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Yes. You’ve read the title right. I could die right now… why? I JUST SAW MY ATE KITCHIE LIVE IN CONCERT!!! Waaaahhhhh!!! When Yves first told us we’re gonna see Pop Ko ‘To, an all-star concert where my Ate Kitchie is one of the featured artists. He’s got complimentary tickets, 4 at the Red Section and 4 on the Green Section. We’re all in all 8 so great!

Earlier last saturday we had an interaction. After the interaction we all assembled at school. PaoloC couldn’t make it coz his parents didn’t allow him to, too bad… ๐Ÿ™ well, the show must still go on so we waited for our taxi to come (haha…) We separated into two taxis. Friday, By, Lorenz and I on the first and Yves, Dio and Peli on the second. When we rode our taxi, I accidentally squished Lorenz’s hand on the taxi door, because he put it there eh! So it’s his fault! Hehe… peace koala!

We were the first ones to arrive at Folk Arts Theater. When we disembarked the taxi, I heard my Ate’s song playing, so I thought the concert was starting already. I asked the guard and he told us it’s gonna start at 8:30 pah. So whew. We ate muna coz I’m like dead hungry I didn’t eat anything the whole day but breakfast. I made Lorenz an addict of CornDogs, har har! Now he’s disappointed because he didn’t get to eat mroe than 4 corndogs last night. Hehe… We called Dio and he told us to jump up and down so they would see us. That’d make us look like morons, so I just told him to go in front of the TJ hotdogs Kiosk, for we’re sitting there by the sidewalk.

They came minutes later and told us the terrible news that they paid a whopping 350 pesos for their taxi while we only had 105 pesos! Geezz… Taxi Drivers these days! They got their flagdown increase na nga eh then they’d cheat pa! Sheesh… they must be expelled out of existence!

Since we can’t do anything about that taxi ride, we just proceeded to something we can do something about: fall in line. There weren’t that much people yet so we’re almost in front of the line. Talk about being early, we’re two hours too punctual! So we made daldal and kulitan in the line. I could notice some people looking at us because our voices are like so damn loud, but I couldn’t give a damn about it, we were having fun! We decided to split up after an hour, since we’ve got tickets of different colors. Yves told me I should go in Red with him, since he could see my thirst to see my Ate Kitchie up close! Hehe, thanks Yves! I was in Red with Friday, By and Yves while Peli, Lorenz and Dio were in Green. Yves accompanied them to their gate while we still wait in line.

Moments later, we heard a boozing noise inside of the theater, much like a tambuli. We asked each other, is Fr. Elis inside? Hehe… it turns out, that was just the signal to start letting the people enter the theater. So we prepared our tickets, as well as ourselves, to go inside the theater. We were in! Some Inspector [Gadget?] guy led us to our seats. No wait, we get to choose our seats, but he led us in our section anyway. We saw the other three in the green section. The stage looked rather simple, but it’s okay. It’s a bit cold inside, considering the fact that it is a semi-open space theater.

While waiting for the concert to begin, we experienced a commotion from the people in the green section… people were running, as if free seats to the red section were given. We thought there was a bomb or something. When the running ended, the only ones left in the green section were our friends.

Friday said that they should go seat with us in the Red Section, while I debated that we’re not yet sure if it’s legal to just transfer seats. We debated for quite a while, then I resigned because he’s got a point. He proceeded to the Inspector and asked him if our friends could transfer, but he said not anymore because the show has already began. Oh Phooeey… It turns out, free seats to our section were given. And because of me, they didn’t get to sit with us.

So the show began with Thor (some Erik Santos wannabe) gracing the theater with a ballad. Next entered Nina, then Christian Bautista. Our Ate Kitchie came out next, so we were like hoolabaloos making a commotion in our seats! My Ate Kitchie looked real great! I don’t know what her getup is called but she looked funky in it. Paolo Santos came out next, followed by Pido, then Artstrong, then that corny rap group named Dice & K9. I don’t know why they’re in the show anyway. Di nila ka-level ang mga kasama nila… hehehehe! No offense to “Itsumo” fans out there!

Artstrong started his roster of songs. He’s kind of a good dancer, but I don’t like how he appears on stage. He’s soooo Luke Mejares. He called out Pido who performed some of his songs plus a few renditions of some classic. He then called out my Ate Kitchie! His remark was that he’s impressed with girls who can sing, but more so with girls who could play the guitar.

We were really like some warfreak dudes in our seats when she came out! I was hitting By in the back too hard! I wanna stand and jump but I can’t, I don’t want to appear like some squatter in there. Hehe… so she performed Bulong first, a song from her album. Grabe her voice is so mesmerizing! I was like smiling ear to eat while listening to her sing, I wanna join her sing but I don’t know the lyrics.

She performed Run next, one of my favorites. That’s what she sung when I first saw her on TV, during the television version of “Myx Mo!”. I didn’t know her then, but I liked her nah. Then after singing Run, she strummed a few chords on the guitar. We were debating if it was Wag na Wag she’s gonna play next, but being the Guitar-Master my friends are, they told me it wasn’t the intro for Wag na Wag. By didn’t lose hope and told me that it might be Wag na Wag, but my Ate started singing with the word “minsan” so I lost hope, and thought that she might sing Wag na Wag later in the show na lang.

Seconds later she was poetically speaking while singing:

Ate Kitchie: Ibibigay ko lahat!

US: Wag naman! Magtira ka naman kahit konti!

Ate Kitchie: Ibibigay ko lahat!

US: Magtira ka naman para sa sarili mo!

Ate Kitchie: Ibibigay ko lahat… KAHIT PA KALAYAAN MO!!!

We shouted and hooted and stumped and clapped. I was so thrilled!!! I was never that thrilled in my entire life!!! The last words she shouted were the lyrics to Wag na Wag! My and Yves were like gonna faint in excitement! Har Har… our Ate Kitchie got us fooled, and we bought it big time! By was right, we shouldn’t have lost hope (but you wouldn’t listen!!! haha… Hi Dio!).

So I sang along with my Ate, while being mesmerized with her camera shots on the video wall. Haaayyy… nakakamesmerize talaga boses ng Ate ko!!! After Wag na Wag, she called out Paolo Santos na, ang nagpauso ng Acoustic sa Pinas! I’m gonna miss my Ate Kitchie…

Now before my Ate, Paolo Santos was my idol. I mean, this guy’s THE BOMB! A Killer! He has a really great voice, you know. He started his performance with his song Mapansin, followed by Moonlight Over Paris, then Close. He called out Pido to go jamming with him, and they sang You’ve got a Friend. Next he called Nina, who started her moment with her Internationally released new song, I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend. Grabe, ultimate song for the heart broken… She dished out a few songs from her old album, like Foolish Heart and Jealous. Next she called out Thor, who was rather boring so let’s skip him. I slept during his entire performance anyway, so I have nothing to tell you.

By woke my up when Christian Bautista came out. Now something tells me he was the one the crowd went there for, the girls were like shouting and screaming. He went out singing This Love, and Oh Good Heavens there he was again dancing like a stick drawing. Gaaahhh!!! I just couldn’t take him dancing, he should go sing na lang!

He performed his very first single, The Way You Look At Me, then my favorite, Colour Everywhere! The girls were like swooning everytime his face goes close-up on the video wall. I retorted that why doesn’t my Ate get a close-up. Then some girl shouted “I Love You, Christian!”, and I retorted again, that I should’ve shouted “I Love You, Kitchie” when my Ate was performing. Oh well… BTT. Christian sang his new Tagalog single, a soon-to-be-released one. Then he played the crowd favorite, Hands To Heaven. I went from happy to uber shocked when he called out my Ate Kitchie again to sing The Reason with him, and that’s when I concluded that my Ate’s voice sounded like a child’s compared with Christian’s. Anyway, they’re two different genre’s, and my Ate sings better when solo. I shouted “I Love You, Kitchie!” when they ended the song, but she didn’t hear it coz of the crowd plus my voice isn’t so loud, my throat is hurting already with all the shouting during her performance.

After Christian, back to sleeping again with Dice & K9, but their performance was short. They immediately called out all the other artists again, and they sang their Christmas Songs included in Warner’s Christmas Album. By was sleeping already because of Dice & K9 (he soooo loves them!), but I woke him up when my Ate came out. While they were singing their last few songs, my Ate went down the stage and grabbed somebody from the audience, and dragged her into the stage. Me and Yves were like dead jealous!!! We wished we were that person. Gaaaahhh!!! Then our Ate danced with that guy from Dice & K9. Again, we were dumbfounded at the same time awestruck! Our Ate is so chipangga to be doing the tango with him!!! Hrmph! Then when they exited to the backstage, that guy was holding hands and ka-hip sya with my Ate!!! Me and Yves were enraged!!!! We wanted to throw the chairs around!!! Well, what can we do? I’ll just pray that he’s not her boyfriend.

Next up we met with the one true kind person who managed to squeeze us into the theater by getting us tickets, Yve’s real Ate! Hehe… I don’t know her name, though, but abot langit ang pasasalamat ko sa kanya! Grabe!!! She should get us into more Kitchie concerts… *ehem ehem…* She told us she’d be giving us Kitchie Posters, so I knelt down to my knees and worshipped her… she sarcastically changed her mind… hehehe! I hope she does give us Kitchie Posters, as I’m dying to see her everyday!!! Gaaaaahhhhh!!!

We went outside, talked some more, then decided to go home… Grabe it was the night to remember. I wished I had pictures to show you, but someone out there, right over the rainbow, forgot to bring his digicam. And if we did have a digicam with us, it wasn’t allowed to be used inside the theater. Oh well…


I shall see my Ate again soon, and this time, more up close and more intimate… as I take a picture with her on our mag’s launch! Gaaaaahhhh!!! I’d die if I don’t get that picture with her!!!

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Ei guys! This is the magazine I belong with… it helps uplift the now defunct spiritual state of today’s youth. I’ll be writing future articles in here, mostly insspirational ones. But for the current issue, I’m featured as a Christian blogger! Hehe… so please go to the launch and get a chance to meet not only Kitchie, but Christ, too!


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My polo was accidentally painted with yellow, thanks to my project. I now bleed with Caravarian Blood. Har har. Stressful enough is, when my glasses fell a while ago, I didn’t notice that the lens fell off. Darn. Can’t find it now, and it’s more or less gonna cost me another thousand bucks. I hope I find it later… my mom is gonna get angry at me!

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For the first time ever I felt hesitant to go to the tambayan. It just wasn’t right that I go there without the usual people I go with. The moment I entered the gate, I felt sad. So sad. Actually, way beyond sad, maybe insane. I lost my sanity for a while. Lost stare, closed lips, limp body. It just wasn’t me. It’s as if some entity from beyond possessed me. I can’t explain it myself, either.

When I came home, I noticed my project was missing. I looked for it all around the house, asked my parents and my siblings if they touched it, but they don’t know where it went. I was enraged. No wait, I was way beyond enraged. I couldn’t speak of hatred, I was speechless, I couldn’t even wrinkle my forehead!

If I was with you last night, that wasn’t me.

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