Haha. What a corny title for a blog.

It’s sunshiney today! And I hate it. All this while I was convinced to believe that there won’t be any classes today, for, obviously, cats and dogs have been pouring all day yesterday.

But not today. Today is an ordinary day. Nothing exceptional. I was a bit tad lazy to go to school this morning, and my mom thought I was dead when she was waking me up because I wasn’t moving. Hehe… I was just lazy. I was this (-) close to convincing her I’m sick and that she would let me be absent today. Gaaahhh… gotta brush up on those acting skills next time…

Meanwhile, someone thought otherwise. Now I know why it didn’t rain today. Thanks to this girl!!! Hehe, Hi Ate Tina!

One Response to “Awww… Pour Rain!”
  1. Tina says:

    wahehe. what can i say, i’m weird that way. :p


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