Just how far will you go for a friend?

Me, I’m not only willing to give them my time, my efforts, my attention, my advices.

I’m willing to sacrifice my life for them.

That’s how I love my friends. And that’s a conviction I’m never ever going to let any person just step on.

One Response to “May be Sad but it’s True”
  1. Anonymous says:

    hey this is lorenz!!

    lagot ka kay ate carol, di mo siya binigyan ng mention ditooooo!!! lagot kaaaa!! hahaha!

    she’s the goddess of coke and royal strawberry im tellin ya hehehe…. she is!!

    hehehe… tsaka ok blog!! ayus yan! we’ll all make it!
    let’s go AbImTuMaPaPeDeSy!! wahahaha!

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