To the poor bastard who happens to pass by my blog… Hehe joke lang.

To any classmate or kabarkada of mine who’s reading this, I might absent myself from school tomorrow, December 1, 2004, due to a mild fever, colds, nauseousness and loss of sanity. Hehe, the last one’s a joke. But I’m millimeters away from actually losing it if I don’t get ample rest.

Here are my habilin‘s for tomorrow, and I would really appreciate it if you could get my message across the following people:

  • Please tell Paolo Jaucian to do his job. Get the absentee list and attendance sheet, check the attendance for that day and make sure every teacher has signed his/her initials in the Absentee List by the end of the day.
  • Please tell Carlo Martin Posadas to make ronda for me. He knows what I’m talking about. Don’t ask him to elaborate on this matter.
  • Please tell Ms. Michelle Dimaranan that I’ll giver her my Parents’ Consent on Thursday, or if someone would be kind enough to drop by our house, I’ll be handing it to him. *wink wink*
  • Please tell Sir Deevee that I’d be glad to take leadership of the 2nd group in the VE Project.
  • Please tell Ms. Olive Doblas the reason why I’m absent.
  • Please tell Mark Marcelo or RC Delos Reyes that I’m really really really sorry if I’m not able to attend practices for the past days. Please also tell them that if my illness worsens, I might not be able to perform side by side with them. And tell them again I’m sorry.
  • Please tell all the 4-Caravario dudes I love them all. It’s nice being with them always, and I’m gonna miss them. I’ll see them when I get back!
  • Please tell Ms. Caoagas not to give any more Drafting Plates or else I won’t be back until examination day. Seriously. Like anyone cares, noh?

O diba parang mamamatay na may last Will and Testament pang nalalaman! Ahehe… but really, I would really appreciate it if someone would tell all these people what they need to know.

Also, please pray for me, that my health gets better or I’ll miss another session of free time in ST or IT. Hehehe…

3 Responses to “Get the Message Across”
  1. Daxi says:

    hahaha… ang galing! u managed to handle a lot even when ur not physically present.. ei, regarding the “spot the difference” post, maybe we should talk about it. hmm…i just happen to still be a catholic although my perspective on “religion” and “faith” has changed. we are all christians (if you believe in Christ), basta, i don’t like labeling…basta, if u have time, usap tayo about this…maybe i can help or maybe u could provide something that hasn’t occured to me. basta, more of God’s Blessings JM!

  2. Paolo says:

    drafting plates. ugh.

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