It’s inevitable but I have to commence this day. I’m at a loss for words, actually. To say that this day is the best day of my life is an understatement. Truly, when you do things in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, you can never ever put into words what rewards He’ll give you.

November 27, 2004 marks the grand but not-so-grand launching of our long-awaited magazine, Live the Life. It’s the epitome of Filipino Christian Teen-Oriented magazine. It has got to be (or going to be) one of the best, most relevant magazine out there that is sold for a very affordable price of 85 pesos! I’m really inspired by our mag’s tagline: “Relevant Reading for a Lifestyle with a Purpose”. Truly true…!

Just as I’ve said, I’m at a loss for words. I can’t describe this feeling! It’s as if my heart is not connecting with my hands that’s why I can’t type what I’m supposed to! Anyway, here’s the usual boring rundown of what happened today.

Woke up at around 7 am and ate my breakfast right away. Launch is at 1230, can’t miss a single minute! But still, I managed to grab an hour devoted to surfing the net, checked some mail, lists, blogs, and all other hulabaloos I do when surfing. After an hour, I decided that I should take a bath already.

Just when I was about to go to the bathroom, my mom entered it. Haha bummer, I know. Good thing the phone rang, and it was By on the other line. He asked me what time I’ll be going, yadda yadda yadda. After our conversation I waited for my mom to get out of the bathroom, and while doing so the phone rang again. And yet again, it was By. He told me he couldn’t make it. You never wanna know what I thought, felt, and did next.

So there I finally managed to take a bath. I took special considerations this time, like a second coating of soap all around the body, an extra scrub on that facial wash, and some extra load of that toothpaste. ‘Tis the day that I’m gonna meet my Ate Kitchie personally so I gotta look good! Unfortunately, I failed to get a good choice of clothes to wear since my jeans were still being laundered. So all that extra-hygenic measures went to the dogs. Who cares. That’s me, and my Ate’s gotta accept what I am! Haha… JM, as if!

Enough of that. So I went to school and decided to just attend the Film Making Seminar, since I had no more reason to hang out at By’s anymore. I met up with Dio there, and we texted a couple of people. After a few minutes run down of keystrokes, we were dumbfounded. All the other people backed out. The only ones who were left were the two of us and Friday. Great. Another day with these two people. If somehow sooner or later we meet up again somewhere only by ourselves, then fate has got to be leading us somewhere. You two, you know what I’m talking about in here!

I wouldn’t and couldn’t let some little thing ruin my day. I have a bright day ahead of me. So what I did is that I just enjoyed the Film Making Seminar. I actually enjoyed it, 80% of the time because the speaker is showing us visuals. But when he’s speaking already, it gets boring. He showed us how he made that Pantene commercial with the lil sis getting envy with her big sis’ long and shiny jet black thug-and-throw-worthy hair. It was real cool actually, but I had a conclusion that most directors or film-makers or writers or whoever junkie who’s out there in the media succeeds because they’ve got great equipment. And great equipment requires a great deal of money. So does this mean that you could be great if you have the money? Oh crap… why am I going back to this thing again… anyway don’t mind me, let’s move on.

So there. After the Film Making Seminar, Dio and I went straight to Greenbelt. We had to commute by jeepney since that’s the fastest but cheapest way I know. I was like a tour guide for him, showing him some of my great finds in Greenbelt. Passing by Music One, I grabbed my copy na of my Ate’s album (finally) so I can have something for her to sign later on.

I wasn’t too keen in remembering the shops so the first time we landed on GB1, we were literally lost. Fortunately, Mr. Librarian of the Memory Department woke up and started working, and led us to the right direction. I instantaneously saw sir Ganns on the subscription booth, and asked him, “Are we late?” and he said no. Whew… good. He told me Kitchie’s at the back of the Bookstore getting ready, and I was like… okeeeeyyy… then a minute after she passed by us!!! Okay now I wanted and not wanted to faint at the same time… she was so beautiful!!!

I also met Sir Ganns’ wife, ma’am Cathy. She’s a nice lady, actually. I met all the other mag staffers and contributors too, like Sir Arnold, Sir Daxi, Sir Ariel, Sir Noel, Kuya Rick (again!), Ate Riz (the next face of Bloggerhythm), Sir Harold (Mr. Photograph Man) and many others. They were really a cool bunch, actually!

Ms Roca, Kitchie’s manager, told us to get our copies signed by Kitchie already even if the launch hasn’t started yet, since they’re in a tad bit of a hurry. I told her I was nervous… but she’s still pushing me into it! Seeing the lines get longer, I decided this was the time. I had to face my fears nah!!! I have to meet her FACE2FACE! And that’s exactly what I did.

I handed to her my copy of her CD first. She flipped it open, took the cover out and looked for a very particular section, a black one with her face on it, then signed the words: “JM, thanks for supporting OPM. Kitchie”. In a quite interrogative manner, she asked me where I bought the CD. I told her at Music One, just a while ago. I didn’t know why she asked me that. Then she got shocked when I asked her, “Can you sign my face?” Haha… but not literally pertaining to my face, but the whole page in the mag with my picture on it. She gladly signed it with the words, “JM, nice to meet you! Kitchie”. Har har…

After the line ended Sir Ganns started the program. Her wife started with a prayer, then Sir Ganns introduced the mag to the people in the Bookstore. Oh, we were seated on the carpeted floor, by the way, which is cool. Then after introducing Relevant Reading for a Lifestyle with a Purpose, Sir Ganns motioned for our debut cover girl to perform already. My most awaited moment.

She was nervous daw, because it’s one of her first times to play her songs on Acoustic. Anyways, she sang still, her first song being “You are Worthy”. She narrated a story first before she sang, about some classmate and some teacher. Then she started singing. It was so mesmerizing!!! Her voice, really, is the bomb. It triggers the alarm on my brain that makes me go almost nuts. Next she played Fire, halfway through which she dropped her pick to the ground, but she still kept on playing. After Fire, which is also mesmerizing, she played her smash hit, “Wag na Wag mong sasabihin.” I sang along with her. So far, that’s the only song of her that i knew. Will memorize the rest soon.

After singing, she again signed some autographs. We finally saw Friday, who right in the nick of time saw Kitchie sing the last word of WNWMS. Great. The two were convincing me to go talk to Ate Kitchie already, but I was so nervous. I wanted to faaaaint! Hehe… Starstruck! Friday had his cellphone signed, as well as one of our studio pics. Dio asked her to sign the FRONT of the mag, not knowing she has signed it already, but only on the inside page. I also asked her to sign the laminated picture of her I have in my wallet. She asked me where I got the pic, because she was smiling when she saw it. I told her that I got it from her site and got it printed. Then she told me that they were coming up with her calendar, and they wanted the pictures to come from the fans. So I was rather thrilled. To those who have Kitchie Pics, send them in already!

Minutes later she left the bookstore for a while. Not know where to put her copy of the magazine which she’s holding, she asked me to hold it for her. Again, I was dumbfounded and starstruck. I wanted to have the mag for myself… imagine, the copy of the mag that she held, hugged and caressed in her hands!!! I was almost convinced that she’s not coming back, as she’s been gone for quite a while, but it was later shattered when I saw her at the front of the bookstore. So I handed to her the mag and she said thanks. Sigh…

She made paalam na to the people, so last minute Pinoy kodakan with her! I’ll post some pics when I get my hands on them.

After Kitchie left, I talked to some of the cool people of our mag. We talked quite about anything, and I met a fellow Bosconian! Can’t remember his name, though. Haha sowee!!!

After much was said and done, we bid farewell to Sir Ganns.

We headed to Glorietta to watch The Incredibles, but it’s not showing yet, so we watched National Treasure instead. Great film, deserves a great film review from me! Hehe… It’s much like CSI but on a different angle.

There were still a lot of things that happened. But I’m too tired to type them in. Or too lazy to actually type them. Or too uninterested to even think of them. Whatever.

What I do care about is the fact that this day is one of the best days of my life! Still, it’s an understatement. And it’s not only because I finally met my Ate Kitchie, but because I got to spend it with the nicest people in the world.

Friday and Dio, I’m telling you, if we meet up again somewhere with just the three of us, Fate is telling us something. Whatever that is, we would have to heed. Nobody can stop Fate from talking, so we must listen and follow, okei? Thanks again for accompanying me! I had a blast… really!

“If you believe, you will get what you asked for in prayer.” Just In Time. Proven by me. I hope it gets on you too.


LiveTheLife is available at schools, youth orgs, churches and any bookstore who carries quality magazines. Go grab a copy now! Now nah as in now. N-O-W, now.

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  1. Daxi says:, lagot ka kay Ganns! hehehe…hindi ako kasama sa contributors ng LiveTheLife..i just supported the event and it’s purpose…oks lang. Sarap pagkamalang writter..hehehe…hmm…kaya siguro ako nanalo sa raffle, i bought 3 copies of the mag and gave 1 each to to two friends. =) god is so good talaga! =)

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