Kayo na ang humusga…

This photo was taken last February 7, 2004, during our CAE class at around 9:30 am. We weren’t doing anything much and so a classmate of mine took a picture of the goings-on inside the classroom. He was flabergasted to see that one of the people in the picture has no head. He went on to show the said picture to all of my classmates, including me. My reaction? Freaked out.

We went on guessing who the “headless classmate” in the picture is, and we concluded that it was Dan. He, too, freaked out as well. How often do you see yourself headless in the picture?

We then started joking around, telling him to take a bath, burn his clothes, say a prayer, just to superstitiously counter the “omen”. We even joked around, “Akin ang Saklaan!” and “Ako bahala sa kape! Dan, ano gusto mo, starbucks?!” or “Sino magdadala ng mani?!” It was a death omen, as we filipinos believed it.

Carefully analyzing the photo, you’ll see a slightly grayish portion just offset the collar. It was believed to be Dan’s hair, seemingly cloaked at the back of the seat parallel to his alleged head, that’s why it seemed like he had no head.

But still, it’s up to you to believe this picture or not. Freaky? Yes. Uber much…

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