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…is by pointing fingers at each other.

Let’s admit it. Whenever all the other fingers around are pointing at us, our natural tendency would be, still, to point fingers at others. What is so wrong with letting our guard down and admitting our mistakes? Wouldn’t we look more noble if we admit we have done something wrong and do something about it? Where is all the pointing going to lead us to?

I horrendously despise PGMA because of her statements. She’s always telling the press that “It’s the illegal loggers that should be blamed!” Well, she’s right alright, that Illegal Loggers do contribute to the gravity of the situation. But hey, why can’t she admit that they (or she) have had shortcomings when it comes to patrolling the forests for Illegal Loggers? Or that they had a hard time rescuing the people because of outdated measures? Or they found it difficult to reach places like Infanta or Real because they lack measures in improving its roads for better access? Why continue to point fingers at other people?

Wouldn’t she be more recognized if she admits that it’s her administration’s fault that these all happened? And she’d be more noble if she makes up for it, not just by visiting these affected areas but actually doing something about it so that it’ll never happen again.

Always remember, when you’re pointing a finger at someone, your three other fingers are pointing back at you. Just a thought. ü

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Hey! I learned something today… I know it’s cliché already, but whuddaheck I learned it anyway! By myself… no teachers or gurus or masters or anywho… myself. Just me. Hehe… so here it goes:

“The biggest mistake one can ever commit is to try to please everybody.”

Agree? Comment kung agree.

And you know what else I found out? SARCASM really is my gun. Samahan mo pa ng ammos of irony and reverse psychology, o, san ka pa???

Grabe, I’m really living up to my title as the “God of Irony”. Even though the title wasn’t originally meant for me. Ahehe… Uh, Kuya Jess, mind if I share the title with you? ^_^

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Have you ever had the feeling that you’re going pretty well with the flow of life, cruising through the river smoothly, without any obstacles on your way, when suddenly the flow changes its course into a river full of twists, turns, rocks, logs, and many other obstacles?

Fact is, Life’s River is like that. Always like that. One moment we may be enjoying the best ride of our lives, only to find out that it ends up in a waterfall. Or we may be enjoying the view around the river, when suddenly, a crocodile or a snake sprouts up. Life is cruel, aight? (Agree so far?)

When shit happens, we complain. We retaliate. We blame. We point fingers. It’s a natural human reaction, that is, to react to a bad situation.

But changes happen. No matter how shitty we look at change, it happens. Just like shit, it happens. Ironic one may consider, but nothing in this world is permanent except change. Change is abdolute. Nobody can change the course of change. Everything’s destined to change. Nobody can do anything about it.

What we can do, however, is to move on. To Accept. To Get Over it. It may be the most horrible thing to do, but we have to do it. “Moving On” has got to be one of the most painful thing to do, but once you’ve done it, it’s eternally rewarding. And hey, that’s another memory in your treasure bank.

We make friends, we lose friends. We grow teeth, we lose teeth. We go there, we leave there. We sleep now, we wake up later. We change, we refuse to change. We see, we refuse to see. We walk, we run. You see, it’s a never-ending process. Changes let everything fall into place, everything that God has planned us to be! Without change, we don’t grow (physically, mentally or spiritually). And what would happen if we don’t grow? We get stuck as babies (again, physically, mentally or emotionally)! God forces change for us to grow.

No matter what changes happens in our life, it may not be too painful to shed a tear or two. But you know what? Accepting change would really be eternally pleasing, and fulfilling!

Here’s a prayer I really love, and it’s all about change:

Dearest Lord,

Grant me the serenity to accept with patience the things I can’t change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

And here’s a song I’d like to murder (I mean, chop off then put some of my thoughts to):

Rainbow by South Border

Fallin’ out, fallin’ in

Nothing’s sure in this world no, no

Breakin’ out, breakin’ in

Never knowin’ what lies ahead

We can really never tell it all no, no, no

Life is a constant change. We never know what paths to take, and if we’d take them for the rest of our life. One thing’s for sure, though, change will still happen.

Say goodbye, say hello

To a lover or friend

Sometimes we never could understand

Why some things begin then just end

We can really never have it all no, no, no

Yep, in our life, we make a lot of hello’s, equally so we say a lot of goodbye’s. It hurts, and most of the time we even ask why, but, we can really never have it all!

But oh, can’t you see

That no matter what happens

Life goes on and on

So baby, just smile

Coz im always around you

And ill make you see how beautiful

Life is for you and me

God made the world beautiful. And it will be so, forever. And no matter what happens in our lives, it will continue. We cannot stop time, that’s why we should move on, so that we could move with the flow of life once again.

Take a little time baby

See the butterflies color’s

Listen to the birds that were sent

To sing for me and you

Can you feel me

This is such a wonderful place to be

To mourn for quite a long time isn’t good. We get stuck in that same lonesome period, which could affect our lives. Instead of sulking in the darkness, why not appreciate the beauty that is around us?

Even if there is pain now

Everything would be all right

For as long as the world still turns

There will be night and day

Can you hear me

There’s a rainbow always after the rain

Aaahhh… the ultimate optimist’s point of view. Life goes on, and the rainbow! I just love the rainbow… the rainbow signifies hope. That after the battle with the raging storm, something good comes out of it, the rainbow!

Well, that’s it. Don’t have the energy to finish the rest, but whuddaheck! If you’re an optimistic person, then you should go make “Rainbow” your theme song, just as I did.

Always Remember: “Nothing in this world is constant but change. Because Life is A Constant Change!”

Thanks, Jose Mari Chan, Thanks…

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It was just like yesterday when I would be like a vampire sleeping in the morning and being active at night just because of the “NAMFREL” activity we had last summer. NAMFREL has got to be one of my events to remember, not only because I get to help in the counting, but also because I’ve met new friends and hung out with my recent ones.

I remember the days (and nights to days) when we would just bum around our desk because the phone lines are least likely to be active during our shift, the dreaded Graveyard shift. During these dull times we’d either talk, sleep, surf the internet (If the desk officer isn’t around), take pictures, watch TV or decorate our desk.

One great new friend I met during the NAMFREL days is Sir Edwin. He was with us during a number of our shifts, and he’s a real simple person as I would always see him. He’s always cracking jokes and making fun of other people, but not to the extent of offending someone. He’s a fun person to be with, always smiling and all that.

After the NAMFREL days I found out about his blog. He was just starting then, but his entries are really interesting. He’s into techie stuff that’s why his blog is full of techie updates. His writing goes from somewhat serious to jokingly funny and sometimes to sarcastic, but it is really worth reading every entry.

He does so with his mighty Smart Amazing Phone he named Brosia. Most of the time he’d put a picture or two, some sounds, music, and most of the time links to other sites.

He was just making noise in the blogging arena. But still, he garnered many and I mean MANY visitors during the almost-10-month span of his blogging. Nobody can resist Ka Edong’s writing, it’s hilarious!

He was really simple. And plain, but not boring.

I’m really glad I met him. Because now, he’s a celebrity! Ahehe… he just won the Most Informative Blog category in the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards. Congratulations on bringing home the bacon, Sir Edwin! I’m so priveleged to have spent even just some time with now a Celebrity! Ahehe…

Go visit Ka Edong’s Kubo.

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What better way to greet you good morning than reading these tags on your tagboard… Aaahhh, the classic “Hey get your own life and shut up” tags just really goes great with coffee and bread!

Really, I’ve been through too much of these kinds of tags already, and they seem nothing more to me than just normal tags.

When I first built my site with that Tag-Board extraordinaire, classmates who knew about my site are the ones who would pester me in my tagboard with not-so-great comments. I was in second year then, and I wasn’t at the best time of my life, so to speak. Not that I don’t like my class back then, I love them! Problem is, they don’t like me…

Before, when I used to get these types of comments, I’d retaliate with the same degree of insult as what was posted, and if I’m lucky enough to identify who the mischievous tagger is, I’d really put out all my guns and ammos and go on an all-out war with him. Once, when a classmate of mine insulted my site through my tagboard, kulang na lang mag-chat kami sa YM at dun na mag-away sa dami ng pinagsasasabi namin. Another time when somebody posted something real horrible in my blog, I didn’t talk to that person for like, 2 months? Ahehe… that’s how bad I am when somebody insults me, especially in public.

But now, well, with a new outlook in life, I’m actually starting to like these comments. Less like insults, I’d love to call them “constructive criticisms”, no matter how destructive they are. You see, comments are what powers a blogger to continue posting. It’s a motivation, and as long as comments in or out of the site are present, then that pushes the blogger to continue on writing. When somebody comments on a particular post or the whole site in General, then that means there’s something in your writing or your designing that has actually struck him and pushed him to write that comment. Mind you, not everybody does that.

What really is a blog, anyway?

Technically speaking, A weblog, or simply a blog, is a web application which contains periodic, reverse chronologically ordered posts on a common webpage. Such a Web site would typically be accessible to any Internet user. The term “blog” came into common use as a way of avoiding confusion with the term server log.

Blogs run from individual diaries to arms of political campaigns, media programs and corporations, and from one occasional author to having large communities of writers. Some are maintained by single authors, while others have multiple authors. Many weblogs allow visitors to leave public comments, which can lead to a community of readers centered around the blog; others are non-interactive. The totality of weblogs or blog-related websites is usually called the blogosphere.

Online diaries are integrated into the daily lives of many teenagers and college students, with communications between friends playing out over their blogs. Even fights may be posted in the diaries, with not-so-veiled insults of each other easily readable by all their friends, enemies, and complete strangers.

[Preceeding text came from]

As far as I’m concerned, this blog pretty much still falls to the “blog” category, as of December 04, 2004, 6:27 am. I especially like the last sentence above, as it talks about my current incident.

So, Mr. Blind Item Man has got lots of things to say. Let’s explain a few things to him:

is it a big deal for you kung maraming nagbubukas na XANGA? o di naman kaya naiinggit ka na masmaraming pumupunta sa mga blog sites nila? who the heck are you?

1.) If you’ve been reading much, you’d notice that nothing really is pretty much of a big deal to me lately. Xanga sites? Not much of a big deal, just my observation as I rummage through the ins and outs of the web.

2.) Envious? Oh no not. Definitely not. If I care about the number of people who visits and reads my blog, then I’d probably put a hit counter here somewhere. Do you see any? You see, I don’t care about the figures, I care more about what people say. Just like you. ^_^

3.) Who the heck am I? Aaaahhh… you’ve not been reading much, huh?!

tingin ko ay insecure ka lang dun sa mga nagbubukas ng mga xanga’s. bkt kailngan mo pang sabihn na dahil kaya nagbubukas ng xangas ay dahil sa mga paulinians.

1.) Insecure? Why would I get insecure? With whom will I be insecure from? I’ve got an oh-so-blessed life, I have nothing to get insecured from.

2.) Eh bakit ka apektado!!! Tinamaan ka noh?!!!

o di naman kaya gusto mo mapunta sayo ang credit na ikaw ang matagal na naggaganyan. at least ung blogs nila hindi tumutira ng mga tao at hindi naninira in a way.

1.) Credit is good but I NEED CASH!

2.) Ows…? Talaga? Grabe!!!

parang tablod na nga minsan ang blog mo. galing mo pa naman magsulat. sayang. if you really dont care u better shut up and just write pleasing blogs. ok?

1.) Wow. It’s actually a complement that my blog is in the same sentence as “tabloid”. Because a tabloid is a newspaper — especially in the United Kingdom — that uses the tabloid format, which is roughly 23½ by 14¾ inches per spread. This is the smaller of two standard newspaper sizes; (Again, from It means I’m actually digesting news in here! Awesome…

2.) Thank You. ^_^

3.) You see, dear, for the world to go round, there should be an equal balance between good things and bad things. Now it’s just upon you if you’re gonna consider something good or bad. Old enough as you are, I’m pretty much sure you know the difference.

Unlike other people out there, I’m not gonna consider this incident as something “bad” for me, because I won’t be toiled down by only one person’s comments. Get me a petition with 100,000 unique signatures telling me to close down my blog, and promise, I’ll close down my blog.

As far as I’m concerned, I have other good audiences out there, like the Filipino God-Blogging community and the PinoyBloggers and my ‘kada! So if you haaaate me so much why are you still dropping by my blog? See! You Love Me!!! ^_^ 😀 😆

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Is it just me, or is Xanga really selling like hotcakes to my classmates lately? Just with the past two weeks, approximately four to five xanga sites have opened. Is it because it’s really easy to update on Xanga? Is it because Xanga may exhibit their HTML-editing prowess? Or is it because their Paulinian counterparts also have Xanga?

Whatever the reasons are, it’s about time the Caravarians jumped on the Blogging bandwagon. As far as I can remember, I’ve been blogging since 2002, and hasn’t stopped (well, momentarily stopped) ever since. It’s somewhat a shame to know that Technically-inclined as we Caravarians are, the Barbe(arians? Joke… ^_^) ladies have actually outrun us in the ‘Blogging’ side of the techie know-how.

What I just hope is that what has been promised will happen. I wish blogging will be used for the salvation of mankind, whichever way that will happen I couldn’t care less.

However these people want to use their blogs for, I don’t care. Whatever they want to put in there, I don’t care either. It’s their blog, their place, their words, their opinions. And I respect what they think. Opinions are never wrong.

Well, good luck to you people, and welcome to the Blogging Scene!

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If you happen to be bumming around all day in front of your computer and haven’t had time to actually turn on that tube and watch the news, and you have preferred to visit this site instead of news sites (oh lovely), I just want to inform your poor soul, if you haven’t heard of it yet, because, yeah, you were bumming around (WILL YOU CUT TO THE CHASE ALREADY!!!), okay, alright… no reason to raise your voice. Classes are suspended tomorrow.

*tears* I couldn’t be any happier.

However, I feel sorry for those who have really been affected by the four typhoons. May God lift you from your swamped state. Always remember, everything in life happens for a reason. And I’m pretty sure He’s got some good explanation for you, so keep your hopes up! ^_^

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Ang hirap magdrama.

Hindi na nya kayang tiisin pa. Sino ba naman ang hindi mapipigilang umiyak, sumigaw at magalit kung ang mga ngipin nya’y unti-unti nang nalalagas?

Nais nyang ibalik ang mga mala-gintong ngipin na minsa’y naging malaking tulong at nagdulot ng ligaya sa kanya, pero ngayon sila’y unti-unti nang nalalagas.

Sino nga ba namang superhero na makikipagtunggali sa tadhana? Kung yun ang nais ng tadhana, wala na syang magagawa. Kahit anong lakas pa ng superhero na yan, kung yun talaga, yun talaga. Malalagas at malalagas din yon kahit ano pa ang gawin nya.

Masakit malagasan ng ngipin. Ang hirap pang mag-expect kung tutubo ba ulit ang ngipin o hindi. Kung ano man ang mangyari, ang magagawa mo na lang ay maghintay.

Ako po ang Rizal ng bagong sangkatauhan. At hindi po ako nalaglagan ng ngipin nitong kelan lang.

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First sign of rainfall in front of the doorstep recorded at around 8:40 am. It’s not that big of a deal, just enough to fill a few buckets and not actually cause floods.

I hope the insides of our house won’t get flooded. Yes, it does get flooded.

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How would you like to get awakened by a stunningly eerie laughter of some hysterical baby as though being tickled to death? I know you’ve heard of him, alright, that infamous ringtone most polytone handlers carry. Not funny, mom, not funny.

I slept at around 1230 am last night (or should I say this morning). I was waiting for the news, since the NDCC advised the DepEd to cancel classes at areas that will be affected by the upcoming super typhoon. I wanted to be the one to know the cancellation of the classes first, that’s why I stayed up. But I waited in vain (Hi By and Yves! ^_^).

I constantly looked outside the window for possible drizzles or rainfall. Nothing. Not even wind. The skies are ocassionally pinkish to redish, signalling an impending downfall. But still, though the heavens are cloudy, not a single drop of rainwater fell. I was skeptical that classes won’t be suspended the next day.

Surprisingly, I was awakened by that eerie laughter. I thought I was being haunted by some maniacal baby, since we didn’t have any babies at the house. I got up and looked everywhere, only to find out that it was from my mom’s cellphone. Intrudingly, I opened the message that triggered the laughter. It was from my ninong Ben. Classes were suspended daw. My mom hurriedly came to the bedroom, hearing her cellphone. I asked her if it was true, and if High School is included, and she confirmed. Woohoo. Another day of being one lazy crazy bum!

I looked outside, actually, I went outside. Weird enough, not even a raindrop! But no sun to look at this morning. The sky’s all cloudy and the atmosphere will send chills down your spine, literally. It was like being in Baguio, although I haven’t been to Baguio yet. (^_^);;.

Just how horrible can it get?While I rejoice here in my computer seat, people in other places mourn. I have been gluing my eyes on Primetime News, and all I could ever hear are news of deaths, destruction, injuries, and losses brought about by the recent typhoon Winnie.

While I enjoy myself because there are no classes, there are people out there who have no houses, no food, no clothes, no medicine.

While I wish that the rain would get heavier so there would be no classes, other people are wishing that this devastation would stop so they could rebuild their now ruined lives.

While I sit here comfortably in my cushioned computer chair, people out there are finding it hard to sleep comfortably at night.

While I remain as healthy as I am, with ample food and drinks even desert to boot, other people out there race with each other just to fill their stomachs with hot soup or a warm coffee, sometimes not even enough for them.

I have been so selfish. I thought these suspension of classes are a part of High School life, and that I should thank God he’s storming us with typhoons so that classes would get suspended. I didn’t know that because of these typhoons, people lose their houses, their possessions, their clothes. I didn’t know the gravity of the situation until I was made well aware by constant watching of the news and reading of some blogs.

To date, 400 have been killed, 300 or so people missing, and hundreds more are injured. That was just with three typhoons passing the Phil. Area of Responsibility, with highest gustiness of wind ranging from 95-120 kph. With Yoyong arriving at Philippine Soil tonight with winds going up to 190-200 kph, how many more lives will be risked? How many more rooves or homes get destructed? How many more families will have to evacuate? How many more people are to be buried in the landslides or get carried away by the flashfloods?

Kuya Jess, I have been selfish. I’m deeply and heartily sorry.

Good news, though, Yoyong will only “pass by” Philippine roots and it’s probable that he’ll be at South China Sea by tomorrow. Approximately, his performance would only range from 12-16 hours, according to PAGASA. But still, his aftershocks aka those tail winds will still affect the weather.

Gaaahhh I hate the changing weather.

*Quiz Time! 30 seconds ’til you get how the blog title is related to the blog… hehehehe!*

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A couple of accidental tweaks, a couple of input text fields, and voila! Is this really true? Am I blogging by email? If I am, then storm the heavens, hallellujah! Ahehehe… pardon my shallowness, I have a knack for over-reacting over new-found things that are actually pasé.

If this is indeed true, then I could be a mobile blogger in no time! Har har!!!

Now, on to tell mom to buy me a cellphone already… ^_^

[EDIT] Ha! I knew it! This Blogger-send-to-my-email-and-I’ll-post-it-to-your-blogsite-automatically thing is too good to be true! *pants… eeh, hee…* It took it almost 4 hours to publish that post! Well, tough luck, considering how humongous the population of blogger is! Well, it’s still a nice feature… only if I have my own cellphone! Ahehe… [/EDIT]

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Finally, I have decided to join the community.

Months ago, I’m actually debating with my mind if I’m going to join such community. Since, that time, I simultaneously maintain two blogs, I didn’t know which one to enter. But since I’ve been more active in For A While than in my other blog, I have decided to enter it! Well, that’s about it…

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It feels real sad when suddenly, your pet escapes and you find him in the company of other animals. All of a sudden, you feel jealous. You try to come near him, but he resents you now. He barks at you as if you haven’t been friends for a while. You feel real sad, and you wanted to cry.

You remember the moments you shared with each other. You remember the time you first met him, as you cuddled him in your arms and he cuddled back. You remember the playing times you spent with him, the times when you would nonchalantly talk to him about anything, or the times when he becomes stubborn.

All hell breaks loose. He escapes from your cuddling arms, running away like a stray bullet out of your sight. He takes with him all those happy memories. You look for him desperately with high hopes that he’s fine. You see him with other dogs, running at and with each other, and you felt real sad. You come near him, and the thing you didn’t expected the most happened: he barked at you.

He doesn’t know you now, as if your years of taking care and playing with him seemed nothing for him. It’s as if some alien brainwashed him or some maniac took his memories of you. He seems real happy with his new companions now.

It hurts you more than anybody else. You loved him more than yourself. You devoted time, effort and even money for his well being. And this is what he gives you back. You wanted to get angry, but all has been said and done. You can’t get him back now. He’s gone, he run away from you, to join another pack, a pack that he can relate with because it’s a pack of his own kind.

You wanted to get angry at the world, but you know deep within yourself that it won’t bring him back. You’ll miss his cuddles, his barks, his eyes, his cries. You’ll miss his company.

But you are left with only one thing to do. To accept. Accept that he’s gone and move on with your life. It might be hard, but you have to. There’s nothing you can do about it anymore.

You just have to accept.

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Despite occasional rains and vigorous winds, the only day classes got suspended was Thursday last week, and that was due to a Transpo Strike.

The girrrls are really behaving badly. “Unding” was the first to rouse her wrath, then followed by the fury of “Violeta”. “Winnie” came but didn’t pretty much made her presence felt, and now they’ll be joined by the only guy in the bunch, “Yoyong”, which is believed to literally bring the house down with his thunderous performance.

In case you didn’t notice, I’m talking of the typhoons. In case lang naman… ^_^

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What’s the english term for singaw?

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been very observant of the morning toothbrush habit, and have religiously devoted a few minutes of my time to it. I don’t get it why I still get singaw.

I had one last week, which is still swelling up to now. I’m not really sure if it’s really singaw or some wisdom tooth sprouting up (God I hope not), but it pretty much hurts, alright.

Just a few minutes ago, I spotted another one. I thought it was just tinga, so I toyed with it with my tongue. Noticing that it’s plastered at the wall of my mouth, I concluded it was singaw. It was round eh!

Gaaahhh I hope this one won’t hurt so much.

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