I accidentally did one stupid thing that led to another while editing my template last night which had me changing it a couple of times. I couldn’t find any template I’m comfortable with, but this one’s quite appealing so I’m keeping it for the moment.

So, here’s some progress (will I still call it progress) with my host:

Iconrate has a new owner, and his name is Latic. He’s actually quite better than the previous owner, since he’s online most of the time for Tech Support or anything that concerns the hosting (well, Icon’s situation is understandable, since he still has a college and a life to attend to). This guy’s holding it big for Iconrate, very generous lad!

The day before yesterday, they were trying to transfer files from the old server to the new server. Unfortunately, some of the files are getting corrupted and might endanger the new server. So, they told users to download files from the old server and transfer them to the new server. But before transferring them to the new server, users have to wait in queue for their account to get re-setup.

I just received an email informing me that my account has been re-setup on the new server. Jollies! Time to upload the backup file (which is in Lorenz’s PC!). Unfortunately, is down again.

Tell me, is it time to look for a new host? Care to recommend me some?

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