You’re on a casual hangout with your barkada on your tambayan when all of a sudden someone goes “Hey, what’s that song again? That Backstreet Boys thing…” then somebody relentlessly acknowledges the gesture and answers the question. “Which one? They like have a dozen or so songs…” Then he goes on to elaborate the whole point until the jackpot bell rings.

Which doesn’t stop there. They continue on mentioning some real now-absurd and jologs songs that used to be some kind of worship songs back then. He goes on to say that he’s had the entire Backstreet Boys album. Gaaarrr… How corny it was, I thought, to be talking about that, but I must admit I was a fan of BSB, too, but that was before. Can’t imagine I used to jump up and down whenever I Want It That Way would play on MTV. Or the fact that we danced Quit Playing Games With My Heart on a dance contest on MP.

But still, it doesn’t stop there. He skips onto another celeb, this time Aaron Carter, and starts remembering the titles and tunes of his songs when those were the days… then skimped on to Hanson, Moffats, and others.

It gets worse. One brings out his ENTIRE collection of what-I-thought-was-obsolete cassette tapes of practically every ka-cornihan now but very famous back then. He had the ANG TV album, some nursery rhymes (haha the firetruck!), BSB tapes, some NOW Tapes, and a bunch of classics. It was really baduy, but you can’t help reminiscing about those days.

I didn’t know my rocker friends were teeny boppers back then, like me.

I’m sooooo glad Ate Kitchie saved my teeny bopper soul.

Haaayyy… those were the days. These were our moments as a barkada. The likes of us…

Ever noticed that I never fail to mention even a single bit about my Ate in all my blogs? Ehehehehe…

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