It feels real sad when suddenly, your pet escapes and you find him in the company of other animals. All of a sudden, you feel jealous. You try to come near him, but he resents you now. He barks at you as if you haven’t been friends for a while. You feel real sad, and you wanted to cry.

You remember the moments you shared with each other. You remember the time you first met him, as you cuddled him in your arms and he cuddled back. You remember the playing times you spent with him, the times when you would nonchalantly talk to him about anything, or the times when he becomes stubborn.

All hell breaks loose. He escapes from your cuddling arms, running away like a stray bullet out of your sight. He takes with him all those happy memories. You look for him desperately with high hopes that he’s fine. You see him with other dogs, running at and with each other, and you felt real sad. You come near him, and the thing you didn’t expected the most happened: he barked at you.

He doesn’t know you now, as if your years of taking care and playing with him seemed nothing for him. It’s as if some alien brainwashed him or some maniac took his memories of you. He seems real happy with his new companions now.

It hurts you more than anybody else. You loved him more than yourself. You devoted time, effort and even money for his well being. And this is what he gives you back. You wanted to get angry, but all has been said and done. You can’t get him back now. He’s gone, he run away from you, to join another pack, a pack that he can relate with because it’s a pack of his own kind.

You wanted to get angry at the world, but you know deep within yourself that it won’t bring him back. You’ll miss his cuddles, his barks, his eyes, his cries. You’ll miss his company.

But you are left with only one thing to do. To accept. Accept that he’s gone and move on with your life. It might be hard, but you have to. There’s nothing you can do about it anymore.

You just have to accept.

3 Responses to “Reading A book between the lines of denial and frustration”
  1. Dio says:

    Wow! A direct hit… I like this blog… But it’s still a jagged bitter little pill to swallow… I cared for that pet so much… Yet… I just don’t want to let him go yet…

  2. JM Tuazon says:

    Well, im gonna miss this pet, too… this pet doesn’t know what it’s missing… oh well… he bid farewell already, nobody can do anything about that.

  3. liberty reserve says:

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