I don’t know if it’s just me, but did an earthquake just pass by? I suddenly felt nauseous or something, and saw that my computer’s visor is swaying a bit… I wanted to wake up my dad, but it was not too much of an incident for me to panic. It lasted for about 15 seconds… If it’s a true earthquake, then it’d be my first time to experience one! If it’s not, well then, maybe it just wants to tell me to go to sleep already!

Better watch the news tomorrow morning… ü

[EDIT] Confirmed. It’s an earthquake. Jerome, Nica, Mico and Jav felt it. Apparently it was caused by Javerri’s dancing. Joke. How Ironic! Ang saya ng feeling, first time kasi!

[Edit muli!] Mabilis kumalat ang balita. Buong Luzon pala! At intensity 4 dito!

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  1. paris turf says:

    Good tip. I did it and it worked. Thanks.

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