I’m not me these days. I’m not that jolly or whatchamacallit. I felt so… serious. Have I lost the zest for life? I hope not. I guess it’s really just about the recent retreat I facilitated.

It was a Days With The Lord experience like no other. We had so many loopholes that could’ve prevented us from executing the retreat, but I guess it was Kuya’s will that we push through with it, and so every little piece of detail fell into its rightful place. As Ate Ging puts it, “He made it perfect for us.”

This was only my second time to facilitate a Days retreat, but I can say that it touched me the most. We had so many problems during pre-retreat days, all because we had a short budget of time, limited manpower, and a whole lot of participants to attend to. But still, we went on and took the risk, and mind you, the fruit of our labor was more than enough to make us last a lifetime.

I was part hesitant to go on with the activity. First and foremost, it was so short-noticed. I received an invitation to be a staffer only 5 days before the event. Then, I was alarmed at the humongous number of participants: 51! Imagine that… With only 10 participants, 50 staffers still isn’t enough, how could we go on with 51 participants and only 17 staffers around? We had too many cons to deal with, that made me part reluctant to go. But still, it’s Kuya Jess’ call, not mine, so I went through with it.

And I glad I did. I felt like a participant again. It was so fulfilling, all days of hardwork and sleepless nights were all put aside, because the reward filled my entirety… it was so overwhelming I cried several times!

Ah… the joys of serving Kuya Jess! Looking forward to the next Days I’m gonna be facilitating!

To all my new YUPPEACE friends, thanks for the experience! (Ate Maye, Ate Irma, Ate Ging, Ate Olive, Ate Avic, Ate Kate, Ate Alona and Ate Candy). And to all my fellow Dayzers, we all couldn’t have done it without His help! Thanks for inviting me, and congratulations to us for doing a job well done for Kuya Jess! (Kuya Juvelan, Kuya Luis, Kuya Dave, Kuya Noel, Jasper and Jerome).

Salamat, Kuya Jess!

2 Responses to “More or Less non-functional”
  1. techunk_7 says:

    same here! Jess Bless! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Kate says:

    Hi JM, it was so nice hearing from you ’bout the weekends activity. Until now.. high na high pa din me with the experience, realizations and reflections that Kuya Jess gave to us during that retreat. It is true, it’s tiring… but surely it’s all worth it!! Sobra… Hope to see you guys ulit… JessBlesss!

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