June 6 na ng gabi hindi pa nag-si-sink-in sa’kin na papasok na’ko sa kolehiyo the very morning next day. Ewan ko ba kung anxiety buffs o dahil maingay lang talaga dito sa bahay kaya’t 1am na’ko ng June 7 nakatulog.

But despite the short span of sleep, my body clock woke me up at exactly 6am. I got up, ate breakfast, took a bath and prepared myself for the day’s adventure right ahead.

It took me around 45 minutes to get to UP Diliman, with my cellphone MP3 player reminding me with the song, “First Day Funk”. Har har… very timely, it played while I was in the MRT! I was so glad there weren’t many people in the MRT that morning.

I dropped by SC first to look for a prepaid card, but there weren’t many stores open yet. So I decided to head straight to UP Theater instead. The “Walker” instinct got in me again and so I started walking the long trails down the Theater. While walking I happen to chance upon a schoolmate, Darwin, who told me Mico was waiting for me in the theater already.

When I arrived at the theater, there were many people outside already. Block Handlers, I thought. Then I went inside and straight to the doors leading inside the theater. A lady asked me what college I was from, and I told her MassCom. She then led me to a part of the theater after giving me a loot bag full of junk food. Free Goodies! Hehe… then I went to the certain part of the theater labaled “MASSCOM”. I seated at the 6th row, waiting for the Welcome Assembly to start while scavenging the theater for possible signs of Mico, but to no avail. I listened to MP3 on my phone instead.

Welcome Freshies!!!

The Freshmen Welcome Assembly started with the Pambansang Awit, then with the talk of a familiar figure, a former professor in MassCom, the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, Betsy Enriquez. A cultural presentation followed, then the talk of Chancellor Cao and President Roman. Right after that is a chorale presentation, then the introduction of the College Deans (with MassCom freshies, as usual, being the loudest mouths around), then some more presentation then some more talk. The event commenced with a short entertaining skit about Isko, by the Repertory something… haha… something’s telling me my memory’s already failing me.

After the Welcome Assembly, we went outside the theater to find a barrage of students, our block handlers, raising plackards labeled with Block Numbers and shouting all the while. I searched for my block, K-6, and saw some familiar faces already. There was Froelyn (haha I don’t know how to spell her name), the first Journ major I met during the orientation. I talked to some of them, then our block handler came, the ever so gay Kuya Mark. Har har. He’s a Film Major, and it so happens that he’s also a Bosconian, from Mandaluyong! Coolness!!!

We went to Cine Adarna, the UP Film Theater, then began with our orientation. Getting to know games, talks, and most of all, free food!!! I get to meet all my blockmates, but I don’t think I remember all their names. Our block head is Missy, and our block tail (the assistant) is Vienna! Har har… Girl power ang block namin! 6 lang ata kaming guys dun…

After orientation, I started walking again down the drive heading to the ACAD OVAL. I texted Mico and found out he’s in the ECON AUDI, with his orientation. He told me he won’t be out until a little while later, so I texted other people instead. I texted PaoC, but Mico told me he’s in the theater having his Welcome Assembly. I texted Eiman, but he replied 30 minutes after telling me he’s in another place (I dunno where). I texted Luis, too, but he didn’t reply. And so I walked…

I passed near the “Beta Way”, and heard Parokya ni Edgar playing in the AS Walk. Cool! First Day Funk! I went to AS instead, headed to CASAA and bought some drinks. I had nowhere to go to and so I sat by the AS Steps instead to wait for my next class, which is at 4pm pa.

It was 2pm. Gawrd!!! It was a very irritating wait! Without the company of the MP3 player in my phone I think I could’ve lost my sanity in there! Beside me were super conio people who are, by the way, also freshmen. They were smoking and acting all maangas, nanlalait ng kapwa freshman eh freshies din naman sila! Feeling Upperclassmen, kaasar! And they were smoking pa!!! Kung may mapupuntahan lang talaga ako umalis na’ko dun eh, kaso wala eh… so nag-stay na lang ako.

3:45pm. I went up the AS lobby again, and I decided to walk all the hallways of AS headed up to my room in the fourth floor, just to kill time. I started at the first floor, and by the time I got to the third floor I felt I need to go pee, so I went pee. Despite hearing rumours of “bad-looking/smelling” CRs in UP, I think the CR in AS is pretty good, and, get this, it has water!!! Har har…

It was 3:55 pm, I went inside my KAS1 classroom to wait for the prof. Few people were already there in the classroom. We were, I think, only 10 inside. I lay down my head in the armchair and started to doze off, waiting for the prof to arrive. 4:05 pm. No prof. 4:15 pm. No prof. 4:25 pm. No prof. I was getting pissed already with all the waiting. 4:35 pm, still no prof. I texted Mico and he told me his event is done already. The prof was 35 minutes late anyway so I went out the classroom down the AS steps where me and Mico met then we went home.

In short, no, hindi ko pa naramdamang nasa kolehiyo ako kasi wala pa’kong naattend-an na klase, wala pa’kong nakilalang prof at wala pa’kong nakilalang classmate.

So how was first day?

First day is a… mind-blowing, heart-thumpin’, teeth-gritting, rib-cringing, bone-cracking, gut-tumbling, nerve-wracking WAIT. WAIT. Waiting… wait wait wait in the AS Steps for a 4pm class for 2 hours. Wait for the prof in room 412 for 30 minutes. Wait for Mico to come. Wait for the jeep to come. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!

I hate waiting. Bull crap. I waited for nothing!

First Day Fu_k

Fill in the blanks na lang. Kung sa commercial ng Rexona “n” ang nakalagay jan, guess nyo na lang kung anong letter gusto ko ilagay diyan. *evil grin* Mwahahahahahaha…

I didn’t even have the chance to take pictures!!! Damn it… oh well… there’s always a next time.

6 Responses to “Iskobentyurs#01: First Day Fu_k”
  1. Lorenz says:

    first day fuck? fuck first day? ayus! haha ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. jerick says:

    buti nga kayo 6 na lalaki sa block, last year ang k6-2004, dalawa lang kaming lalaki. tapos on both blocks (k5 & k6), 4 lang ang lalaki.

    welcome to UP! enjoy! kung kailangan mo ng journalism ek-ek help, don’t hesitate to ask me.

  3. Bedlamite says:

    haha.. first day eh!

    ganyan din kami nung monday. syempre, uneasy pa kami eh. first impression lasts. so… pagdating ng bukas, we made friends! yes… we made friends. we yelled out loud at each other’s faces and asked names, yadda yadda yadda. you could imagine, right? ganun na rin ang gawin mo!

    and to the “conyo” thing? imagine having a theatre full of them! yes, a theatre – not a room, not a closet but a theatre. sigh. imagine the pain! oh well… that’s life.

    don’t worry. it’s just the first day of classes so don’t expect too much. expect more in the next few days. those will be the better [im not sure if they’re great or not] days.

  4. Dio says:

    ehehehe… haaaaay, ayos lang yan, mababawasan din ang pag-aantay. Lalo na kapag nakahanap ka na ng pamapalipas oras. At isa pa, umpisa pa lang yan, things will get better/worse in the next few sems/years! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yoshke says:

    Hey, this is yoshke, nahihiya naman ako dun sa nangyare sa blockhandling. (Cineaste kasi ako), pero it’s not true na nagcrowd ang cineastes sa film block, there were only two cineastes na nagpresent sa film block, ako and another guy. Baka taga-CRS yung nakita mo na akala mo lang Cineastes kasi naghalo-halo na kami. Plus, may accident na nangyare sa isang cineaste sa venue mismo, so biglang nawala ang mga tao. Yun lang.

    Si Mark kasi yung head nung blockhandling team kaya bibo kid sya sa inyo. Hehe.

    Good luck sa college life.

  6. Austria Massages says:

    HAHAHA great! This brings back memories, but inspires new adventures as well. You rock!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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