What better way to greet you good morning than reading these tags on your tagboard… Aaahhh, the classic “Hey get your own life and shut up” tags just really goes great with coffee and bread!

Really, I’ve been through too much of these kinds of tags already, and they seem nothing more to me than just normal tags.

When I first built my site with that Tag-Board extraordinaire, classmates who knew about my site are the ones who would pester me in my tagboard with not-so-great comments. I was in second year then, and I wasn’t at the best time of my life, so to speak. Not that I don’t like my class back then, I love them! Problem is, they don’t like me…

Before, when I used to get these types of comments, I’d retaliate with the same degree of insult as what was posted, and if I’m lucky enough to identify who the mischievous tagger is, I’d really put out all my guns and ammos and go on an all-out war with him. Once, when a classmate of mine insulted my site through my tagboard, kulang na lang mag-chat kami sa YM at dun na mag-away sa dami ng pinagsasasabi namin. Another time when somebody posted something real horrible in my blog, I didn’t talk to that person for like, 2 months? Ahehe… that’s how bad I am when somebody insults me, especially in public.

But now, well, with a new outlook in life, I’m actually starting to like these comments. Less like insults, I’d love to call them “constructive criticisms”, no matter how destructive they are. You see, comments are what powers a blogger to continue posting. It’s a motivation, and as long as comments in or out of the site are present, then that pushes the blogger to continue on writing. When somebody comments on a particular post or the whole site in General, then that means there’s something in your writing or your designing that has actually struck him and pushed him to write that comment. Mind you, not everybody does that.

What really is a blog, anyway?

Technically speaking, A weblog, or simply a blog, is a web application which contains periodic, reverse chronologically ordered posts on a common webpage. Such a Web site would typically be accessible to any Internet user. The term “blog” came into common use as a way of avoiding confusion with the term server log.

Blogs run from individual diaries to arms of political campaigns, media programs and corporations, and from one occasional author to having large communities of writers. Some are maintained by single authors, while others have multiple authors. Many weblogs allow visitors to leave public comments, which can lead to a community of readers centered around the blog; others are non-interactive. The totality of weblogs or blog-related websites is usually called the blogosphere.

Online diaries are integrated into the daily lives of many teenagers and college students, with communications between friends playing out over their blogs. Even fights may be posted in the diaries, with not-so-veiled insults of each other easily readable by all their friends, enemies, and complete strangers.

[Preceeding text came from]

As far as I’m concerned, this blog pretty much still falls to the “blog” category, as of December 04, 2004, 6:27 am. I especially like the last sentence above, as it talks about my current incident.

So, Mr. Blind Item Man has got lots of things to say. Let’s explain a few things to him:

is it a big deal for you kung maraming nagbubukas na XANGA? o di naman kaya naiinggit ka na masmaraming pumupunta sa mga blog sites nila? who the heck are you?

1.) If you’ve been reading much, you’d notice that nothing really is pretty much of a big deal to me lately. Xanga sites? Not much of a big deal, just my observation as I rummage through the ins and outs of the web.

2.) Envious? Oh no not. Definitely not. If I care about the number of people who visits and reads my blog, then I’d probably put a hit counter here somewhere. Do you see any? You see, I don’t care about the figures, I care more about what people say. Just like you. ^_^

3.) Who the heck am I? Aaaahhh… you’ve not been reading much, huh?!

tingin ko ay insecure ka lang dun sa mga nagbubukas ng mga xanga’s. bkt kailngan mo pang sabihn na dahil kaya nagbubukas ng xangas ay dahil sa mga paulinians.

1.) Insecure? Why would I get insecure? With whom will I be insecure from? I’ve got an oh-so-blessed life, I have nothing to get insecured from.

2.) Eh bakit ka apektado!!! Tinamaan ka noh?!!!

o di naman kaya gusto mo mapunta sayo ang credit na ikaw ang matagal na naggaganyan. at least ung blogs nila hindi tumutira ng mga tao at hindi naninira in a way.

1.) Credit is good but I NEED CASH!

2.) Ows…? Talaga? Grabe!!!

parang tablod na nga minsan ang blog mo. galing mo pa naman magsulat. sayang. if you really dont care u better shut up and just write pleasing blogs. ok?

1.) Wow. It’s actually a complement that my blog is in the same sentence as “tabloid”. Because a tabloid is a newspaper — especially in the United Kingdom — that uses the tabloid format, which is roughly 23½ by 14¾ inches per spread. This is the smaller of two standard newspaper sizes; (Again, from It means I’m actually digesting news in here! Awesome…

2.) Thank You. ^_^

3.) You see, dear, for the world to go round, there should be an equal balance between good things and bad things. Now it’s just upon you if you’re gonna consider something good or bad. Old enough as you are, I’m pretty much sure you know the difference.

Unlike other people out there, I’m not gonna consider this incident as something “bad” for me, because I won’t be toiled down by only one person’s comments. Get me a petition with 100,000 unique signatures telling me to close down my blog, and promise, I’ll close down my blog.

As far as I’m concerned, I have other good audiences out there, like the Filipino God-Blogging community and the PinoyBloggers and my ‘kada! So if you haaaate me so much why are you still dropping by my blog? See! You Love Me!!! ^_^ 😀 😆

4 Responses to “Good Morning, JM!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re right, it should be considered as constructive criticism. Use it to your advantage. Remember that you can’t please everyone, if someone out there doesn’t like your blogs then he/she doesn’t.
    Blogs are basically just opinions of a person or a group of people about certain events in their lives. It shouldn’t be used to persecute the blogger because there is still freedom of speech on the internet. It is what it is mainly based on. And should a person react well then that should be respected as well…

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