I was trying to utilize my Iconrate hosting account (all 300 megs of it) and so I installed a few scripts in it via Fantastico. I installed both WordPress and the Coppermine for my blog and my photo gallery.

I was getting pissed with WordPress because I can’t import my archives from blogger. Mind you, I’m a person deeply attached to my past and so I cherish these little trinkets of memories we have come to know as Archives. I mean, they’re my only surviving archives (except for a week’s worth of entries — my very first ones at that — that I managed to save thanks to Blogger), because most of my archives went down the drain when my former sites got erased/crashed/flushed down the toilet.

But you’ve got to admit, it’s kind of entertaining to read past entries, doesn’t it?

Mushiness aside, I looked for some themes instead for the blog, but I couldn’t find any that suited my exact taste of how I wanted my blog to look. Plus I was having semi-hesitation attacks to continue on with wordpress since I get really attached to my archives (oh boy here we go again).

And then I decided, For A While is indispensible. I’ll stay here all the while (haha… that For A While thing is really just for title’s sake na lang).

Moving on, Coppermine is a gem. I love how it organizes my pictures complete with thumbnails, titles, captions, albums, a rating system and a comment feature! Too bad I can’t disclose the location of it yet, as I’m still in the process of doing aesthetics for the thing and uploading tons of pics into it.

Well, in the next few days/weeks/months I’m planning on making a website again in Frontpage, finally after hybernating from the said program for a year or so. I miss Web Design. I mean, this is the thing people have come to know me for (aside from the cute face. Hehe… :p). And so I’m slowly getting back into it, so as to utilize my unused disk space and unused FREE domain name (which, by the way, will eventually expire this september anyway).

But don’t worry… as I’ve said, For A While is indispensible as of the moment.

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