A couple of accidental tweaks, a couple of input text fields, and voila! Is this really true? Am I blogging by email? If I am, then storm the heavens, hallellujah! Ahehehe… pardon my shallowness, I have a knack for over-reacting over new-found things that are actually pasé.

If this is indeed true, then I could be a mobile blogger in no time! Har har!!!

Now, on to tell mom to buy me a cellphone already… ^_^

[EDIT] Ha! I knew it! This Blogger-send-to-my-email-and-I’ll-post-it-to-your-blogsite-automatically thing is too good to be true! *pants… eeh, hee…* It took it almost 4 hours to publish that post! Well, tough luck, considering how humongous the population of blogger is! Well, it’s still a nice feature… only if I have my own cellphone! Ahehe… [/EDIT]

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