GREAT NEWS! The tactic that I planned yesterday for mom to buy me a Memory Card Reader worked! Ergo, I now have a memory card reader which enables me to transfer photos to and fro the PC. PhotoBlog!!! Har har… it didn’t require me too much begging because mom obliged at once.


BUT, when the personnel was writing the invoice for my purchase, I rummaged through the other devices to see if I can catch a better one. Then I asked her the price of some Flash-Drive Look-Alike that is an SD/MMC Card Reader. It was Php650. I bought mine for Php800 (but it’s an all-in-one reader). Shet!!! I could’ve just bought the cheaper one!!! It’s more handy and it’s cheaper!!! Arrrgghhh… well, what’s done is done…

SO, here’re the pictures!!!

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(A) Buddha-Fest! These little trinkets are being sold along the “side walks” of Glorietta; (B) Mom waiting for Kuya Jay to finish choosing his clothes; (C) The most-awaited horror flick of next month, “Shutter”, showing on June 1; (D) This cute little saleslady had to wear bunny ears. Poor employee… :p ; (E) What’s the long line for? People are being given FREE Hershey’s S’mores; (F) My newly-bought MEMORY CARD READER!
Went to Makati with my sis, bro and mom yesterday for me and my brother to buy new clothes for the upcoming classes. I only bought four shirts and a jogging pants, as I can’t really make up my mind on what shirts to choose. I’m not really a fan of the fad, but I wear whatever is comfortable for me. Oh, and I realized one thing while shopping: I’m a fan of STATEMENT Shirts. Orayt!

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(A) BuskoDAYS Batch 13!; (B) Went to Megamall after the PostDAYS, dined at the food court; (C) Juvelan and I looking at several photo trip pictures we took in our long stay in the foodcourt; (D) Vice Jel and Michael, the cutesy DAYS couple (pero indi sila ah!), sang their hearts out in Videoke with Cruisin’; (E) Went bowling after the Videoke; (F) Some guys didn’t want to go bowling, so they played billiard (Geh in the Picture)

Had a great time last Saturday during the PostDAYS. The usual kakulitan of the Days staffers has always been present during gatherings like these. The participants had a sharing of their experiences after the Workshop, plus a talk given by Kuya Dave.

After the PostDAYS proper, Batch13 went ahead to Megamall while some of the staffers followed shortly after. We dined, we shot pictures, we sang at the Videoke in EUREKA!, we bowled and we played Billiards. Classic DAYZERS get-together at its finest!

Some people really have the knack for photo trips (I’m one of them). Ate Odie convinced these guys to pose, and, well, they obliged. Here’s the outcome:

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Har har!!! Whatta pose!!! >_^

Also, while ordering in one of the stores in the food court, I noticed something unusual in the food:

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Shet!!! May langaw sa pagkain!

THE BAD PART. There was a fly in one of the foods in display.
THE GOOD PART. The food in display was artificial.
THE FUNNY PART. I couldn’t believe the fly fell for fake food! Hilarious! It’s so funny I had to get a picture of it eventhough people are already shooting deep dark stares at me.

More of this event’s pictures in my photo gallery
Image hosted by Photobucket.comHAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Kabangka!

Celebrated the VESSEL Anniversary last Tuesday at Kuya Juvelan’s place. It was just a simple gathering, but it was a milestone since it marked the “revival” of the VESSEL Movement. Kuya Juvelan, Kuya Noel, Kuya Luis, Ate Kate, Kuya Jako, Ate Tin, Carlo, Jerome, Marvin and I are of attendance. It was simple yet it’s a very profound and meaningful event for all of us.

Well, those are all for now! I wasn’t able to squeeze in too many pictures because that’d increase loading time for my page, that’s why I condensed them in thumbnails.

More pictures coming! >_^

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  1. Lorenz says:

    you should’ve gotten a larger picture of the shutter poster!! WAAAAAH!! ALAM MO BA?! di pa siyempre pero baka oo na rin. di pa showing ang shutter sa sm mega nung june 2. pakshet. O_O

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