildean, lasallista ako :)) nyahaha…

  3. jav says:

    nga pala! ganun din ung photocopy machine dito 😀 aliw kaya nung first time kami nagpaphotocopy, masyado kaming naamaze 😀 ang dami naming tanong dun sa manong na nagphophotocoy. para talaga kaming ignorante.

  4. Derrick Hipp says:

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