Graduation practices started last Wednesday, with not much of stress to think about anymore. The real stress, however, is seeing that headhamster order us to sit down and stand up in front. I can’t really imagine how she got to be the headhamster of the graduation… She irritates me a lot, and she’s not even my teacher!

Let’s put aside that sit down and stand up thing, redundancy at its finest. What I look forward to each day is the gimik we’re having every end of the practice with my classmates. A day before we went to Mega, then yesterday we went to Mico’s place. Tonight, we’ll be going to Glorietta, and next week we’ll be sleeping over at Khen’s place.

Great. There’s a new motivation to come to school… Gimiks! Ahehehe…

Now, off to device a plan to wipe that HeadHamster off the face of this planet once and for all… ü

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