One reason I’ve decided to make “blogging” as the topic of my research paper for English is because my world mainly revolves around it. The Blogosphere has been really there for me whenever I needed it. Through the blogosphere, I found dozens of friends. And through the Blogosphere, I’ve found millions of inspiration.

It’s been a habit of mine to bloghop; just passing by random blogs of random people reading their random thoughts. Little did I realize that bloghopping has done me something. You know what? It’s called Therapy. Peeking into the lives of people you hardly know really is therapeutic, especially when you could relate with them. Blog Therapy, anyone?

There are two types of bloggers in the blogosphere.

First, there’s the “journalist”. The journalist takes note of his eventful day, point by point, minute by minute, even the time he took a bath or the time he went down to sleep. The “journalist” lives up to the unabbreviated name of the blog, which is WEBLOG. He “logs” everything down just like how a security guard would note down visitors in his log book.

Then, there’s the “writer”. The writer focuses on one event in his day. Then, from that event on, he goes off the hook and splashes his thoughts on that certain event. The writer usually is literary, and doesn’t care whether his entry for the day is novel-long. The writer’s entries usually are full of thought, and can really make you ask yourself if you can relate.

So, which type of blogger are you?

I really like it when I pass by blogs of these so-called “writers”. I get so inspired by them, not as bored as I would be when I’m reading the blogs of “journalists”. Whenever I pass by these blogs, I get so inspired that I write down a piece of my own.

There’s one particular blog I really adore. It’s not in the eccentricity of the design or the marvel of the name that I admire it, but instead the honesty of what is written on it, that is the essence of the weblog. If you come to think of it, sure, design, name or functionality may well be coordinated for a really attractive blog; but there are a dozen more blogs out there whose content counts more than the looks. Just like a normal person, beauty is in its inside, not on the outside.

So let’s get down to business. What’s really in this blog that makes me admire it so much? The truthfulness and the honesty that’s poured down into writing every entry on it is what makes me go back to it day by day. It’s like peeking through the person’s heart, where you could see how she really reacts to every situation.

If you come to think of it, a writer’s blog is somewhat a reflection of the heart of a person. A writer’s blog utilizes such tool for pouring out emotions he can’t pour out in reality, and not just make other people aware of his day to day life (journalists).

This blog
, I must say, is a true reflection of the human heart. It has not just been thought of, it has been felt, deep down, before every entry is written down.

Another reason I like this blog so much is that I could relate with almost every entry she posts. If there’s such a thing as cyber soulmate, I think we would count as a pair. There’s so much going on in her life that I could, somehow, see parallel with mine. Whenever I would read an entry of hers that I see similar with mine, I go on thinking that, “Hey, I’m not the only one with the same problem… maybe it’s not so bad after all!”, especially with the way she deals with every problem that comes her way.

She once or twice remarked on her blog how much I helped her. I really wasn’t helping, I was just being there. Funny how this happened a couple of times before. You know, you’re just doing ordinary things with your ordinary life and your ordinary friend, then the next day you find out how much you’ve helped that person.

Is it magic, fate, destiny, or witchcraft? No, it’s called Love.

Love, not in a sense of intimacy, but Love, the same Love that’s been passed down by Kuya Jess to us. Love that’s also synonymous to thoughfulness, care, compassion and concern.

I’m really amazed at how much I see myself in this person’s life. Maybe it’s an eye-opener for me, that whenever I experience carrying a cross in my life, there’s also someone out there carrying the same cross, or maybe even heavier than mine.

Ate Belette, your life is so inspiring! I hope you go on with inspiring other people, just as how you’ve inspired me so much. I’ll continue to pray for you, remember that! ü

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