If you happen to be bumming around all day in front of your computer and haven’t had time to actually turn on that tube and watch the news, and you have preferred to visit this site instead of news sites (oh lovely), I just want to inform your poor soul, if you haven’t heard of it yet, because, yeah, you were bumming around (WILL YOU CUT TO THE CHASE ALREADY!!!), okay, alright… no reason to raise your voice. Classes are suspended tomorrow.

*tears* I couldn’t be any happier.

However, I feel sorry for those who have really been affected by the four typhoons. May God lift you from your swamped state. Always remember, everything in life happens for a reason. And I’m pretty sure He’s got some good explanation for you, so keep your hopes up! ^_^

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  1. Bella Teews says:

    First-class info it is definitely. We have been awaiting for this update.

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