I’ve been wanting to do something like this for the whole week: make a yearend report. Just like the many TV and Radio stations out there who review the oh-so-many incidents of the past year, I wanted to hitch a ride in the bandwagon.

Sadly, though, I’m not in the mood. I have this very sad feeling inside of me that I’m finding real hard to fathom. It’s like reminiscing the year that has gone by may seem inevitable, but may also seem to be a real daunting task for me to do.

So I won’t push it. After all, I won’t be making so much literary sense by pushing myself to do something I can’t even do.

All I know is, this year has been full of discoveries about myself. About my personality, my FAITH, my behavior, my abilities, my weaknesses, and many others. If I were to name this year, I’d call it my “Discovery Year”. There were so many things that happened this year that contributed into my finding out more about myself.

But, just like what Kuya Rick and Ate Riz have said, it’s not all about me. Frankly speaking, after all reflections, realizations and deep thinking, I’ve got to say… this year has been all about HIM.

Salamat, Kuya Jess! Kita kits sa 2005! ^_^

4 Responses to “Commencing with a soft *bang*”
  1. Ganns says:

    JM, every day is a great opportunity to discover how God can use you and bless you! Have a spectacular 2005 ahead of you!

    kuya ganns :p

  2. tenchu says:

    in a way, it’s ok to make a “yearend report” and putting it on the web kasi you become more committed, kaya lang ang danger eh baka ang dating, parang nagbrabrag or something. it’s something i’ve experienced before. personal things must be kept personal.

    kay kuya jess ka nalang magsabi hehehe. happy new year bro!

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