Anak naman ng pitumpu’t pitong puting tupa’t kambing o!

Sukat akalain mo ba naman… ako pa ang napili! Parang SCQ yung naganap… at IN ako! But I don’t want to be in… I want OUT! :p

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, so let’s spill the beans so you won’t form any “conclusions” there in your head. Okay, so Ma’am Carmie, my teacher in English, asked me one fine Friday afternoon to go on a “screening” for the Inter-Don Bosco Extemporaneous Speaking Contest to be held in DBTI Makati on the fourth of the Feb. I told her about how Extempo wasn’t really my thing during the recitation last year, and how I have the incredulous ability to stutter when speaking in front of an audience. She then psychologises me by raining me down with compliments as to how I have “depth” when speaking and how I have a “very wide” vocabulary. Being the person deprived of affirmation, I quickly fell into her trap so I promised her to attend the “auditions”.

Auditions came, and there were only six of us auditioning; most of which were just “forced” to be there. We were to choose a topic then construct in our minds an impromptu speech to present to the two judges, Ma’am Carmie and Ma’am Cylie (my English teacher last year). We drew lots for our topic, and my topic happened to be the best topic in the whole cliche-wide world: “The capability of the Government to make the country survive from economic setback”. Great.

For once, politics isn’t really my thing. I half-wished I should’ve just been given another topic, the one about the Elections. I could have many arguments there since last summer I volunteered at NAMFREL and I really saw some of the ins and outs of the Election in our country. Of all the topics, why, why has God given this to me?

I went to the corner of the room to concentrate on the matter. I didn’t have many strong arguments in mind, but I began by starting to formulate some sentences then memorizing them. Little did I know that that won’t do the trick; my moment came and I wasted it with a few dozen um’s and uhh’s, consuming only about 3 minutes or so. It was a real bummer.

Decision would be given out the next day. I almost wasn’t able to sleep, luckily my kitty took my mind off of things.

The next day, Ma’am Carmie talked to me and Jacques, the other auditionee from my class. She told us that they’ve chosen Jacques and Daryl (another auditionee but from another section), and that I would be a reserve player, if ever one of the two won’t meet their expectations.

I was half-happy about the matter. There would be a 50% chance I won’t be able to get in, which is what I would like it to be at that point. I have only about 2% willingnes to be in, simply because it’s a real privelege to be joining such an event. The other 98%, however, would justify the fact that I really don’t want another, should I say, “burden” for the Foundation Week.

We started doing some rounds of extempo. Every afternoon we would meet for a session, and we’d be given a topic to speak about; it went on for a few days, until now when judgement will be given.

It was like a Star Circle Grand Questor’s Night, only this one was held in the afternoon. For the last time one of us was going to speak in front of the two judges to prove to them that he should be the official contestant. When I learned that this was the judgement day, I sarcastically exclaimed, “Then I’ll give all my worst!”. I really didn’t want to be in the contest. I’d rather write, I joked.

We were each given a topic to talk about: mine was “The effects of Illegal Logging to the economy and the environment.” It was quite an easy topic, considering how I could relate it to the recent calamities in the provinces.

While contemplating on the topic, I quietly prayed to Kuya Jess. I told Him that I would give my best shot in what could be my last extempo, and that whatever will be the decision of the judges, I’d willfully heed.

My moment came again. I put the guidelines in mind, and I delivered my speech. It went quite well, I guess, but my ego easily goes down whenever I see the face of Ma’am Cylie, as if not liking what I’m saying. Not much stutters anymore, but not much time consumed also. Only 3 minutes and 30 seconds! Real fast, but I’ve laid down my arguments strong enough.

Decision came in, and, obvious as the obvious moon in the obvious sky, I was chosen. I told Kuya Jess that it’s okay, and that it’s my privelege to be representing the school for such an occasion.

BUT STILL, I’d rather write. ^_^

The title came from a funny incident during our fair last year. The Radio Announcer was announcing the sponsors of the event over the mic. He came upon the word “Pharmaceutical” on one of the Sponsor’s Names, and he can’t pronounce it. He went over the mic saying: “Pharma… Pharmaceu, Pharmaceu… Pharm… uh, mic test, mic test…” We would laugh about that funny incident everytime we would remember it.

2 Responses to “Extem…uh,ex…tempora…uh,mic test, mic test!”
  1. Daxi says:

    jm, congrats! hehehe..tell me when para maka-nuod ako. the parish (in which I serve) is sa likod lang nung dbti, makati. hehehe…more of GOD’s vision and speech JM! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. JM Tuazon says:

    waaaahhh no… i won’t tell you when… I DONT WANT ANYBODY I KNOW IN THERE… u might see me stutter and make a total blunder of myself in there… ehehehehe…

    SJB Parish? I hear mass there sometimes. Ganda ng parish na yan! :p

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