Yesterday was a scam.

There was a transport strike held by major transport groups yesterday, which almost paralyzed the whole of land transportation system in Metro Manila and some parts of the country. The transport groups were asking for a fair compromise with Oil Companies regarding constant oil price hikes the few months.

There weren’t a lot of jeepneys yesterday, but I managed to get a ride to school. Even if it was already 6:30 am, traffic was real smooth on the way to school. I observed that there weren’t really that much jeepneys roaming the streets of Mandaluyong. They were really on strike.

Earlier in the morning, some school suspended classes due to an anticipation that not many students will be able to come to school. San Sebastian College in Mendiola spearheaded the suspension, soon followed by other minor schools in Metro Manila. We even heard an announcement of suspension of classes in Don Bosco Manila, our sister school, just a few hundred meters away from our school.

Quite unfair, come to think of it, that the sisters of DBS Manila suspended classes while students from DBTC come from different far away places like Cainta, Taytay, Pasig, etc. They should have thought of the strenuous effort students would have to exert just to come to school and not consider themselves “absent”.

Still, even some of the students who live just nearby didn’t come to school. In fact, in our section, 8 were absent, only about 3 of which live from far away cities. The others, well… I don’t know what they’re reasons are, maybe they got lazy. Or sick. Hehe…

I’m not getting to my point here! Well anyways, halfway through the day the administration decided to suspend classes — with only 3 school hours remaining! Haha… well, that wasn’t stressful enough, since a year ago they suspended classes for the same reason just an hour from dismissal time.

It’s actually a business tactic. You see, our school is actually a “campus within a canteen” as we would like to call it. From every direction you look (except when you’re inside a building or a classroom), you’ll see an Amici di Don Bosco canteen, the business franchise of Don Bosco. We’re being commercialized. They didn’t suspend classes early on because food has been prepared already and if classes were suspended in the morning, then they would have to waste the food away. No income na nga, wasted money pah! Ang galing nga naman ng school namin ano…

Hindi pa sila nakunteto sa chunks of money that we’re paying them every year! They can’t even provide us with efficient teachers! Haha! Much more, facilities! Education is not a matter of endowing wisdom to the young anymore, it’s more about money! Money, money, money! Love doesn’t make the world go round anymore, MONEY DOES!!!

Where has Don Bosco’s teachings gone? All of them can now only be seen in the words of priests and brothers who still thrive to live up to Don Bosco’s dreams. But… are they to remain just words?

I’m out. On March. The only good thing Don Bosco provides is its good Values being taught to students. Academic and Technical-wise? We’re not even a nanometer of a booger to Dela Salle’s or Ateneo’s. And they’re still considering PAASCU Accreditation, that sole reason why two of our BESTEST instructors left the institution…

DBTC… where have you gone? And where are you heading to? Sigh… see you in ten years…

4 Responses to “Campus Scam”
  1. Anonymous says:

    it was really a scam! we have the same idea of what’s really happening yesterday. i knew it. for the past years, the admin has been doing this. nice business tactic they have. surely, they will gain a profit. we were actually talking about it when we’re taking our lunch in our luxurious canteen. hehe. gotta go!

  2. Paolo says:

    ramdam ko ang galit. ma’am ela and sir navarro…

  3. makati condominiums says:

    Well, I think that clears up a couple of issues for me personally. How about anybody else?

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