You know what I’ve just realized? I have a knack for ending a certain friendship/relationship in the gloomiest way imagineable. I don’t know… one day we’re this and then *poof*… I just disappear into the depths of my own mystery.

Could it be accounted for by my sheer attitude of being a person na madaling kausap? Or maybe it’s because of the way I project myself when I’m angry or mad, which is total devil-may-care attitude? Maybe it’s because of my commitment-phobic outlook towards a relationship?

I don’t know… all I know is, I end a relationship kapag sawa na ako sa mga nangyayari, at kapag nawawala na ang spontaneity of the relationship, which is a major factor.

To all my friends I’ve left before… bear with me. Gan’to talaga ako… kaya payo ko lang kapag gusto nyo ko kaibiganin, ihanda nyo na ang sarili niyong masaktan, kasi masakit ako mang-iwan sa ere. As in.

I don’t know… maybe I’m destined to live life alone. Khen, totoo na ‘to… single-blessedness na talaga… wala na’kong hahanapin pa! >_^

One Response to “Eeeeeeeeeennnnnnn *poof*”
  1. gaiL says:

    single blessedness…wag ‘kang magsalita ng tapos.

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