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Yesterday, newspaper-like papers are posted in each of the classrooms in CAL. There is going to be a protest, a unified mobilization, today, June 24. The paper (or at least the author of it) asked students to wear red.

I wore Red.

But I have no intention of joining the rally/mobilization. I may have a 4 and a half hour break, but I’m too reserved to join in demonstrations like these. My wearing of a red shirt is enough participation.

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Bawat taon na lang…

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Went to Busko this morning for their first Gym Mass for the year. Too lazy for words. Here are some eye candies:

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It’s also the Feast of the Holy Spirit,
hence the banners of the 7 gifts of the H.S.

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A bongacious entrance rites, as usual
Mam Cylie and Mam Carmen here with Incense

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Mam Irene and Mam Jen with the Candles

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And Mam Ria and Mam Becca with the Flowers

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Opo, adviser ko po iyan nung 4th year.
Opo, twentysomething years old na sya.
Opo, may pagka-isip bata (he he he)
At opo, labs na labs ko yang si Mam Ria! ü
(naks bawing bawi! :p)

How did this year’s opening Gym Mass fair (compared to OURs last year)? Ummm… gotta love your own. He he he. This year’s is more teacher-oriented, though.

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The University of the Philippines resides on thousands of hectares of land that spreads out through the inner circle of Diliman. Geographically speaking, The Diliman Republic (otherwise known as UPD), is bigger than the whole State of Vatican (which is, for a fact, the smallest state/country in the world). But studying in a University as big as UP may have its disadvantages.The University of the Philippines offers a huge roster of different General Education courses that students may choose from. The Revitalized General Education Program of the University is part of its upholding of Academic Freedom. I happened to be enrolled in 5 of these GE subjects, and 1 PE class. I delight in the fact that I go to several classrooms in several buildings for my different classes. But sometimes, this fact may have its disadvantages.

The University of the Philippines offers a beginner’s course in Creative Writing. I happened to be enrolled in such a course. My Professor is Mr. Paolo Manalo and he handles the class very well. He is fluent in English and one can say that he knows what he’s doing. But sometimes, having a great teacher with so much to say may have its disadvantages.

The point: I missed my PE Class.

That’s 2 out of 6 absences for me. Four more absences and I’d be slapped by Professor Julia Arroyo with a painstaking remark that every UP student (or any other schools who follow the UP Grading System) dreads the most:

(Cinco. Five. Lima. 5. V.)
No matter how you say it, it’s still one and the same

I have formally written an email to Prof Manalo regarding this matter. I am hoping that he responds promptly and accordingly.

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You know that scenario when you’re typing a very very very very very and not to mention very long essay and then your computer hangs? Yep, that’s what happened a mere fraction of a second ago. Curse curse curse, but I can’t do anything about it, so just delight yourself in some pictures I shot from our Freshie’s Night, okay?!

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Ate Vi was in Masscom for God-knows-what reason
She literally passed by me, and I was stunned, thus the picture

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People crowded up in the Plaridel Parking Area for the
Org Fair and First Night F.U.N.K.

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Ultimate Bonding with my Fellow Blockmates
(Present: Missy, Vienna, Tine, Reg, Matt, JM, Froilyn, Dyan, Grace,
Laurice, Lennen, Emman and Carlos)
(Absent: Coeli, Angel, Eli and JM [tukayo])

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Giniling Festival enticed the crowd with hits like:
“Chong, Boyfriend mo’y Pokpok”, “SilingGiniling” and
“A Letter to Angelina Jolie”

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A member of the Cineastes Society belted it out with
“Ikaw ang Lahat Sa Akin”,
in continuation of the AVP

It rained real hard that’s why the event got postponed momentarily (or at least yun yung naabutan ko), but some of us just had enough and we went home. I met Kuya Jerick and Kuya Bikoy there, too, and I signed up for MCO! Gee I hope the Entrance Rites isn’t that hard. Sayang naman yung ibang AVP ng ibang orgs kung hindi na talaga natuloy because of the rain…


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Hay! Ang mga Pinoy talaga! Lagi na lang, sa harap ng krisis, nakukuha pang tumawa at magbiro!

Di naman lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat ang eskandalong kinakaharap ni PGMA diba? Ewan ko ba kung bakit patuloy na nananahimik ang pangulo sa kabila ng mabibigat na paratang sa kanya. Pero I guess talagang nagulat siya sa kontrobersiyang ito. Normal Human reaction na ang tumahimik at mag-isip kapag biglang nahuli sa aktong marumi, hindi ba? Isipin mo, pag bigla kang nahuli sa akto ng nanay mo na nangungupit ng pera sa wallet nya, diba tatahimik ka tapos iisip ka ng alibi? Sa tingin ko yan ang ginagawa ni Gloria ngayon, nag-iisip ng daan palabas sa iskandalong ito. Oo, posibleng magka-Martial Law, pero wag naman sana.

In my perspective, I know Gloria is guilty. Yes, I KNOW, hindi I THINK, na nandaya siya sa eleksyon. Nung nag-volunteer kami sa NAMFREL last election, we saw election returns na halata namang dinaya, and those election returns eh galing dun sa mga lugar kung saan pinoprotesta ni FPJ na dinaya siya. Halatang dinaya kasi tingnan mo naman, sa isang election return na nakuha namin, si GMA 200++ ang votes, while all the others are ZERO. Imagine that, bizaare diba?! Kaya nagulantang talaga kami non. Pero there’s only so much we can do kaya ni-report na lang namin sa desk officer namin.

Anyways, I really should think she should make a move or else, ummm… may mangyayaring masama! Silence means yes, but silence also means no. Betrayal of Public Trust ito, a major one! Kapag hindi pa sya nag-explain sooner or later, may mangyayaring masama na talaga.

Ayun… so anong point ko? Kasi diba nga may Krisis ang bansa natin ngayon dahil sa ating kupal na Pangulo? Eh tayong mga likas na malilikhain at mapagbirong mga pinoy, sa gitna ng gulo tawa at asaran pa rin. Kaya ako’y naghanap sa net ng sinasabing “Hello Garci” na recording, and look what I’ve stumbled upon!

Hello Garci! (488KB, MP3 for PC and WAV for cellphones)

Hahaha… nakakatawa as in!!! Grabe mga Pinoy talaga lakas mang-gantso! Hahaha… yan na ang message alert tone ko ngayon! Wahahaha!!!

Onga pala, I got those files from TxTPower. If you want to read the transcript or hear the GloriaGate Tape Scandal, you can proceed to PCIJ, andun ang mga kumpletong dokumento.

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Mi Academia

I got terribly early to school this morning, afraid of getting into the situation I was in last Tuesday when I almost ran late for my NatSci1 class because of heavy traffic in the Ikot route. This morning, however, I arrived at school early. Too early. An hour early, to be more specific. Talk about getting pretty excited for a class I distaste so much!

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The MRT has become such an essential commodity for me lately

Im really not liking NatSci1 so far. First, the topics are quite complicated because they are mostly conceptual. Second, the prof, whose age is way beyond discussion, talks gibberish, and I mean that literally and figuratively! He talks too fast, and not to mention he talks too much! And don’t get me started with what he talks about! All I know is he seems to be the only one who understands his lectures, and his students are better off with the readings. While I abhor this subject so much, someone out there found his own motivation to go to this class (Hi Mico! :p)

Logic is no better. Besides the fact that the prof’s name is hard to pronounce let alone spell (I’ll say supercalifragilistic expialidocious faster than you can spell Payongayong!), she talks much but sits lazily at the table all the time. But I gotta say, this subject intrigues me so much that maybe I should consider liking it whether I like it or not.

Ignoramus naiskolarius
At wag ka! (biglang shift ng language eh noh?! Ü) Hi-tech ang xerox machines sa UP! I had to get a copy of the readings for my CW10 class (which is, by the way, 300++ in pages), and I was impressed with the mechanism that greeted my eye!

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Haha! Inextend ko ang paglalunch ni Ate Jobel by a couple of minutes, 300++ yung pina-photocopy ko and I had to photocopy two readings, the other one for Mico. If not for this handy machine, baka hanggang ngayon nagxexerox pa si Ate. Hehe. Ü

It was my first time to see a xerox machine like this, having been accustomed to the regular xerox machines we had back in Buskô. As you can see, it has this sort-of shelves that automatically goes up and down to sort out the photocopied pages. It also employs a paper feed mechanism, much like what we see in our printers, so that Ate here could just pile up a bunch of pages and feed it to the machine, and it automatically gets photocopied. Cool huh?

Da Chika Radar

No, by ‘chika’ I don’t mean gossips, but instead, girls. I myself can’t believe I’m talking about this, for I’m not really the one to go on girl-huntings like these. Siguro epekto to ng masyado kong pagsama kay Mico? Hehehe peace tayo Mico! :p

Anyways, yesterday, I stalked someone. Yes, you read correctly, STALKED. Followed. Snooped around undetected. The kind of following around that gives you the creeps especially on dark alleyways.

I don’t know what got into me, but the moment I saw this chika while waiting for a ride home yesterday, I just knew I had to be with her ’til she got to her home. Fortunately enough, she got off at Shaw station and went inside Starmall, the same way I traverse to get home. Great. I’ve got more time to stare at her. When we were nearing the stairs where we’re supposed to go down, with me closing in nearby, I was surprised she didn’t take the stairs and headed on to the place where cellphone kiosks abound. Still following her, I looked at some of the things on sale, to alleviate the cloud of suspicion that I was stalking her (though indeed I was).

As I got too engrossed on one headset that was being sold, she slipped away. Slowly. Gently. She left my gaze. Going around like someone lost in one bizaare maze, I gave up. She was gone.

Indeed, the one that got away.

But my chika-radar didn’t stop there. I have a classmate in my Kas1 class who eerily resembles one of my younger cousins. She looks a bit young for her age, a freshie shouting out in the open. The first time I saw her, I immediately had a crush on her. We occasionally exchanged a few stolen glances while in class, but I guess that’s just normal.

This afteroon, however, as I was making my way to the Service Center, I chanced upon her walking the opposite direction. Everyone who knows me well enough know that I’m not really the type who makes the first move. As she was nearly approaching me, she pointed at me and told her two other companions that I was her classmate in Kas1. I didn’t know what to do or say that I just gave her a nod and a faint smile, and went on with my way.

That faint smile never faded. I myself could not believe it. Of all the people in my Kas1 class to remember this (rather cute) face of mine, it was her.

All I can say is… haaaayyy…Ü

The Invasion
As I was trudging the steep walks leading to the SC, somebody texted me. It was Javerri. He asked me until what time my class is, because he wanted to drop by the campus.

He came an hour after he texted, having come from as far as Taft (Jav’s a Benildean). I accompanied him in having lunch at Casaa, with Pao following soon after with a disappointed look on his face, having garnered a whopping “0” in his forte subject, Math, because their prof got mad at them for being “too arrogant and getting way over their heads.” Boy am I glad I don’t and will never have Math 17 in my stay in UP!

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Alien! Alien! May Alien sa UP!!! :p

Anyway, Jav, Pao and I caught up with each other, exchanging few stories about college here and there. I had to let Jav wait an hour and a half before going home, for I still had one last class. He went to Cine Adarna to check the movies while I was in class. When it ended, we accompanied Pao to Melchor because he still has dance practice until 9, then Jav and I took off.

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Ang Melchor, ang wari-mo’y kambal ng Palma Hall (o AS)

It was fun seeing Jav again. Anyways, I gotta go! I want to go to that Fété Music Festival tomorrow, but I don’t think I can.

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The UP Diliman Beta Way

The Beta Epsilon Way, or Beta Way, is a long concrete path traversing the width of the UP Academic Oval. This is the most convenient path when you want to go to Melchor Hall (Eng’g) from AS (Palma Hall) and vice versa. It, for the past few days, also served as my “walk path” when I idle around waiting for my next class to start.

Sadly, first week hasn’t been so much great for me. I would especially like to mention that I absolutely abhor my T-F schedule, when I need to kill time just to wait for a 4pm Kas1 class. Frankly speaking, I don’t have anything to do for 5 hours but sit in the AS steps, listen to MP3, read e-books or just plainly stare at the people walking in front of me. It’s absolute hell here on earth. I tried to prevent getting bored from the idleness by walking in the premises, but it did me more bad than good. Either way, I always end up either woozy or headache-y for my Kas1 class. Curse my goddamn schedule, curse it.

Yesterday, in an attempt to kill time (and to also escape the possible sanity of lonesome), I went to SM North Edsa just to chill out. And boy, did I chill out (and hurt my legs and tongue). I’ve got to admit, I detest going to Malls without money. I was only able to kill an hour and a half of my 5-hour wait, because I hate the fact that I can’t buy the things I’m eyeing out in the mall.

While on the jeepney, I saw this fellow Iska. Nothing special about her, but with her bag, there is. I was stricken with a sudden jolt of surprise when I saw her Illustrazio bag. We exchanged dark looks, but only melted into a sneaky smirk when we saw each other’s bags. They were the same. And here I am I thought I bought the most unique bag in the whole wide universe.

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I secretly snapped a photo of her bag! (Haha… bad JM! Para ka na ring nag-wire tap nyan!)

Image hosted by
This one’s my bag. You can see that we both have an Illustrazio Denim-style backpack

*Sigh*… no class on Monday, the day with my most favorite schedule. On M-Th, I have a Math2 Class (weee aircon ang classroom!), a Creative Writing class (something I’m looking forward to this semester) and a PE class (weee walking! Haha… if you haven’t guessed yet, yes, I love walking).

*Sigh*… I hope I get to have an org soon. I’ll sign up for MCO (Mass Communicator’s Organization) when the signups begin. I’m thinking of affiliating myself with one org only, for me to balance the whole College equation. Study, friends, and extra-curriculars. And besides, I still have VESSEL to keep me busy. Har har. We’re on an “overhaul” phase right now. Can’t wait for the briefing later!

[EDIT] I learned that Hale’s gonna perform in our Minifair thingy!!! Coolness!!! Haha… papa-piktyur na ko!!! :p
Shout out sa K-6 block!!! Mwah mwah mwah!!!

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June 6 na ng gabi hindi pa nag-si-sink-in sa’kin na papasok na’ko sa kolehiyo the very morning next day. Ewan ko ba kung anxiety buffs o dahil maingay lang talaga dito sa bahay kaya’t 1am na’ko ng June 7 nakatulog.

But despite the short span of sleep, my body clock woke me up at exactly 6am. I got up, ate breakfast, took a bath and prepared myself for the day’s adventure right ahead.

It took me around 45 minutes to get to UP Diliman, with my cellphone MP3 player reminding me with the song, “First Day Funk”. Har har… very timely, it played while I was in the MRT! I was so glad there weren’t many people in the MRT that morning.

I dropped by SC first to look for a prepaid card, but there weren’t many stores open yet. So I decided to head straight to UP Theater instead. The “Walker” instinct got in me again and so I started walking the long trails down the Theater. While walking I happen to chance upon a schoolmate, Darwin, who told me Mico was waiting for me in the theater already.

When I arrived at the theater, there were many people outside already. Block Handlers, I thought. Then I went inside and straight to the doors leading inside the theater. A lady asked me what college I was from, and I told her MassCom. She then led me to a part of the theater after giving me a loot bag full of junk food. Free Goodies! Hehe… then I went to the certain part of the theater labaled “MASSCOM”. I seated at the 6th row, waiting for the Welcome Assembly to start while scavenging the theater for possible signs of Mico, but to no avail. I listened to MP3 on my phone instead.

Welcome Freshies!!!

The Freshmen Welcome Assembly started with the Pambansang Awit, then with the talk of a familiar figure, a former professor in MassCom, the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, Betsy Enriquez. A cultural presentation followed, then the talk of Chancellor Cao and President Roman. Right after that is a chorale presentation, then the introduction of the College Deans (with MassCom freshies, as usual, being the loudest mouths around), then some more presentation then some more talk. The event commenced with a short entertaining skit about Isko, by the Repertory something… haha… something’s telling me my memory’s already failing me.

After the Welcome Assembly, we went outside the theater to find a barrage of students, our block handlers, raising plackards labeled with Block Numbers and shouting all the while. I searched for my block, K-6, and saw some familiar faces already. There was Froelyn (haha I don’t know how to spell her name), the first Journ major I met during the orientation. I talked to some of them, then our block handler came, the ever so gay Kuya Mark. Har har. He’s a Film Major, and it so happens that he’s also a Bosconian, from Mandaluyong! Coolness!!!

We went to Cine Adarna, the UP Film Theater, then began with our orientation. Getting to know games, talks, and most of all, free food!!! I get to meet all my blockmates, but I don’t think I remember all their names. Our block head is Missy, and our block tail (the assistant) is Vienna! Har har… Girl power ang block namin! 6 lang ata kaming guys dun…

After orientation, I started walking again down the drive heading to the ACAD OVAL. I texted Mico and found out he’s in the ECON AUDI, with his orientation. He told me he won’t be out until a little while later, so I texted other people instead. I texted PaoC, but Mico told me he’s in the theater having his Welcome Assembly. I texted Eiman, but he replied 30 minutes after telling me he’s in another place (I dunno where). I texted Luis, too, but he didn’t reply. And so I walked…

I passed near the “Beta Way”, and heard Parokya ni Edgar playing in the AS Walk. Cool! First Day Funk! I went to AS instead, headed to CASAA and bought some drinks. I had nowhere to go to and so I sat by the AS Steps instead to wait for my next class, which is at 4pm pa.

It was 2pm. Gawrd!!! It was a very irritating wait! Without the company of the MP3 player in my phone I think I could’ve lost my sanity in there! Beside me were super conio people who are, by the way, also freshmen. They were smoking and acting all maangas, nanlalait ng kapwa freshman eh freshies din naman sila! Feeling Upperclassmen, kaasar! And they were smoking pa!!! Kung may mapupuntahan lang talaga ako umalis na’ko dun eh, kaso wala eh… so nag-stay na lang ako.

3:45pm. I went up the AS lobby again, and I decided to walk all the hallways of AS headed up to my room in the fourth floor, just to kill time. I started at the first floor, and by the time I got to the third floor I felt I need to go pee, so I went pee. Despite hearing rumours of “bad-looking/smelling” CRs in UP, I think the CR in AS is pretty good, and, get this, it has water!!! Har har…

It was 3:55 pm, I went inside my KAS1 classroom to wait for the prof. Few people were already there in the classroom. We were, I think, only 10 inside. I lay down my head in the armchair and started to doze off, waiting for the prof to arrive. 4:05 pm. No prof. 4:15 pm. No prof. 4:25 pm. No prof. I was getting pissed already with all the waiting. 4:35 pm, still no prof. I texted Mico and he told me his event is done already. The prof was 35 minutes late anyway so I went out the classroom down the AS steps where me and Mico met then we went home.

In short, no, hindi ko pa naramdamang nasa kolehiyo ako kasi wala pa’kong naattend-an na klase, wala pa’kong nakilalang prof at wala pa’kong nakilalang classmate.

So how was first day?

First day is a… mind-blowing, heart-thumpin’, teeth-gritting, rib-cringing, bone-cracking, gut-tumbling, nerve-wracking WAIT. WAIT. Waiting… wait wait wait in the AS Steps for a 4pm class for 2 hours. Wait for the prof in room 412 for 30 minutes. Wait for Mico to come. Wait for the jeep to come. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!

I hate waiting. Bull crap. I waited for nothing!

First Day Fu_k

Fill in the blanks na lang. Kung sa commercial ng Rexona “n” ang nakalagay jan, guess nyo na lang kung anong letter gusto ko ilagay diyan. *evil grin* Mwahahahahahaha…

I didn’t even have the chance to take pictures!!! Damn it… oh well… there’s always a next time.

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