Okay, before I start any blabbering, reacting or ranting [if ever there’d be any] around here, let me tell you about my current state right now. I’m officially don’t have any connection to the outside world inside our house except the door and the windows. Wanna bet why? Well, it’s just the WORST CASE SCENARIO, worse than having the PC broken! Guessed it? Well, the phone line got temporarily disconnected [as the cute lady voice would say when you listen to the receiver]. Yep, major bummer. This has got to be the best semestral break ever. Life…

Okay honestly, I haven’t had the urge to go net-cafe-ing, since I’m actually allergic to people staring at my PC whenever I type something [like right now, where a nosey little gal is “eavesdropping” on my blog]. Well, due to unavoidable circumstances, I suddenly had the drive to go net-cafe-ing. I had to do something.

Life is pretty boring at home. All I practically do everyday is wake up, eat, watch TV, eat, sleep, eat, watch TV, eat, watch TV, sleep. It’s a never-ending cycle. I’m telling you, and my parents would agree with me on this, I’m better off in school than at home. I pretty much slack off 90% of the time [the other 10% is devoted to productive activities, like walking, taking a bath, and brushing my teeth. hehe.]. I love it, but I hate it at the same time. I love slacking off, but not to the extent that i become a SLOTH!!! Hahaha… I don’t wanna be a sloth…

Well, anyways, I called up my kada a while ago, just to catch up on some news, and pretty much to tell them what happened on why I don’t go online anymore. I talked to Lorenz, he told me my latest blog entry was a “crowd-attract-or” or something to that effect, can’t remember (the effects of slacking off). So I pretty much produced a smile on my face, knowing that somehow people are pretty much moved by my action. So I decided I must check out what’s happening, so here I am net-cafe-ing. Well, here are my reactions:

First off, who in tarnation is “hai hai”? Even though Friend3 (who I can pretty much identify, but hasn’t yet) left some clues, I still don’t know who he/she is. Plus I remember only creating 2 entities with Friend prefixes (Friend1 & Friend2), so I also have no idea who Friend3 is. Well, anyway, as to what hai hai posted:

JM, masasabi ko lng, if you are a true friend sa mga taong tinutukoy mo why do you have to wear a mask?

Well it’s pretty much the same game in our barkada, not only me (don’t deny this, guys!). The only one who’s been most open about personal things in our barkada is me. Whenever I’d ask them what their problem is, they won’t tell me. When I DO have a problem, I’d be the first one to tell them what it is, even before they can ask what the problem is. So why wear masks? Well, in this world, you pretty much don’t know if people trust you or which people to trust anymore. These so-called masks are protection, not in the sense of kaplastikan, but a “sensitivity device” to shy off any emotions that might affect my friends. Once or twice only have I worn masks, and that is because I don’t want to affect the overall mood of my barkada. It’s for their sake, too, and I only wear my masks when I’m in a trying situation. Besides, I’m more open to them than an open manhole open to the open-minded open world. Got it? Good.

alam mo wala namang masama na magblog ka ng ganyan, your just being expressive right? pero ang masama hindi lahat ng nakakabasa nyan specially “no holds barred” ay nakakaintindi sa situation mo.

First off, I’ll ask you what drew you to this site. If from YM, then that means you’re my friend. If that’s so, then that means you pretty much can relate to all the blabber I’m talking about. If from the web, well, all blogs are like this. You pretty much can’t relate until you read all the entries or get to know the author. Plus, I’ve presented a pre-synopsis of what the article is about, so I don’t see any reason why you pretty much can’t relate (well, except for the people I mentioned). Sorry then if you can’t relate! I didn’t post that blog to be empathized upon. Besides, it’s meant for those who really can relate to it… so I guess that’s settled.

Friend3: i’ve left an evidence na… ayan pa isa. JM, don’t make ambala. we’re still here. i’m here. okee? [another evidence]read your blog… i kind of got guilty when you blogged “losing focus.” gets ko JM. I know how it feels like. parang kilala ko itong hai hai a.

The “Im here” part is quite a consolation. Just wanna know… who’s there? It’s more of a consolation if I get to know your name. Any ways, thanks for the sympathy, and am glad I’ve broken your nutshell (as Lorenz puts it).

Khen: jm.. i read ur blog… hmm… uve got a point… pero dapat confide mo sa amin na ganun na pala feel mo… para nalaman nmn and understand ka… Ãœ basta d2 lng me sa tabi mo and i bet cla din…

Well just as I’ve said, I don’t know who to confide anymore. Besides, people nowadays are so volatile, so I’m getting pretty sensitive on what I’m to blurt out. I don’t wanna add up to somebody’s fury. Besides, I would have opened up to somebody if I’ve seen an open door, a listening ear, waiting to hear my thoughts. In this net world, my blog is my closest companion whom I can breathe my inmost thoughts to.

a nice friend: nice blog but dont u care to investigate more about that situation, try not to close your mind….

Ei, appreciate your comment. Your latter statement though is confusing. Don’t investigate but don’t close my mind… errr… kay…

koala_beAr!!: your friends aren’t going anywhere JM! they’ll be here aaaall the way! ^_^ [and if you want, i’ll stir it with a twig… ha?]

Ei… yep I know. Sometimes we really have to renew our commitment to this friendship.

arlo…: sana ung natutunan natin nung retreat ay gawin natin…. sana lng… eto ay isang “sana” uhm,diba nga sabi natin nung retreat magiging sensitive tau… pero jm panu cla magaact kung di mo rin sinasabi dba??? haha pero talaga lng stig ung blog mo ,marami nga ngyari, marami nasaktan,hmmm masasabi ko lng,ung ibang tao dyan sana maging more sensitive,tama ba? uhm,wag puro laro..??? tama ba rin? JM tama ka,hmm,la akong masabi hahaha kasi ewan ko,hai naiintindihan kita,uhm cguro di ka nakakalimutan ng mga un,excited lng cguro,

Ei… kaw na yata ang pinakanatamaan sa mga sinabi ko… well, lahat din ng sinabi mo tama… at sana lahat ng makakabasa ng sinabi mo matauhan din… ^_^

Those are really nothing. Hope nobody now would get offended with my comments. Just trying to react violently (but logically). The comments are really nice, and I hope this would serve as a wake-up-call to all those who have been sleeping under the rock. My intention on posting that was not to draw people to this blog, but to point out what I feel to all those whom I feel are losing their sense of direction. I’m glad they all reacted positively. And honestly, (slightly begging here), it would be more helpful if people would post comments and not be too shy to reveal their names. It’s more consoling, really. Promise I won’t get mad…! Whatever the heck your comments are, post them with your name. That’s one thing I hate to live with in this blog world.

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  1. Paolo says:

    I totally remember how Renz says “I’ll stir it with a twig.”

    Anyway, NOSTALGIA!!! (I’ve learn the word’s meaning na.) =))

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