Here’s the scenario:

You wake up so damn early for no reason at all. You wipe whatever it is to be wiped from your eyes and you turned the TV on. You tuned in to your favorite channel for a while then you decided to start to freshen up.

Your sister called you because you had a caller on the phone. It was one of your bestest friends. You chit-chatted with him but had to tell him you had somewhere to go that morning. You went on with what you have planned.

It was yet so early but you cleaned the rice cooker already and started to prepare cooking rice. You also took out the pans and the canned goods, oiled the pan and cooked the good. You made some juice for yourself to match with what could be your brunch for that day.

You ate with enough joy that you had to do a second round. You emptied the pitcher of juice to the half, then you cleaned your mess up. You got a towel from upstairs and went to the bathroom. You did your thing, brushed your teeth and even spilling some mouthwash on the floor.

You rushed upstairs thinking you might be late for your affair. You looked for a suitable shirt to wear and ironed it smooth, something you don’t normally do. You wore your pieces and combed your hair. You put on your socks and texted your friends. You got no reply so while putting your shoes you decide to call them…

…only to find out that the affair has been cancelled.

BUMMER. Asar… good thing I called before I took off, otherwise I’d be waiting for no one in the train station. It’s okay, it’s nobody’s fault…

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