I got lost in the flamboyant display of words.

Curiosity aroused me as I browsed through this article about the recent Metro Manila Film Festival. Having liked the recent show of films, I peeked into this article by some writer who thought otherwise.

But alas. It was just too profound for an average senior high school student like me to comprehend. He never failed to use a highfaluting adjective or adverb to get his message across. While some older people feast in this awesome tango with words, I wallow with confusion as to what he really wanted to say. Maybe the article really wasn’t for me.

Why do we have to use too much highfaluting words? He for once, is not writing a literary essay but instead a commentary. How will the common pinoy be able to understand such matters?

It lacked economy and therefore I can conclude that it’s an ineffective essay. Maybe he’s just happy showing off his uber huge sense of vocabulary tantamount to the universe, but me, I ain’t happy about it.

I’m not going to write articles like that when I become a writer. ^_^

And the title of the article was “Back to Basics”. Huh, how ironic.

2 Responses to “Too Much”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with you. I have read the article also, and the way he used his words are totally inefficient. Clearly, he is not concerned about the ordinary Filipino people.


    Here is a list of words from the article and their meanings.

    Plausibility – apparent validity

    Egregious – crying

    Visage – The face or appearance of a person or an animal

    Gravitas – dignity: formality in bearing and appearance; “he behaved with great dignity”

    Incredulous – not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving

    Off-kilter – not in working order

    Implausibility – the quality of provoking disbelief

    Oedipal – Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Oedipus complex: oedipal conflicts.

    Polemics – A systematic defense of a religious belief system from attacks from within the same religion

    Flippant – showing inappropriate lightness of manner

    Didacticism – Intended to instruct.

    Sloganeering – persuasion by means of empty slogans

    Condescension – the trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior

    Ennobled – To make noble

    Leeway – allowance: a permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits

    Bouyant – Lighthearted

    Paunchy – abdominous: having a large belly

    Befuddlement – bewilderment: confusion resulting from failure to understand

    Decrepit – lacking physical strength or vitality

    Ostensibly – apparently: from appearances alone

    Riverine – Located on or inhabiting the banks or the area near a river or lake.

    Luminous – emitting light.

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