Not sure about the authenticity of this information but I heard somewhere that Google was terminated by Yahoo etc., etc., a few months back and hired a new searching service.

Now, with google standing on its own, it’s back for revenge. Over the past few months, it has released many web developments that cater every, and I mean every, web surfer’s needs.

Aside from the basic click-of-a-button search engine, here are some of Google’s recently, not-so-recently, and will-be-launched services:

    • Blogger. Google has acquired ownership of one of the fastest-growing blogging community on the web.
    • Google Toolbar. An integrated browser toolbar that incorporates some of Google’s services into an easy-to-reach residence.
    • Google News. Read news here and around the world!
    • GMail. Google’s one-gig mail wonder. Offers one gigabyte of mail space so users won’t have to delete mail anymore. Search, don’t sort!
    • Google SMS. Lets you access Google Features, primarily the search engine, using your mobile phone.
    • Google Groups. Similar to Yahoo’s Yahoo! Groups.
    • Froogle. A search engine designed to look for products on the web.
    • and many others.

What I’m looking forward into seeing is the GChat (rumour or not, who cares?!), Google’s very own IM service. Google now also has its “network”, which enables users to login only once and access all Login-Required Google Features. I’m also crossing my fingers on GSites, google’s version of Geocities.

With such progress from Google, no wonder it could be the web’s next best thing to outdo Yahoo!. Yahoo! is just too congested right now that users are looking for a newer, fresher service. And it’s Google.

I wanna work for Google.

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