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Memo to self:

*By all means, graduate College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (with flying colors, if possible)

*After Graduation, stay with mom and dad for a while. Or, if house and lot gets titled to your (JM) name, stay there, but momentarily depend on mom and dad for the first few months you look for work

*Look for work on any magazines, newspaper, or anything that is involved with the course you graduated with. Never EVER be underemployed unless the circumstances deem it necessary

*When you have no work for at least six months, start freelancing in the web design field

*Continually submit articles to publish materials even for free

*NEVER EVER WORK for MONEY. Work because you want to, not because you need to. Your salary should only suffice basic needs such as food, water, shelter. Any excess shall be deposited to your bank account. Avoid temptation to buy on impulse, or widthraw cash unless it’s an emergency. Learn to live by your needs, not by your wants. If, in case, your salary isn’t anymore enough to cover all your bills, then that’s the time you cut down on food and start a diet, or widthraw only the needed amount from your bank account

*Never EVER Work at the expense of others. Each dollar/peso/centavo you earn should rightfully come from your buckets of blood, sweat and tears.

*Save up for your bank account. When you’ve reached an approximate of 200,000++, then that’s the time you prepare yourself to go on the WORLD YOUTH DAY. Target date of completion: on or before 25 years old

*Commit yourself to a single-blessed life. Be committed with GOD, not with work, not with people, not with money. With GOD.

*Be simple. Don’t live extravagantly. Buy only the things that will give you a lifetime of joy, not a moment of pleasure.

*Be one with the YOUTH.

*Be sure to change mainstream media to something better from what it is as you see it today. That’s the main reason you studied a Mass Communication Course. Impose Change. Stake your life on it, if needed. Never ever leave this world without leaving that legacy.

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I’m exactly 29 days, 21 Hours and so-and-so minutes away from Graduation Night. It’s exactly 7 days before our Finals start, and also 7 days before the Honors Deliberation begin. I’m also 18 days away from Graduation Ball, and 2 days away from the deadline of requirements.

Figures… oh how I love them… NOT!

But come to think of it, yesterday I was just a little boy playing with an earthworm trapped in the small puddle just in front of our house, and now I’m graduating High School. I’m entering College. BOOM! Just like that. So fast.

With graduation comes the usual hustles and bustles for grades, requirements, and the most dreadful of all, credentials.

I’ve never expected to have to sort my credentials in High School. I mean, I never put into context that whatever I’m doing is for my credentials, because I make it a point to only do things that I want to do, and those that I enjoy doing. That’s the reason why most of my certificates go in between the pages of my books, under the table or somewhere random you’ll have to topple the house down to find. And certificates empower my credentials, they’re the living proof that I actually did them! Now, most of them are gone… I hope not.

With this matter on credentials come many issues at hand. About four years ago, a friend of mine became the valedictorian, even though he ranked sixth in the academic lineup, just because of his credentials. Same goes with another alumnus who graduated three years ago. Credentials could fill that spacious gap of mere decimals between you and the would-be valedictorian.

That is the fact that most students running for honors is holding on to. We differ less in our averages, and so these credentials are a must if you want to increase a point or two. Just the deliberation for such matters require strenuous time and effort to verify one activity. It’ll be a battle ’til the end.

Let’s take a step back and look into the bigger picture: what really are credentials for, besides the fact that they increase your final average? Being in a Catholic School, it’s a must for every alumnus being produced by our school to be socially aware, religiously involved and spiritually alive, especially those who place high in ranks. They are the future models of our school, and if ever they bag an honor or two, the school will be a part of that recognition. Alumni are the essence of the school, they are the by-products of what the institution is fighting for.

That is why we verify the credentials. We look into some aspects of a student’s life, particularly those vying for a top spot, if they have really acquired values in their four-year stay in school and if they are keen enough in applying them through different social activities that hone not only talent but also experience.

So where does the main issue come in?

Dirty Tactics. Oh yes, how I hate them. I hate people who have to elbow their way in just to get to their desired positions. Because of what they’re doing, they’re stepping on everybody else’s back just to grab that high jump towards the peak.

I hate to drop names because I might flare up a person or two, so I won’t mention names here. It’s just that I hate people having to resort to, pardon the word, CHEATING or being UNFAIR just to increase a step further over everybody. When I was in elementary I look up to those who make it to the top ten (sad to say I wasn’t one of ’em… hehehe), because I could really see their efforts and horendous amount of sweat just to work out their requirements. In other words, these people are “deserving” enough to be in their current (or should I say past) places.

Let’s not be hypocrites here, sure I admit that I cheated sometimes if not most of the time, but I try real hard not to engage in such mischievous activities anymore, because they don’t, at all, give me any fulfillment in the end. I can also proudly admit that I don’t cheat in quizzes, seatworks and periodical exams, and you can ask all my seatmates that they don’t want me to be their seatmate, because I don’t let them copy my answers.

What’s the big deal if I commit a mistake or two? What’s the big deal if I’m not the highest in class? What’s the big deal if I fail because I really have not understood the lesson? People, let’s forget about studying and making grades or perfuming ourselves for our teachers… let LEARNING COME IN!

What’s so hard for humans to do is to accept defeat. When you’re at the peak of your career, it’s hard to acquire a loss or two, because it might bring you totally down.

In my case, I love being at the bottom, because I have many friends here. When I was at the top, it was lonely. Yes, I was number one, but I was also the only one. Alone. No friends. More enemies. Indeed, it’s lonely at the top. And when you’re at the top, you can’t go higher than the ceiling, so the only way is down. But when you’re at the bottom, you strive for something fulfilling that will uplift you from your current state, and so it isn’t so hard to achieve what you want to achieve because you are motivated.

I’m really not making any sense here, am I? The bottom line is this: Studying isn’t just about grades, requirements, report cards or credentials. Sure, you’ll have a nice resume to present when you apply for work, but what’s even more important is the skills you have acquired, not just your grade. What’s more important is what you have LEARNED, not just what you have EARNED. Give it a thought. Anyways, I’m just a frantic schoolboy playing with an earthworm trapped in the small puddle just in front of our house. Who dare listen to me?

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Billboards… oh how I love them and loathe them.

Billboards are one of the primary weapons of companies for mass advertising. Billboards are of enormous proportions, are easily spotted, and are very alluring, especially those that come with what the public has bargained for.

I love them because they’re my only source of entertainment amidst a long, sad, boring stroll of a joyride. I mean, nothing except these billboards (and some animals I rarely chance upon) are the only urbanized things that keep me sane when travelling. Sure, the fields are green and the mountains are more than what I need, but spare me the boo-hoos of rural life, it won’t grow on me. With these billboards, however, which seems to have sprung up almost everywhere like mushrooms, my boredom is ceased because of the nifty designs and people I see plastered on these humongous tarpaulin walls.

But amidst the undescribable joy these billboards fill me with, I still loathe them. Why? Well, it’s a false sense of advertising, to begin with. Billboards are there to promote, to make people aware of a certain product. That’s mainly the concept of advertising, but society has turned the tables and made these billboards as objects of lure, lust and attraction to the many gullible human beings flocking their eyes on these measly temptations.

Billboards take advantage of the people’s vulnerability. Because most humans are gullible, billboards serve them with what eases their mind and what literally attracts them into buying stuff–on impulse. Most billboards can even be considered pornographic! I don’t know who to blame for not regulating these matters, but really, it’s a shame to humanity. Who, in his or her right mind, would pose for the whole world on their underwear?

Models you say. Huh. Funny how “these posing models” share the same word with “models we tend to proliferate”. Yes, we look up to these models. But in the billboards’ case, we look up to them literally. The models (role models) of our time, we look up to and get inspired. But when I look up to these billboards and their models, I’m disgusted. Honestly.

I mean… has our sense of morality totally been degraded? Have we become so lustful and pleasured with sex that we get enticed or even aroused by these sexy billboards? No wonder there are many accidents along EDSA.

Whenever I see a billboard with a female sexy model in it, I ask myself, “Why is there a necessity to include a woman in the picture?”. I saw this billboard once, with all the colors and other perks. It’s a real beauty to the eye, but the woman, almost naked, posed behind it screwed the picture. And the billboard’s about a computer ink! Connect?!

Frankly speaking, the way we advertise have changed. Because the people’s likes have changed. Because society has changed. Because the generations have changed. Because time has changed.

Screw time. Times may have changed, but does that include our sense of morality?

Screw the world. F*ck America for being so influential.

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This Week is hell week. Full of requirements, projects, quizzes, assessments and ten-part lessons packed into one period. How tough can it get?

We’re nearing the last stretch of our highschool lives. Say goodbye to fancy old teachers and say hello to terror professors. Goodbye Freedom, hello Slavery to papers, thesis and whatnots.

College, is it really such a bad thing? I pray not…

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