Memo to self:

*By all means, graduate College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (with flying colors, if possible)

*After Graduation, stay with mom and dad for a while. Or, if house and lot gets titled to your (JM) name, stay there, but momentarily depend on mom and dad for the first few months you look for work

*Look for work on any magazines, newspaper, or anything that is involved with the course you graduated with. Never EVER be underemployed unless the circumstances deem it necessary

*When you have no work for at least six months, start freelancing in the web design field

*Continually submit articles to publish materials even for free

*NEVER EVER WORK for MONEY. Work because you want to, not because you need to. Your salary should only suffice basic needs such as food, water, shelter. Any excess shall be deposited to your bank account. Avoid temptation to buy on impulse, or widthraw cash unless it’s an emergency. Learn to live by your needs, not by your wants. If, in case, your salary isn’t anymore enough to cover all your bills, then that’s the time you cut down on food and start a diet, or widthraw only the needed amount from your bank account

*Never EVER Work at the expense of others. Each dollar/peso/centavo you earn should rightfully come from your buckets of blood, sweat and tears.

*Save up for your bank account. When you’ve reached an approximate of 200,000++, then that’s the time you prepare yourself to go on the WORLD YOUTH DAY. Target date of completion: on or before 25 years old

*Commit yourself to a single-blessed life. Be committed with GOD, not with work, not with people, not with money. With GOD.

*Be simple. Don’t live extravagantly. Buy only the things that will give you a lifetime of joy, not a moment of pleasure.

*Be one with the YOUTH.

*Be sure to change mainstream media to something better from what it is as you see it today. That’s the main reason you studied a Mass Communication Course. Impose Change. Stake your life on it, if needed. Never ever leave this world without leaving that legacy.

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