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Mga sintomas kapag addicted na si JM:

*24 Hours Surveillance over MYX and MTV for a certain video (All eyes and ears)

*Jumps, screams, sing-alongs and a sudden jolt of adrenaline when the video finally plays

*Staying up uber late just to check if the video made it to a spot in the daily countdown

*Screwing the cable company for not having MYX as a regular channel

*Surfing the net looking for their MP3s, gig scheds, pictures, yahoo groups, fan pages and whatnots

*Trying real hard to attend gigs of the band/artist*Buying the album, and having it autographed

Shet. Adik na ko sa HALE. At alam nyo ba ang pinakamasakit sa addiction kong ito?

1. Alternative ang genre ng mga tugtog ng HALE. Which means, unlike Kitchie who’s our Pop-Rock Princess, their song isn’t overplayed in the radio or the music channels kaya pahirapan talagang mag-antay for their songs. Pero most of the time naman eh pasok sila sa countdown, so there’s still something to look forward to.

2. Mahirap lang ako, at hindi ko kayang puntahan lahat ng gig nila.

3. May inferiority complex ako atsaka I tend to be anti-social sometimes, kaya grouping in with the listers sa list ng Hale is more of a challenge than a privelege.

4. At ang pinakamatindi sa lahat, starstruck ako palagi. Natatameme ako pag kaharap ko na mga idols ko.

Ugggghhhhh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. UGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

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Addicted na’ko. Yun lang.

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It’s a natural phenomenon not even a single soul can explain (duh, why else would they call it a phenomenon?!). When we have classes, people want summer so they could go hit he beach. But when it’s summer, people want to go to school to do something productive. Why oh why can’t we settle our desires? Life is complicated, I know.

The nosy intro was called for because of the current situation: people, welcome to BUMdom! Summer may be the time for people to chill down, relax, hit the beach or surf the waves. Summer, for me, would spell ultimate Idleness and getting lost in the world of nothingness. Summer is an infinite cyclic cycle of routines waiting to be put to an end.

But you know what? I’m lovin’ it (parapapapah). Yes, the resting, the eating, the washing, the bathing and all the other shindigs and shingalings that comes along with it. You’ll never know what could happen the next minute and when you’re not pretty much psyched up with it, it’s okay. The flow is hard to follow, but sometimes, we just have to. Spontaneity at its finest. Oohh yeah.

These days, I’m having a lot of mood swings. Thinking of so many things in life for one second then shifting to an absolute play of randomness the next. I’ve had many bangag moments in the afternoons, most of which count for my being alone. Sigh… I miss company. Oh boy, here we go again…

I’ve never seen YM this quiet before. Most of the time, my speakers are filled with many buzzes and doorbells and knock-on-doors, but this time, it’s pure silence. Bliss. Tranquility. Madnessss!!! Where have all the people gone today?!

Hmmm… so what else have I been up to? Oh, watching oh-so-many so-called “soaps” in ETC. Veronica Mars, The OC, One Tree Hill, Joan of Arcadia and Friends to name a few. I know most of these are categorized mainly as “cheesy” or “corny”, but hey, I love them. So I don’t give a damn if they’re cheesy.

Been on the lookout for a certain video, too. “Broken Sonnet” by Hale. OMG, is this the start of yet another addiction? I mean… I’m loving Alternative already and whenever my song goes POP, I start hating it. I’m not over Kitchie yet and here comes Hale to swoop down all the attention. They’re like Radioactive Sago Project with their radically new style of songwriting, only they speak more of the Broken Hearted Language. Poets, I must say. Hehe.

Hmmm so what else? Well if you’re on the lookout for me (I know there is one single soul out there out to hunt me), you can catch me at a bed right in front of a small Color Television. Where the Bed is and What television I’m in front of is for me to know and for you to find out. Go get that trenchcoat and mag glasses, you’re out to investigate! Haha…

Shout out to my Bes, Belette! Mishu gurl…

Blah. Life is pretty boring. But I love my life so I don’t have much of a choice, do I? I’m out. :p

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Four Words: PAIN IN THE ASS.

Could use a little getting-used-to, but not really for the impatient minds…

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“Broken Sonnet” Hale

And now i concede

On the night of this fifteenth song

Of melancholy, of melancholy

And now i will admit in this fourth line

That i love you, that i love you.

I don’t care what they say

I don’t care what they do

‘cause tonight i’ll leave my fears behind

‘cause tonight i’ll be right at your side.

The clock on the tv says 8:39 pm

It’s the same, it’s the same

And in this next line

I’ll say it all over again

That i love you, that i love you.

I don’t care what they say

I don’t care what they do

‘cause tonight i’ll leave my fears behind

‘cause tonight i’ll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me

Lie down right next to me

And i will never let go

Will never let go.

I’ll leave my fears behind

‘cause tonight i’ll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me

Lie down right next to me

And i will never let go

Will never let go.

But still i see the tears from your eyes

Maybe i’m just not the one for you.

Hale is supreme, ultimate, overpowering, DOMINANT!

What do I do when I’m lonely? I listen to songs. Isn’t it obvious yet? I’m very sentimental.

Moving on…

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Never, even just for a split second, had it crossed my mind that “Same Ground” could exemplify how I feel about a certain situation.

My love,
Its been a long time since i cried
and left you out of the blue.
Its hard leaving you that way when
I never wanted to.

Self-denial is a game
Its strange i never would’ve
wanted if until there was you.

Because i have learned that love is beyond
what human can imagine,
the more it clears the more i have to let you go.

But now i don’t understand why im feeling
so bad now when i know it was my idea.
i could’ve just denied the truth and
lied. but why am i the only one standing stranded
on the same ground?

My love it’s been a long time since I cried and left you
Out of the Blue
Its hard leaving you that way when
I never wanted to.

Self-denial is a game
Its strange i never would’ve
wanted if until there was you.

Because i have learned that love is a
word gets thrown a little bit too much.
the best excuse to fill the infinite abyss
i never ever have to fail

if all else fail, would you be there to love me?
when all else fail, would you be brave to see right through me?

You do the math.

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Ang saya saya koooo!!!

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Asar. Asar talaga. Palagi na lang nag-ha-hang ang PC ko tuwing nag-ne-net ako! Asar talaga… kung kelang nasa peak ka na ng usapan o di kaya’y ang haba na nang nasulat mo sa blog, biglang magha-hang! How frustrating could this ever get?!

Hay… puro na lang ako gala nitong mga nakaraang linggo. Matatawag ko ba tong luho or what? For me, I think not. Sa tingin ko sinusulit ko lang ang panahon with my closest buddies kasi baka sa college hindi na namin magawa ang mga ito… (Thanks Mico for da Palawan shirt! ^_^)

Manonood kami ng Kitchie Concert sa Saturday!!! Wuhooo!!! Though di na makakasama si Mico at nag-iinarte pa si Khen, the best part ng concert ay hindi dahil si Kitchie ang panonoorin, kung hindi dahil kasama ko si Soulmate manood! Wuhoo! San ka pa! Haha… okay lang na ala sa frotn seats, basta andun kami dalawa nag-eenjoy, ayos na ko dun!

So yun. I’m so lucky nakaabot pa’ko sa dulo ng blog. Haha… hindi siya nag-hang! Record ito! 15 minutes walang hang! Hmmm… baka naman multitasking problems lang ito?! Hmmm… whatchathink?!

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It wasn’t so bad after all!

I had my Physical Examination a while ago, and all that jazz about the undies thingy (see previous post) wasn’t at all true (well for my case, I don’t know about the others).

All I did was take my shirt off, have my pulse checked, and that’s it! I don’t know if the speed is due to the lunch break (I had mine at 10:55 and the doctor will have a break at 11:00) or that really is just the standard procedure.

Mico, on the other hand, was unfortunate enough to have his postponed due to his xray, he had some conflicts with it. He’ll have his PMC tomorrow. That, I don’t know, if he’ll have to strip. Ahehehe…

Here’s a really disturbing part of my PMC:

Doc: Come in

JM: Good Morning po, Doc.

Doc: Paki-sara nga yung pinto. Paki-lock. And patanggal lang ng shirt. Sit here.

JM: Owkeeeeiiii…

Wahehe wala lang. Still, Lorenz’s stool sample was worse. Waaaayyyy grosser! wahehehe…

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Kainis. Gawa na nga ang PC ko, hindi naman ako makapag-internet nang maayos. Tuwing makaka-connect ako, bigla na lang mag-ha-hang o mag-re-restart! Ugggghhhh pag ako nakaipon, bibili na ako ng bagong CPU!!! Kahindot ah… hindi ko alam kung modem ba o hard disk ang problema. Ang wala na lang atang tama dito eh yung CD-ROM at ang Drive A!

Hay… if we had just known earlier, sana pinalitan na lang ‘tong bulok na PC na’to kung lahat naman pala ng parts eh puro nag-ma-malfunction! Akala ko pa naman makakapag-blog na ako o makakapag-YM… but NOOOO… Destiny beckons it not so, and life starts to become unfair.

Ha! I’ve waited so long for this moment. God showers you with sooo much blessings, sometimes more than what you can handle, then takes something precious away from you.

That’s the Natural Flow of Things. Equilibrium. Balance. Bliss.

Screw Destiny!!!

But it was, after all, anticipated.

So why am I ranting? I just miss YM… that’s all… ;(

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