You Are Worthy by Kitchie Nadal

I know where You are

You’re behind the light I’m staring at

Silently hiding

How could something so bright

Be so blinding

Painfully blinding


It’s not hard to fall for You

Just as much to fall away from You

You have suffered and died for me

To give me life I never asked


Reveal Yourself to me

I wanna bleed with You

‘Til that day comes

I wanna build my world around You

With no inclination

To Fear, Reason, Passion, Desire

I know I can’t deny

This world is full of lies

But each time I close my eyes

I see every knee bowed down to You

Heaven and Earth conspire for Your glory

So here I am my Lord

I’m gonna give my all

I’m gonna give my all to You…

[Refrain then Chorus]

[Lead Guitar]

[Chorus except last two lines, til fade]

I really like this song. This is my most favorite song in Kitchie’s album. Apparently, it’s a Pastoral Song. I like how the words were constructed, and how it talks about one in search of Christ, and wanting to be with Him, share His pains, His plans, His presence. I especially love the verses, and the lines “It’s not hard to fall for You, just as much to fall away from You.” True enough, it may be easy to get closer to Christ, but in the same way, in a snap of a finger, that relationship may crumble if we refuse to accept Him fully in our lives.

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