You know one of the things I hate most in the world? The people who don’t practice what they preach. They are just soooo hypocritic! They tell people what to do but they themselves don’t do what they want other people to do. It’s the wrongest of the wrong way of preaching.

Well, it’s another issue with my dad. And my computer. I kinda wished that the Dial-Up Account we presently have would expire so that he won’t be able to use the computer. Well, my wish was semi-commanded, though in a different manner. Our phone line got disconnected. Yay, no more dad in the computer! And no reason for me to use the computer, too. Great.

It’s something he always says that makes me cringe and can almost make me break a metal spoon. Well, it goes like this: Whenever I’d be using the computer for a long time, he’d give me litany after litany on how I use power and phone line so much that if only the computer were alive, it’d curse and swear me to eternity. He’s always sermoning me to cut down on my use of the computer, so that he’d have more time to use it, as he’s venturing on a “job” online. He said it’s much more important than my tinkering with codes and playing games online. His alleged “job” online? A website with gazillions of advertisements on it, where in he’ll charge anybody who would be placing an ad on his website. What the???

If only I could conjure up enough guts to tell him that that is the stupidest e-commerce idea I’ve ever heard EVER. People aren’t dumb to pay him cash just to post ads on his website WHOM HE HASN’t EVEN STARTED YET and WHOM HE HASN’t EVEN LEARNED HOW TO DO YET and WHOM HAS NO CONTENT UP YET. What he’s doing online is search and search and search after search for sites who “might help” him in this e-commerce of his. Urrrrrgggghhhh… If he wants money, he should use Google Adsense!

Sheesh… I curse the day I ever taught him how to use dial-up connection…

Well, if they don’t want any cussing or cursing or whining from me, they should get me a computer for myself… ALL FOR MYSELF!!! Gawrd… if only I have Php20,000, I’d conjure up Dio and other “Hardware-Frenzy” friends and I’d ask for their help to set up my OWN COMPUTER. So I won’t have to share with ANYONE ANYMORE.

Or a laptop will do good.

Anyone wanna lend me a Php20,000? Or a laptop? I’m not kidding here. Do I look like I’m kidding??!!! I’m not smiling!!! :

God I’m sorry for ranting again… I just can’t help it… I’m so… so… IRRITATED!!!

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  1. Blue Pencil Chronicles » A Neverending Quest says:

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  2. Claudine Scrivner says:

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