Tuesday. I went to the Premier Flagship State University of the Philippines (kala nyo USTe lang ang may mahabang pangalan ah! Huh!) to have my ID picture taken. Exactly 11:00 am I landed on what could be the republic I might call home for the next four years (or so…). I strolled my way into so many buildings so unknown to me, as it was one of my first times to go there. I was a bit lost, but I was confident I would find my own way to the University Registrar. Sigh. False hopes I gave myself (am I starting to sound like Yoda or what?), so I texted a friend and asked for help. Luckily, he knew what to do, and led me to the right direction.

When I got there, I asked the lady guard for some information on the ID Picture taking. She told me I had to pay first at the Cashier’s Office. At the Back of PNB, which is near the shopping center, which is near the Infirmary, and by the way is also at the other side of the galaxy. Sigh. Walk, walk, walk, you never get past walking in this place.

I was saving up a couple of bucks because I had no idea how much the ID Picture would cost. I only brought 200 pesos at that time, and almost half of it was already consumed for food and transportation expenses.

When I got to the Cashier’s Office (after what could be an eternity of walking), something horrible dawned on me: ID Picture Taking: Php130.00 I cringed. My grip went tight on my pocket. I was only 30 pesos short, but if ever I did have that extra shot of 30 pesos I still had to problemize my way home. I called my mom (or rather, I asked her to call me), and told her of the horrible incident.

Shoot. Money wasted.

Friday. I went back to the PFSUP in Diliman again, this time with a whopping 300 pesos in my pocket. I got there quite early, quite fresh, and quite irritated because of the long wait in the PANTRANCO Terminal. I timed myself so I would be aware of how much time I should allot for travel when school comes in, and my clockings showed an approximate travel time of 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes from home to school.

I was a bit happy that day, and so I went straight to the Cashier’s Office without passing by the Registrar’s (haha… like… konek??!). When I reached for the door of the office, it was locked. I wanted to scream and shout for someone to open me the door, only to hear a bystander, as if in a mocking tone, tell me, “Walang opisina ngayon…”

Shet. I wanted to screw the government at that moment. I wanted to screw myself for being stupid. I wanted to curse the entire damn world!!!

“This office will be closed on April 22 and every succeeding Fridays of May 2005 due to the implementation of the 4-day work week schedule.”

Shit. I hated that notice for being so polite.

Gawrsh… I can’t stop wasting money just for some stupid ID picture! I’ll get mine done when classes start so I would have other important agenda of going to UP!!!

Ugh. Screw, screw, screw!!!

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