How would you like to get awakened by a stunningly eerie laughter of some hysterical baby as though being tickled to death? I know you’ve heard of him, alright, that infamous ringtone most polytone handlers carry. Not funny, mom, not funny.

I slept at around 1230 am last night (or should I say this morning). I was waiting for the news, since the NDCC advised the DepEd to cancel classes at areas that will be affected by the upcoming super typhoon. I wanted to be the one to know the cancellation of the classes first, that’s why I stayed up. But I waited in vain (Hi By and Yves! ^_^).

I constantly looked outside the window for possible drizzles or rainfall. Nothing. Not even wind. The skies are ocassionally pinkish to redish, signalling an impending downfall. But still, though the heavens are cloudy, not a single drop of rainwater fell. I was skeptical that classes won’t be suspended the next day.

Surprisingly, I was awakened by that eerie laughter. I thought I was being haunted by some maniacal baby, since we didn’t have any babies at the house. I got up and looked everywhere, only to find out that it was from my mom’s cellphone. Intrudingly, I opened the message that triggered the laughter. It was from my ninong Ben. Classes were suspended daw. My mom hurriedly came to the bedroom, hearing her cellphone. I asked her if it was true, and if High School is included, and she confirmed. Woohoo. Another day of being one lazy crazy bum!

I looked outside, actually, I went outside. Weird enough, not even a raindrop! But no sun to look at this morning. The sky’s all cloudy and the atmosphere will send chills down your spine, literally. It was like being in Baguio, although I haven’t been to Baguio yet. (^_^);;.

Just how horrible can it get?While I rejoice here in my computer seat, people in other places mourn. I have been gluing my eyes on Primetime News, and all I could ever hear are news of deaths, destruction, injuries, and losses brought about by the recent typhoon Winnie.

While I enjoy myself because there are no classes, there are people out there who have no houses, no food, no clothes, no medicine.

While I wish that the rain would get heavier so there would be no classes, other people are wishing that this devastation would stop so they could rebuild their now ruined lives.

While I sit here comfortably in my cushioned computer chair, people out there are finding it hard to sleep comfortably at night.

While I remain as healthy as I am, with ample food and drinks even desert to boot, other people out there race with each other just to fill their stomachs with hot soup or a warm coffee, sometimes not even enough for them.

I have been so selfish. I thought these suspension of classes are a part of High School life, and that I should thank God he’s storming us with typhoons so that classes would get suspended. I didn’t know that because of these typhoons, people lose their houses, their possessions, their clothes. I didn’t know the gravity of the situation until I was made well aware by constant watching of the news and reading of some blogs.

To date, 400 have been killed, 300 or so people missing, and hundreds more are injured. That was just with three typhoons passing the Phil. Area of Responsibility, with highest gustiness of wind ranging from 95-120 kph. With Yoyong arriving at Philippine Soil tonight with winds going up to 190-200 kph, how many more lives will be risked? How many more rooves or homes get destructed? How many more families will have to evacuate? How many more people are to be buried in the landslides or get carried away by the flashfloods?

Kuya Jess, I have been selfish. I’m deeply and heartily sorry.

Good news, though, Yoyong will only “pass by” Philippine roots and it’s probable that he’ll be at South China Sea by tomorrow. Approximately, his performance would only range from 12-16 hours, according to PAGASA. But still, his aftershocks aka those tail winds will still affect the weather.

Gaaahhh I hate the changing weather.

*Quiz Time! 30 seconds ’til you get how the blog title is related to the blog… hehehehe!*

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