Of all the things that I hate, hypocrisy has got to be in the top 5. Besides creating some kind of fool out of one person, it’s really irritating to not see people do what they tell other people do. Like my father, who scolds me every minute possible because of my long hours of sitting in front of the computer, but when he gets the chance he’d go use the computer longer than I do! Or the politicians out there who seem to be battling corruption when behind our backs they are the ones who are really the reason why our taxes don’t go where they’re supposed to.

I admire people who stand up with conviction. They strongly say what they feel, and they stand real firm for it, ready for any consequences their actions may have to take. They imbibe their words with resilience, and if ever they have to preach, they preach. And they not only preach, they do what they preach.

“Practice What You Preach,” says a very popular line. If you scrutinize the ill acts of others, then set an example and make sure NOT to do what you don’t want them doing.

Unlike others out there who want people to be sensitive when they themselves are not mindful of others’ feelings. Hypocrites.

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