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To the poor bastard who happens to pass by my blog… Hehe joke lang.

To any classmate or kabarkada of mine who’s reading this, I might absent myself from school tomorrow, December 1, 2004, due to a mild fever, colds, nauseousness and loss of sanity. Hehe, the last one’s a joke. But I’m millimeters away from actually losing it if I don’t get ample rest.

Here are my habilin‘s for tomorrow, and I would really appreciate it if you could get my message across the following people:

  • Please tell Paolo Jaucian to do his job. Get the absentee list and attendance sheet, check the attendance for that day and make sure every teacher has signed his/her initials in the Absentee List by the end of the day.
  • Please tell Carlo Martin Posadas to make ronda for me. He knows what I’m talking about. Don’t ask him to elaborate on this matter.
  • Please tell Ms. Michelle Dimaranan that I’ll giver her my Parents’ Consent on Thursday, or if someone would be kind enough to drop by our house, I’ll be handing it to him. *wink wink*
  • Please tell Sir Deevee that I’d be glad to take leadership of the 2nd group in the VE Project.
  • Please tell Ms. Olive Doblas the reason why I’m absent.
  • Please tell Mark Marcelo or RC Delos Reyes that I’m really really really sorry if I’m not able to attend practices for the past days. Please also tell them that if my illness worsens, I might not be able to perform side by side with them. And tell them again I’m sorry.
  • Please tell all the 4-Caravario dudes I love them all. It’s nice being with them always, and I’m gonna miss them. I’ll see them when I get back!
  • Please tell Ms. Caoagas not to give any more Drafting Plates or else I won’t be back until examination day. Seriously. Like anyone cares, noh?

O diba parang mamamatay na may last Will and Testament pang nalalaman! Ahehe… but really, I would really appreciate it if someone would tell all these people what they need to know.

Also, please pray for me, that my health gets better or I’ll miss another session of free time in ST or IT. Hehehe…

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You Are Worthy by Kitchie Nadal

I know where You are

You’re behind the light I’m staring at

Silently hiding

How could something so bright

Be so blinding

Painfully blinding


It’s not hard to fall for You

Just as much to fall away from You

You have suffered and died for me

To give me life I never asked


Reveal Yourself to me

I wanna bleed with You

‘Til that day comes

I wanna build my world around You

With no inclination

To Fear, Reason, Passion, Desire

I know I can’t deny

This world is full of lies

But each time I close my eyes

I see every knee bowed down to You

Heaven and Earth conspire for Your glory

So here I am my Lord

I’m gonna give my all

I’m gonna give my all to You…

[Refrain then Chorus]

[Lead Guitar]

[Chorus except last two lines, til fade]

I really like this song. This is my most favorite song in Kitchie’s album. Apparently, it’s a Pastoral Song. I like how the words were constructed, and how it talks about one in search of Christ, and wanting to be with Him, share His pains, His plans, His presence. I especially love the verses, and the lines “It’s not hard to fall for You, just as much to fall away from You.” True enough, it may be easy to get closer to Christ, but in the same way, in a snap of a finger, that relationship may crumble if we refuse to accept Him fully in our lives.

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Amidst attending a few of Kitchie’s gigs this past weekend, I find myself struggling from an illness. Everytime I have something big coming my way or I feel lazy to do something, I always wish I would get sick in order for me to get excempted from any work. It’s the perfect escape route for me.

The big problem comes when the illness becomes worse. I only asked for a simple cold or a mild fever, but it would evolve to something as bad as influenza or sometimes a skyrocket fever. It must be some way of God’s punishing me for being lazy.

Now I’m eligible to use the line “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

What I do like about being sick is the solitude. Nobody is left in the house during weekdays so it’s finally peace and quiet time when I absent myself from school. I can do anything I want, just as long as it won’t worsen my sickness. Most of the time, I just stare at a blank space, and think.

This afternoon, because of a slight fever due to colds, I got myself into thinking again. Think, think, think. For a moment or two my mind went blank, nothing in it but pure space. Then something entered my mind. It’s something that has boggled me for a couple of months already, and it’s something I had refused to accept, even though somebody’s slamming it to my face already.

I thought about my Religion. No, not my relationship with Christ, but my Religion in particular. Roman Catholicism.

A few months ago an elder friend told me I’m still vulnerable when it comes to defending my Religion. Yes, I may have established a great personal relationship with Christ months ago, but still, young as I may, I lack proper and adequate Catechism. I might not know what to answer when you ask me when the Catholic Church was established, what does Proverbs 13:4-5 say (if ever there really was a Proverb of that verse), or who was this Bible Character who married a harlot. I’m not particularly a big fan of the bible, and I have missed quite a number of Sunday Mass to compensate for my lack of knowledge of The Word.

What I’m particularly afraid of is when I’m interacting with people that are not of my Religion. Most especially if they outnumber me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “AIDS-afraid” of these people, I’m afraid if they ask me questions about my Religion. Like one time when a Christian asked me what Church I go to, I blatantly told him I’m Catholic, knowing that the “what church you go to” question applies to most Christians and that it is well known for Catholics as “Parishes”. He still pushed the question, and I told him my parish. All is well and done!

See, conversations like that are what creeps me out. It’s like a practical test in Basic Catechism that when I fail to answer correctly I might get excommunicated.

Another thing I don’t quite understand are the denominations of Christianity. Most Roman Catholics believe they are another religion and is not one and the same with other Christians. I think I need to study more on the similiarities and differences of these denominations, so that I may know how to deal with the situation if ever I had another encounter with them.

Questions like “What’s the difference between Catholics and Born-Again Christians” or “Will there be something wrong if I attend a Christian Sunday Worship?” or even “Am I not allowed to intermingle with Born-Again Christians?” always pop up inside my head. What I do know is I admire how strong Born-Again Christians’ Relationship with Christ is.

I’m young and vulnerable. I’m not equipped with ample knowledge about my Religion. But still, I honor and glorify Christ as my one and true savior.

You know what else I need? A Spiritual Guidance Counselor. Who is kind of busy right now. Hello, Kuya Gary! You there?!

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Haha. What a corny title for a blog.

It’s sunshiney today! And I hate it. All this while I was convinced to believe that there won’t be any classes today, for, obviously, cats and dogs have been pouring all day yesterday.

But not today. Today is an ordinary day. Nothing exceptional. I was a bit tad lazy to go to school this morning, and my mom thought I was dead when she was waking me up because I wasn’t moving. Hehe… I was just lazy. I was this (-) close to convincing her I’m sick and that she would let me be absent today. Gaaahhh… gotta brush up on those acting skills next time…

Meanwhile, someone thought otherwise. Now I know why it didn’t rain today. Thanks to this girl!!! Hehe, Hi Ate Tina!

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Kitchie Trivia no less! Who better to know her than moi?

  • Kitchie Nadal the album is not Kitchie’s album per se. Kitchie Nadal is the name of the band, more of like Bamboo Mañalac’s Bamboo. You get the drift.
  • Kitchie Nadal is just 24 years old. She started learning the way of the guitar at an early age of 12.
  • Kitchie is an all-out Christian for God. Her church is at VCF Alabang, together with her manager Roca Cruz and other prods who helped her in making the album.
  • “You Are Worthy” is the Christian song Kitchie wrote during her Philosophy class. Funny how she can right something so Godly during a class that depicts reason and not belief.
  • Speaking of classes, she takes up a double degree (Psycho and Ed) at De La Salle University, Manila. Hope maabutan ko pa sya dun! ^_^
  • Kitchie is down-to-earth. She cares a lot about her fans, and has a mindset of being truthful whenever she’s performing or interacting with fans.
  • With Mojofly, Kitchie didn’t feel her purpose that’s why she left. She did find it, though, on her present band.
  • Kitchie lives in a condo in Makati. Her unit is filled with some of her artworks and other artworks given to her.

Well, that’s something… I’ll dig up more soon!

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Believe it or not, but due to a recent miscommunication that got me so enraged, I was able to channel my anger to something really worth your time. A poem. You see, I’m not really a poet, not even a trying-hard one. Compared to Peli I have no collection of poems that I made. But when I do make them, it’s either you won’t be able to totally interpret nor understand it or you may get bored with it.

This morning, inspiration struck in the bathroom. I don’t know if there’s been a study on this but 90% of the time I think of bright ideas, I thought of while in the bathroom sitting on the throne.

Well, here’s how it goes:

“The Eyes of the Black Cat”

I don’t know why, I don’t know when

I killed two, out come seven

Retaliate with wails and bites

And devoured me with such delight

Hysterical laughs in a darkened echo

Seven and Two is Nine, I ditto

A bundle of joy and a seeming glory

I could not help but just feel sorry

I ask God, “Why me, not them?”

He said to me, “Your mission, to tame

The eyes of the black cat, I would mean

Think of ways for you to win.”

And now I face the shining prism

My armor, my hand, my sword: sarcasm

I’m much too keen to pull the lever

The eyes of the black cat, I’ll devour.

Believe me, not unless you intricately know me personally, you won’t be able to understand nor interpret that poem. There’s no literal story in there actually, so reading between the lines would be a must, just like any other poems out there.

“It’s the greatest poem I’ve ever read,” according to me. Hehe… well, you gotta love your own! Besides, I’m not a poet so ride with me on this. It’s rare that I do poems, you know. So consider yourself priveleged. Joke.

But you know what, jokes are half meant…! *har har har*

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It’s inevitable but I have to commence this day. I’m at a loss for words, actually. To say that this day is the best day of my life is an understatement. Truly, when you do things in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, you can never ever put into words what rewards He’ll give you.

November 27, 2004 marks the grand but not-so-grand launching of our long-awaited magazine, Live the Life. It’s the epitome of Filipino Christian Teen-Oriented magazine. It has got to be (or going to be) one of the best, most relevant magazine out there that is sold for a very affordable price of 85 pesos! I’m really inspired by our mag’s tagline: “Relevant Reading for a Lifestyle with a Purpose”. Truly true…!

Just as I’ve said, I’m at a loss for words. I can’t describe this feeling! It’s as if my heart is not connecting with my hands that’s why I can’t type what I’m supposed to! Anyway, here’s the usual boring rundown of what happened today.

Woke up at around 7 am and ate my breakfast right away. Launch is at 1230, can’t miss a single minute! But still, I managed to grab an hour devoted to surfing the net, checked some mail, lists, blogs, and all other hulabaloos I do when surfing. After an hour, I decided that I should take a bath already.

Just when I was about to go to the bathroom, my mom entered it. Haha bummer, I know. Good thing the phone rang, and it was By on the other line. He asked me what time I’ll be going, yadda yadda yadda. After our conversation I waited for my mom to get out of the bathroom, and while doing so the phone rang again. And yet again, it was By. He told me he couldn’t make it. You never wanna know what I thought, felt, and did next.

So there I finally managed to take a bath. I took special considerations this time, like a second coating of soap all around the body, an extra scrub on that facial wash, and some extra load of that toothpaste. ‘Tis the day that I’m gonna meet my Ate Kitchie personally so I gotta look good! Unfortunately, I failed to get a good choice of clothes to wear since my jeans were still being laundered. So all that extra-hygenic measures went to the dogs. Who cares. That’s me, and my Ate’s gotta accept what I am! Haha… JM, as if!

Enough of that. So I went to school and decided to just attend the Film Making Seminar, since I had no more reason to hang out at By’s anymore. I met up with Dio there, and we texted a couple of people. After a few minutes run down of keystrokes, we were dumbfounded. All the other people backed out. The only ones who were left were the two of us and Friday. Great. Another day with these two people. If somehow sooner or later we meet up again somewhere only by ourselves, then fate has got to be leading us somewhere. You two, you know what I’m talking about in here!

I wouldn’t and couldn’t let some little thing ruin my day. I have a bright day ahead of me. So what I did is that I just enjoyed the Film Making Seminar. I actually enjoyed it, 80% of the time because the speaker is showing us visuals. But when he’s speaking already, it gets boring. He showed us how he made that Pantene commercial with the lil sis getting envy with her big sis’ long and shiny jet black thug-and-throw-worthy hair. It was real cool actually, but I had a conclusion that most directors or film-makers or writers or whoever junkie who’s out there in the media succeeds because they’ve got great equipment. And great equipment requires a great deal of money. So does this mean that you could be great if you have the money? Oh crap… why am I going back to this thing again… anyway don’t mind me, let’s move on.

So there. After the Film Making Seminar, Dio and I went straight to Greenbelt. We had to commute by jeepney since that’s the fastest but cheapest way I know. I was like a tour guide for him, showing him some of my great finds in Greenbelt. Passing by Music One, I grabbed my copy na of my Ate’s album (finally) so I can have something for her to sign later on.

I wasn’t too keen in remembering the shops so the first time we landed on GB1, we were literally lost. Fortunately, Mr. Librarian of the Memory Department woke up and started working, and led us to the right direction. I instantaneously saw sir Ganns on the subscription booth, and asked him, “Are we late?” and he said no. Whew… good. He told me Kitchie’s at the back of the Bookstore getting ready, and I was like… okeeeeyyy… then a minute after she passed by us!!! Okay now I wanted and not wanted to faint at the same time… she was so beautiful!!!

I also met Sir Ganns’ wife, ma’am Cathy. She’s a nice lady, actually. I met all the other mag staffers and contributors too, like Sir Arnold, Sir Daxi, Sir Ariel, Sir Noel, Kuya Rick (again!), Ate Riz (the next face of Bloggerhythm), Sir Harold (Mr. Photograph Man) and many others. They were really a cool bunch, actually!

Ms Roca, Kitchie’s manager, told us to get our copies signed by Kitchie already even if the launch hasn’t started yet, since they’re in a tad bit of a hurry. I told her I was nervous… but she’s still pushing me into it! Seeing the lines get longer, I decided this was the time. I had to face my fears nah!!! I have to meet her FACE2FACE! And that’s exactly what I did.

I handed to her my copy of her CD first. She flipped it open, took the cover out and looked for a very particular section, a black one with her face on it, then signed the words: “JM, thanks for supporting OPM. Kitchie”. In a quite interrogative manner, she asked me where I bought the CD. I told her at Music One, just a while ago. I didn’t know why she asked me that. Then she got shocked when I asked her, “Can you sign my face?” Haha… but not literally pertaining to my face, but the whole page in the mag with my picture on it. She gladly signed it with the words, “JM, nice to meet you! Kitchie”. Har har…

After the line ended Sir Ganns started the program. Her wife started with a prayer, then Sir Ganns introduced the mag to the people in the Bookstore. Oh, we were seated on the carpeted floor, by the way, which is cool. Then after introducing Relevant Reading for a Lifestyle with a Purpose, Sir Ganns motioned for our debut cover girl to perform already. My most awaited moment.

She was nervous daw, because it’s one of her first times to play her songs on Acoustic. Anyways, she sang still, her first song being “You are Worthy”. She narrated a story first before she sang, about some classmate and some teacher. Then she started singing. It was so mesmerizing!!! Her voice, really, is the bomb. It triggers the alarm on my brain that makes me go almost nuts. Next she played Fire, halfway through which she dropped her pick to the ground, but she still kept on playing. After Fire, which is also mesmerizing, she played her smash hit, “Wag na Wag mong sasabihin.” I sang along with her. So far, that’s the only song of her that i knew. Will memorize the rest soon.

After singing, she again signed some autographs. We finally saw Friday, who right in the nick of time saw Kitchie sing the last word of WNWMS. Great. The two were convincing me to go talk to Ate Kitchie already, but I was so nervous. I wanted to faaaaint! Hehe… Starstruck! Friday had his cellphone signed, as well as one of our studio pics. Dio asked her to sign the FRONT of the mag, not knowing she has signed it already, but only on the inside page. I also asked her to sign the laminated picture of her I have in my wallet. She asked me where I got the pic, because she was smiling when she saw it. I told her that I got it from her site and got it printed. Then she told me that they were coming up with her calendar, and they wanted the pictures to come from the fans. So I was rather thrilled. To those who have Kitchie Pics, send them in already!

Minutes later she left the bookstore for a while. Not know where to put her copy of the magazine which she’s holding, she asked me to hold it for her. Again, I was dumbfounded and starstruck. I wanted to have the mag for myself… imagine, the copy of the mag that she held, hugged and caressed in her hands!!! I was almost convinced that she’s not coming back, as she’s been gone for quite a while, but it was later shattered when I saw her at the front of the bookstore. So I handed to her the mag and she said thanks. Sigh…

She made paalam na to the people, so last minute Pinoy kodakan with her! I’ll post some pics when I get my hands on them.

After Kitchie left, I talked to some of the cool people of our mag. We talked quite about anything, and I met a fellow Bosconian! Can’t remember his name, though. Haha sowee!!!

After much was said and done, we bid farewell to Sir Ganns.

We headed to Glorietta to watch The Incredibles, but it’s not showing yet, so we watched National Treasure instead. Great film, deserves a great film review from me! Hehe… It’s much like CSI but on a different angle.

There were still a lot of things that happened. But I’m too tired to type them in. Or too lazy to actually type them. Or too uninterested to even think of them. Whatever.

What I do care about is the fact that this day is one of the best days of my life! Still, it’s an understatement. And it’s not only because I finally met my Ate Kitchie, but because I got to spend it with the nicest people in the world.

Friday and Dio, I’m telling you, if we meet up again somewhere with just the three of us, Fate is telling us something. Whatever that is, we would have to heed. Nobody can stop Fate from talking, so we must listen and follow, okei? Thanks again for accompanying me! I had a blast… really!

“If you believe, you will get what you asked for in prayer.” Just In Time. Proven by me. I hope it gets on you too.


LiveTheLife is available at schools, youth orgs, churches and any bookstore who carries quality magazines. Go grab a copy now! Now nah as in now. N-O-W, now.

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Amidst a very busy and hectic schedule it’s really worth the time to just sit down, relax, eat a few fries and talk with your closest friends over at McDonalds. It may be a Friday, alright, internationally known as the “gimmick day”, but we have nowhere else to go but McDo right in front of our school. Well, it’s our usual tambayan, anyway.

Due to a very uncalled for meeting yesterday, which highlighted almost a quarter of my writing career (if ever I have or will have any), my plan for the rest of the day was ruined into smeethereens. I was supposed to go to SM Manila at about 3:15 pm to finally go and buy myself my Ate’s CD and since she has a gig there, maybe haver her sign it or maybe just go talk to her. The point is, I wanted to see her. Her gig was at 4, and goodness gracious great balls of fire, our meeting ended at 4:30! I couldn’t excuse myself from the meeting since it’s an opportunity for me to write, so I just decided that I won’t go.

Actually, after that, I still had another problem. A Dillema, actually. I was thinking if I’m still gonna buy her CD that day or not. If I’m gonna buy it, then I’m in another dillema: where would I buy it? I had to choose between Rob Ermita or Centerpoint, but since I was way beyond making a decision at that point, I just decided to eat at McDo with Friday and Dio. Which was one of the bestest decision I’ve made, by the way.

It has got to be one of the bestest McDo Sessions ever. We ate and talked all the while. Well, actually, only 10% of the time was devoted to eating while the rest ended up with our conversations. And I have to say, it has got to be one of the bestest conversations I’ve had with the bestest people in the world. I actually took the opportunity to talk about serious matters with them, since they’re two of the oh-so-many people whom I could talk sense with, and who listens intimately, and who agrees with me on what I say. We actually talked about a lot of things, but mostly about our Barkada, which is kind of confidential by the way.

We also talked about other things, our hates, our frustrations, our joy, everything. We talked everything under the sun. We actually ended our conversation since the mall is starting to close down already, imagine that!

Most of all, it was the most fulfilling conversation. I have revealed a lot of secrets, and I have released a lot of insights as well as emotions. I can’t help it, I have to take the opportunity, since these are the sole two people whom I can talk sensibly to face to face.

I’m so glad much was resolved due to our conversation. We have plans. I hope we get to execute them. In order to save our… *insert blind item here*

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Of all the things that I hate, hypocrisy has got to be in the top 5. Besides creating some kind of fool out of one person, it’s really irritating to not see people do what they tell other people do. Like my father, who scolds me every minute possible because of my long hours of sitting in front of the computer, but when he gets the chance he’d go use the computer longer than I do! Or the politicians out there who seem to be battling corruption when behind our backs they are the ones who are really the reason why our taxes don’t go where they’re supposed to.

I admire people who stand up with conviction. They strongly say what they feel, and they stand real firm for it, ready for any consequences their actions may have to take. They imbibe their words with resilience, and if ever they have to preach, they preach. And they not only preach, they do what they preach.

“Practice What You Preach,” says a very popular line. If you scrutinize the ill acts of others, then set an example and make sure NOT to do what you don’t want them doing.

Unlike others out there who want people to be sensitive when they themselves are not mindful of others’ feelings. Hypocrites.

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Yesterday was a scam.

There was a transport strike held by major transport groups yesterday, which almost paralyzed the whole of land transportation system in Metro Manila and some parts of the country. The transport groups were asking for a fair compromise with Oil Companies regarding constant oil price hikes the few months.

There weren’t a lot of jeepneys yesterday, but I managed to get a ride to school. Even if it was already 6:30 am, traffic was real smooth on the way to school. I observed that there weren’t really that much jeepneys roaming the streets of Mandaluyong. They were really on strike.

Earlier in the morning, some school suspended classes due to an anticipation that not many students will be able to come to school. San Sebastian College in Mendiola spearheaded the suspension, soon followed by other minor schools in Metro Manila. We even heard an announcement of suspension of classes in Don Bosco Manila, our sister school, just a few hundred meters away from our school.

Quite unfair, come to think of it, that the sisters of DBS Manila suspended classes while students from DBTC come from different far away places like Cainta, Taytay, Pasig, etc. They should have thought of the strenuous effort students would have to exert just to come to school and not consider themselves “absent”.

Still, even some of the students who live just nearby didn’t come to school. In fact, in our section, 8 were absent, only about 3 of which live from far away cities. The others, well… I don’t know what they’re reasons are, maybe they got lazy. Or sick. Hehe…

I’m not getting to my point here! Well anyways, halfway through the day the administration decided to suspend classes — with only 3 school hours remaining! Haha… well, that wasn’t stressful enough, since a year ago they suspended classes for the same reason just an hour from dismissal time.

It’s actually a business tactic. You see, our school is actually a “campus within a canteen” as we would like to call it. From every direction you look (except when you’re inside a building or a classroom), you’ll see an Amici di Don Bosco canteen, the business franchise of Don Bosco. We’re being commercialized. They didn’t suspend classes early on because food has been prepared already and if classes were suspended in the morning, then they would have to waste the food away. No income na nga, wasted money pah! Ang galing nga naman ng school namin ano…

Hindi pa sila nakunteto sa chunks of money that we’re paying them every year! They can’t even provide us with efficient teachers! Haha! Much more, facilities! Education is not a matter of endowing wisdom to the young anymore, it’s more about money! Money, money, money! Love doesn’t make the world go round anymore, MONEY DOES!!!

Where has Don Bosco’s teachings gone? All of them can now only be seen in the words of priests and brothers who still thrive to live up to Don Bosco’s dreams. But… are they to remain just words?

I’m out. On March. The only good thing Don Bosco provides is its good Values being taught to students. Academic and Technical-wise? We’re not even a nanometer of a booger to Dela Salle’s or Ateneo’s. And they’re still considering PAASCU Accreditation, that sole reason why two of our BESTEST instructors left the institution…

DBTC… where have you gone? And where are you heading to? Sigh… see you in ten years…

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You’re on a casual hangout with your barkada on your tambayan when all of a sudden someone goes “Hey, what’s that song again? That Backstreet Boys thing…” then somebody relentlessly acknowledges the gesture and answers the question. “Which one? They like have a dozen or so songs…” Then he goes on to elaborate the whole point until the jackpot bell rings.

Which doesn’t stop there. They continue on mentioning some real now-absurd and jologs songs that used to be some kind of worship songs back then. He goes on to say that he’s had the entire Backstreet Boys album. Gaaarrr… How corny it was, I thought, to be talking about that, but I must admit I was a fan of BSB, too, but that was before. Can’t imagine I used to jump up and down whenever I Want It That Way would play on MTV. Or the fact that we danced Quit Playing Games With My Heart on a dance contest on MP.

But still, it doesn’t stop there. He skips onto another celeb, this time Aaron Carter, and starts remembering the titles and tunes of his songs when those were the days… then skimped on to Hanson, Moffats, and others.

It gets worse. One brings out his ENTIRE collection of what-I-thought-was-obsolete cassette tapes of practically every ka-cornihan now but very famous back then. He had the ANG TV album, some nursery rhymes (haha the firetruck!), BSB tapes, some NOW Tapes, and a bunch of classics. It was really baduy, but you can’t help reminiscing about those days.

I didn’t know my rocker friends were teeny boppers back then, like me.

I’m sooooo glad Ate Kitchie saved my teeny bopper soul.

Haaayyy… those were the days. These were our moments as a barkada. The likes of us…

Ever noticed that I never fail to mention even a single bit about my Ate in all my blogs? Ehehehehe…

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Haha! It was Friday’s Celebration today, and he treated as to MicDonulds (har har). We were all set to go this afternoon when all of a sudden somebody blocked me in the door way and said: “JM, Tulong ka sa pag-decorate ng classroom for Christmas!” It was our adviser, Ma’am Olive, and I couldn’t (reluctantly) say that I can’t stay since I’ve refused to help her with some errands three times already, so it’s hard to refuse to help now as my conduct grade might suffer.

Friday suggested that he talk Ma’am into letting me go, but tables have been turned and Ma’am talked Friday into joining me decorate the windows… har har! At first we were doing those green leafy things, putting Tacker Wires so it would be stable. But di kinaya ng powers ko, so Friday had to do it. We had to wait ’til he finished before we could go to MicDonulds…

All was set and we went to McDo already. We ordered our food, and in the middle of it By got upset at Dio for something he doesn’t wanna tell, but I know what it is anyway. So I jokingly would get angry at By for not forgiving Dio even if he is desperately apologizing, and I’m noticing that ginagago lang naman ni By si Dio… ehehehe! In the long run nagkabati din naman sila.

So there we were happily eating our hearts out when this McDo lady went to our table and asked us if we want a free tour of their kitchen. Without hesitation we all agreed to go, haha! Sayang naman… so she told us she’d be back after we eat to give us the free tour! Wow… what a belated birthday gift for Friday! Hehe… we even told her that it was his bday celebration, and she played those Kiddie Birthday Songs over the restaurant’s radio! Haha… we were like all laughing and singing and all that, and the people are all looking at us! We were like kids only we were older so we all looked bangag. Hehe… no carez, we had fun!

I wrote a letter in the tissue for Friday, so that we could post it in the School Bullettin Board in McDo. It went like this:


Wednesday ngayon at

Birthday mo nung


Wala Lang…!


Hapi Birthday!

And there were scribbles of signatures all around it. Haha! Notice how I have purposely lined up the “days”. Hehe…

So we went on our tour nah! First Ate She showed us the Hand Sanitizer, then the Fries Station with a mirror to look if your hair is in disarray mode, then the Fry Bath Tub, the Nuggets Bath Tub, then the Burger Grill, the Bun Oven (with all the Hills, the Crowns and the Clubs! Haha, let’s see you figure that one out!). We also went to the dressing section without even a curtain for privacy, the place where they fry the chickens, then to the washroom, then the coolest of all, the FREEZER! Har har, it was so damn cold inside that we could see vapor coming out of our mouths when we breathe! We also went to their sorta-lounge where Ate jokingly said they watch Bold Movies. Haha… ganun na lang ba kababa ang tingin nya sa mga Bosconians? Naasar ako ng onti… oh! And may CO2 nga pala na nakakagulat! Hehehe…

They gave us some McDo ID Straps for consolation, yay! Oh, and a free Balloon from the locker! Har har har, that one’s for Friday…

After the tour we had our picture taken at Tronix, some wacky, serious and funny shots. I missed Tronix, and if not only for one person… urrrggghhh I refuse to remember that…

Oh, and because of the long wait for developing our pictures, they all went bangag! One is tripping on the ride for kids outside, one is laughing hysterically, one is playing with the balloon, one is dancing unshamefully, one is playing with his ID strap, and many other kabangagans! In fact, I was the only one who didn’t went bangag, since some of the ones I invited on Friday where hesitating to come…

I really wanna see my Ate Kitchie naaaahhhh!!!

And we all went home. Bow. Wow wow. Wow wow.

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Hindi ko pa rin ma-get over ang obsession ko kay Ate Kitchie (Ngak! Pano kaya yun eh recently lang naman yan…), kaya’t sa gitna ng milyon-milyong presensya ng ate ko sa aking utak, ako’y nadala ng aking pagmumuni-muni sa isang konklusyon tungkol sa dati kong kinaiinisang bagay.

Marahil nabasa na ninyo ang aking paglalabas ng sama ng loob tungkol sa isang nakalipas na pangyayari. Nasabi ko lahat ng saloobin ko, mga pagkagalit, pagkainis at pagtatampo. Ngunit dahil sa aking malalim na pagmumuni-muni, aking napagtanto na hindi pala ako galit sa mga kaklase ko. Hindi rin ako galit sa mga barkada ko. At lalong lalo nang hindi ako galit sa Diyos. Napagtanto ko na sa isang tao lamang ako galit, at sya ang pinanghugutan ko ng emosyon para sisihin ang lahat ng taong nakapaligid sa akin at kaya ako nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob na isulat ang mga nasasaloobin ko.

Nalaman ko na dahil sa tampo ko sa iisang taong ito, nasisi ko ang lahat ng taong naging kagaya nya, ngunit sa totoo ay galit lamang ako sa kanya, at hindi sa lahat. Galit ako dahil nag-iba na sya, na hindi na sya tulad ng dati. Galit ako na hindi man lang sya naging sensitibo sa kung ano man ang nararamdaman ko, na nawala na ang dating tamis ng pagsasamahan. Galit ako dahil malamig na ang pakikitungo nya sa akin, hindi na tulad dati na pagkatamis tamis ng bawat pag-uusap namin.

Dahil sa galit na ito, nasisi ko ang lahat. Naging mapagsarili ako, dahil hinuhusgahan ko ang kanyang pagbabago sa paraan ng pakikitungo nya sa akin. Paumanhin po.

Wala naman akong magagawa kundi tanggapin lang ang lahat. Tanggap lang nang tanggap, JM, tanggap lang nang tanggap!

Pasensya kung ako’y makata ngayon, mas mailalabas ko ang nais kong matumbok sa wikang katutubo.

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Ganda ng Ate koooo!!! I’m obsessed. With Kitchie. My Ate Kitchie. I can’t stop looking at her. I’ve never been obsessed since Charmed or Paolo Santos. In fact, I’ve never been this obsessed before. I’ve never even been a fanatic before! Gaaaahhhhh I wanna attend all her gigs, her shows, her performances, her guestings! I want to meet her personally!

My dream will come true… come November 27. My Ate Kitchie, wait for me! I’m coming, honey!!!

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We had our interaction last Saturday with St. Scholastica’s College. It was a blast, really, and I’m so glad it’s over… I had a knack organizing that one! Anyway, I’m so happy because I have new friends!

To the Officers of St. Scho Computer Club especially to Ms. Chan, their moderator, Thank You for a wonderful and very successful Interaction!

Hi Ate! Hehehehehehe… penge pa pulvoron! :p

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