For the first time ever I felt hesitant to go to the tambayan. It just wasn’t right that I go there without the usual people I go with. The moment I entered the gate, I felt sad. So sad. Actually, way beyond sad, maybe insane. I lost my sanity for a while. Lost stare, closed lips, limp body. It just wasn’t me. It’s as if some entity from beyond possessed me. I can’t explain it myself, either.

When I came home, I noticed my project was missing. I looked for it all around the house, asked my parents and my siblings if they touched it, but they don’t know where it went. I was enraged. No wait, I was way beyond enraged. I couldn’t speak of hatred, I was speechless, I couldn’t even wrinkle my forehead!

If I was with you last night, that wasn’t me.

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