…is by pointing fingers at each other.

Let’s admit it. Whenever all the other fingers around are pointing at us, our natural tendency would be, still, to point fingers at others. What is so wrong with letting our guard down and admitting our mistakes? Wouldn’t we look more noble if we admit we have done something wrong and do something about it? Where is all the pointing going to lead us to?

I horrendously despise PGMA because of her statements. She’s always telling the press that “It’s the illegal loggers that should be blamed!” Well, she’s right alright, that Illegal Loggers do contribute to the gravity of the situation. But hey, why can’t she admit that they (or she) have had shortcomings when it comes to patrolling the forests for Illegal Loggers? Or that they had a hard time rescuing the people because of outdated measures? Or they found it difficult to reach places like Infanta or Real because they lack measures in improving its roads for better access? Why continue to point fingers at other people?

Wouldn’t she be more recognized if she admits that it’s her administration’s fault that these all happened? And she’d be more noble if she makes up for it, not just by visiting these affected areas but actually doing something about it so that it’ll never happen again.

Always remember, when you’re pointing a finger at someone, your three other fingers are pointing back at you. Just a thought. ü

3 Responses to “The Filipino Way of Solving a Problem…”
  1. thewifey says:

    Yes! Pointing fingers truly is the Filipino way of solving problems! I’m a second genration Filpina and I have so many family members who are notorious for passing the blame all the time! Why is this? It must be something in the water.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s a “human nature” thing, nothing to do with nationality or race. I’ve had the same bad experience working with non-Filipinos.

  3. Dio says:

    People in general don’t want to be blamed for what they have done. Whole countries even make measures and even put in a budget to protect their image if ever such an event happens. It is very soldom to read, hear, or see a person admit his/her mistakes, and people always make sure they have a fall back if ever they make a mistake.

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