Believe it or not, but due to a recent miscommunication that got me so enraged, I was able to channel my anger to something really worth your time. A poem. You see, I’m not really a poet, not even a trying-hard one. Compared to Peli I have no collection of poems that I made. But when I do make them, it’s either you won’t be able to totally interpret nor understand it or you may get bored with it.

This morning, inspiration struck in the bathroom. I don’t know if there’s been a study on this but 90% of the time I think of bright ideas, I thought of while in the bathroom sitting on the throne.

Well, here’s how it goes:

“The Eyes of the Black Cat”

I don’t know why, I don’t know when

I killed two, out come seven

Retaliate with wails and bites

And devoured me with such delight

Hysterical laughs in a darkened echo

Seven and Two is Nine, I ditto

A bundle of joy and a seeming glory

I could not help but just feel sorry

I ask God, “Why me, not them?”

He said to me, “Your mission, to tame

The eyes of the black cat, I would mean

Think of ways for you to win.”

And now I face the shining prism

My armor, my hand, my sword: sarcasm

I’m much too keen to pull the lever

The eyes of the black cat, I’ll devour.

Believe me, not unless you intricately know me personally, you won’t be able to understand nor interpret that poem. There’s no literal story in there actually, so reading between the lines would be a must, just like any other poems out there.

“It’s the greatest poem I’ve ever read,” according to me. Hehe… well, you gotta love your own! Besides, I’m not a poet so ride with me on this. It’s rare that I do poems, you know. So consider yourself priveleged. Joke.

But you know what, jokes are half meant…! *har har har*

4 Responses to “Inspiration strikes in the Bathroom”
  1. bel says:

    hey JM! yep haha andun ako i was wearing a sleeveless beige shirt with sort of red paints on it tapos kasama ko yung bf ko (after rick, nyahahaha). I think he did introduced me to you… ikaw ba yung kasama nya when i shouted “rick!” sa may flamers? buahaha nakakahiya yun hehe para akong taong bundok haha (nasa second floor kasi kami rick was walking below us). anyway, it was fun meeting ganns and his family as well as daxi and others. astiig yung event sayang di ko lang naabutan si kitchie hehe. Ü there’s oweiz next time don’t worry hehehe… keep in touch! God bless!

  2. Daxi says:

    hahaha…funny thing you mentioned..”jokes are half-meant”. My friends and I used this line too many times…whenever we make “tukso” on pairs or make fun of each other. Joke is a joke (which is supposed to be funny!) Pero, ang siste, for example, u joked about the person’s nose. E di syempre, there’s semblance of truth in it because nakita mo nga!! It may not be entirely true but kahit katiting na katotohanan, nakita mo. (labo ba? hehehe..)Kadalasan, ginagawa namin ito when we’re making fun of crushes..the other party denies and yet obvious to a few na crush nya nga! (hehehe…typical love story!) A few of my friends even got offended because, yun nga, “joke’s are half-meant!” – much memories on this expression. =)

  3. JM Tuazon says:

    Ahehehehe… kami naman, ginagagamit namin yan, say, halimbawa sabi ko sayo, “Panget!” for no apparent reason, tapos medyo magagalit ka. Sasabihin ko, “Joke Lang!” tapos ikaw naman continue magiging galit sasabihin mo, “But jokes are half meant!” hehe… parang naging backup namin sya pag medyo naiinis… pero yung pagkainis eh joke lang din… hehe gets?!

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