I haven’t blogged much these days even though I had the luxury of the hours weeing away while I nonchalantly browse useless stuff on the net. It’s not that I’m neglecting my blogging, it’s just that my mind got clogged with so many things to think about that I can’t weigh down which is important and more relevant, so I decided just not to force myself to divulge information while I can’t.

Two days ago, my PC got busted. Again. It keeps on restarting itself for no particular reason at all, not letting me enter windows at all. Maybe it’s telling me to use the door? *giggles*

Anyways… there. I just wanna give you a hint on how clogged and unorganized my mind is:

PS2. Blogger. WordPress. Iconrate. Friends. Barkada. Exams. PC. Windows. Flash Drive. Film. Script. Screenplay. Competition. Economics. Food. Desserts. Autonomy. Hatred. Anger. Fury. Wrath. Binary. Jumbo and Mini. Pasta. Hard Drive. Plates. Exercises. Infomercials. PROCRASTINATION. Laziness. Classmates. Adviser. Payments. College. Entrance Exams. Responsibilities. Dues. Christmas. Lights.

Pretty rambled eh? More to come… soon.

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